Monday Must-Have: Nars Blush

Today I am back at work having had a relaxing and recharging holiday. When I’m in America, I always do a bit a lot of shopping and cosmetics are amongst the things I make a bee-line for, always opting for American brands to make the most of the prices.

One thing I did want to pick up was a new blusher. My addiction is well documented but my beloved Nars ‘Orgasm’ Blush had recently died an ugly death dropped onto the bathroom floor. It’s the perfect sexy summer shade for bronzed cheeks but as it’s November I fancied a change with a pinker shade for my cooler toned winter skin.

I found it amongst the Nars collection – several have risqué names but this one takes the biscuit, going well past ‘rude’ to frankly just crude. (check out the name here if you’re not easily offended.) Described as a ‘Flirty, sheer peach‘ it’s definitely got the warm tones but is more of a dusty pink with a lot less shimmer than Orgasm, yet still enough.

It’s not cheap, but the texture is beautiful, all the Nars shades stay put and it lasts forever, (if you don’t drop it onto the bathroom floor.)

Love (a blushing for more than one reason,)

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6 thoughts on “Monday Must-Have: Nars Blush

  1. I’m also a huge fan of the blush in Orgasm (discovered for my April wedding and worn ever since) but have been looking for something less shimmery for winter. This looks perfect! NARS are pricey but the quality is so good and they actually stay on all day.

  2. If you have the misfortune of dropping a beloved blusher or eyeshadow, and it crumbling to pieces, it’s easily fixed.

    Crush the pieces in the palette, until you have a fine powder, then mix with a little IPA* to form a paste, smooth out the paste, and leave in a warm, dry place to dry out. Et voila! The consistency of the powder will be a little creamier than before, but still very much usable.

    *Isopropyl Alcohol, available from most pro make up shops and used as a make up brush cleaner (people, pleeeeeeeeeeease clean your brushes regularly, your skin will thank you for it!)

    • Absolutely, it will work on any pressed powder. Just make sure it’s pure IPA and not an ‘IPA-based brush cleaner” as they sometimes have essential oils etc, in which will ruin the powder.

      I’ve done it to many powders and eyeshadows, crumbling compacts are an unfortunate side-effect of lugging my professional kit around in a huge suitcase!

  3. Love Nars – I got the super orgasm blusher for christmas last year and i’m still wearing it. This one also looks lovely. I have a few things from Nars on my christmas list this year (especially as if you buy it from Space NK you can now collect points!) Has anyone tried the nail varnishes? x

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