Monday Must-Have: Glitter heels

When I created the Monday Must-Have series, it was intended to showcase a single item or type of thing that was on my mind at the time of writing. Maybe seasonal, maybe just a good ‘find’, it’s more often than not something I’m coveting or searching out because, without sounding overly dramatic, my life doesnt feel complete without it. Perhaps a little extreme but never were a truer word spoken than about these shoes. 😉

If asked, I would never consider myself a ‘shoe person’ when pitted against bags for example, however occasionally a particular style or shoe gets right under my skin. Carvela’s Gold Glitter shoe had me at ‘glitter’ and at the end of last week they went into the sale. Now a much more palatable £75, Antibes will live in your wardrobe for years just waiting to pep up some jeans for a modern spin on party wear, or teamed with an old faithful LBD or colour block dress, will feel anything but boring.

They are my Monday absolutely-MUST-have. And aren’t they the best thing you have seen so far this morning?


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6 thoughts on “Monday Must-Have: Glitter heels

  1. Ow I can’t find them via the links … Are they on the KG website? Look so pretty and would go so well with my Xmas party outfit! X

    • Hi Sarah! (and @Kerry)

      Oh no, they seem to be sold out online – can’t believe it – I only wrote the post yesterday and they were in stock then. however, I did look for them over the weekend whilst Christmas shopping and there were several pairs in stores so might need to visit in person to track them down.

      Gook luck!

  2. I have a silver pair from Nine West and they are my savior. I can wear jeans and a bordering casual top and those shoes take it straight to “I’ve made a serious effort for this party “. The gold is probably even more versatile! Love.

  3. I have a serious weakness for glitter shoes, or glitter in general, and already have four pairs (in different colours mind) in my shoe drawer! A gold pair is not included on that list… Maybe today is the day to change that….

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