Found: Nails Inc Bling it on…

Regular readers will know I love my nails and often share a new nail find. The last trend I showed the DIY for was a painterly autumnal ombre effect, but todays is a product, similar to the Ciate nails I tried a while back.

I first saw the new Nails Inc Bling it on glitter effect probably a couple of months ago. Passing through Selfridges I made a bit of a cack-handed effort at trying it on myself, ended up with a slap dash mess and wrote it off as an insubstantial gimmick. Fast forward to two weeks ago and I was getting my nails done pre-holiday and ended up with this…

The truth was, one of the manicurists was at a loose end and utilised her time by studiously applying the Bling it on glitter to her nails whilst I was having mine done close by. The glitter effect in her chosen black looked absolutely stunning against her black uniform and I was captivated. It was so dense and perfect that it was unlike anything else I had seen and I was inspired to try it out for my holidays.

There are several colours available but I chose a pinky shade (in the Hologram set) which worked over my pink polish. Each kit has 2 complimentary shades of ‘bling’, a mini polish for underneath and mini Kensington Caviar topcoat, with a brush and tray to apply the bling. You tip the glitter into the tray, apply a layer of polish, dip your finger in to the glitter nail down, whilst rolling to evenly coat the nail (the tricky bit.) If you need extra, you shake it over the nail held over the tray, then brush the excess off the nail and finger with the brush. Finally seal with a coat or three of topcoat.

I was really impressed. I was afraid it would feel rough or catch on clothes but actually it becomes textured yet smooth once sealed with topcoat. I worried it would chip straight off but after week one of my holiday (including sand, sea and pool water,) my nails needed re-doing and the glitter ring finger remained intact. I re-did the others and a full 14 days later, my fingers were only just starting to look worse for wear. Impressive.

Clearly it’s not an everyday look, but if I have any special occasions coming up this party season, I know what I’ll be doing with my nails 😉


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7 thoughts on “Found: Nails Inc Bling it on…

  1. Looks great but application process does sound a bit of a hassle, do you feel it’s better than using several coats of glitter polish Rebecca? You are also responsible for my new addiction, I bought a bottle of Nails Inc magnetic polish last week as I remembered you posting about it a while ago and I LOVE it!! (plus mine is oxblood, do I get bonus fashion points?!)

  2. Love it! But not sure I’d be able to do the fiddly bit….
    I did try an OPI glitter polish on my ring finger a couple of weeks ago with a dark grey polish and loved it. I think OPI do a similar gold glittery polish, don’t know whether the effect would be as good as this though x

  3. You can get nail glitters on ebay for a couple of pounds, same effect at a fraction of the price! The only trouble I have found is it taking a while to remove when you decide you want to change it. Looks so good though!

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