Monday Must Have: Paperfashion

Image: Emerald Beauty by PaperFashion

At the moment, I’m in the process of updating our hanging decor – I’m looking for prints and images to update various spaces around our home. The two priorities are our bedroom and living room. Where we once had quite a retro industrial feel to the images, with photos of salvaged objects and archival drawings of butterflies, I’m feeling the need to change things up and moving towards more use of colour. In our bedroom I’d like some more feminine images with fashion illustrations and watercolours and one of my favourite illustrators is Katie Rodgers of PaperFashion so I thought I would share her work with you today.

The other reason for choosing this particular image is that this week, I’m following a bit of a theme for Florence Finds. Every year, Pantone announces a ‘colour of the year’ and this year it is Emerald. I have to say, although in design circles the announcement is thought to be very influential, I have been following the choices for the last couple of years and have never noticed them spark a huge trend. This year is no exception, however it has stolen my heart completely. I realised that I wear quite a bit of emerald green and am drawn to striking interiors where it is the main colour. So this week I’m going to share some Emerald (or just green) fashion choices, how I wear it, and how to decorate with it. I hope you like it. 🙂

Happy Monday readers!


PS! If you like Katie’s illustrations you can buy them here in the PaperFashion shop. Shipping from the US is only $6 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Monday Must Have: Paperfashion

  1. I love Emerald, and I do tend to decorate and get clothes in green, a lot. Our couch is lime green and I was so excited to hear it was the color of this year. And I have to say I am seeing it everywhere (but maybe it’s that I am just aware of green).

  2. I love the colour green, most of the rooms in my house have a green element to them. Although, I don’t have any green clothes. Looking forward to this weeks posts!

  3. I adore that illustration, can I have the dress in my size please??

    I must admit that I am more drawn to blues colourwise but Emerald Green is definitely my favourite green!

    I’m interested to see your fashion and decorating tips for green this week too.

  4. Oooh am very looking forwards to seeing what you find for decorating. New house shopping means I am soaking up all interior decor inspiration and our favourite colour is green…sorry, emerald 😉

    L x

  5. Obviously I am loving this! (Was just alerted to it by Mahj!) I have been noticing more greens in shops lately as I am usually disappointed there isn’t more! I also repinned this image already when I saw it on your Pinterest Rebecca! Really want to redecorate our bedroom this year but not sure hubby will let me have any more green-ness in the house!!

    Very excited to see the rest of the weeks’ posts!

  6. Oh this is gorgeous, great find! Emerald is one of my all time favourite colourways…hope it has some influence in the fashion stakes too – such a flattering shade to wear x

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