Monday Must-Have: Foxy Knitwear

What’s this we have here? It’s a new post series that’s what! Allow me to fill you in.

Just like Friday Frock but without the restriction of it being a dress, every week Monday Must-Have is me sharing the single item that I’m lusting over and your week simply is not complete without. Like today, it might be a fashion item, or a lust-worthy pair of shoes, a pretty make-up palette, a book, a cushion, something for the kitchen… you’re going to have to pop along and find out. Its a short and sweet post so you can read it without missing a beat whilst getting up to speed with those Monday morning situations at work or if you feel particularly naughty you can click on through and distract yourself for a little longer. 😉

This afternoon I’ll be talking more about some changes that are happening at FF HQ, but for now, here’s my must have.

Now it’s finally September, I’m allowed to start talking about it right? Autumn looming, the leaves are already falling and I am obsessing over knitwear, earthy tones and crisp days for walks followed by pub lunches. And when I’m doing all of the above, I want to be wearing the jumper below.

Aubin and Wills Portland Jumper £125

Aubin and Wills is a recent dot on my radar and I think their style really lends itself to Autumn. Sophie Dahl is modelling for Aubin and Wills this season and it’s worth hopping over to the site just to see the stunning images of her wearing the collection. I’m going to struggle to keep this to my only purchase this season.

The Portland Jumper is also a much friendlier way of ticking of the statement knit trend that I posted about a while back now, no scary sequins, just modern british design.

Beautiful, no?


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10 thoughts on “Monday Must-Have: Foxy Knitwear

  1. I got a new jumper at the weekend. It’s my first big baggy jumper and I’ve been looking for weeks to find one. It’s a finer knit (my boobs do not a chunky knit make) but still feels quite chunky. Will send you the link.

    Best of all it’s from DOrOThY PERKInS of all places!!

  2. love the fox print, ive got an old zara sweatshirt with a robin on the front that comes out every winter-was really cheap and i’ve got my wear out of it, i had a little zara spree at the weekend and came away with these bulldog print trousers which i think are ace, they come in owl print too!
    i bought this cardigan too, to throw over everything i own when the cold weather sets in

  3. I’m trying very hard not to think about autumn -it helps that it’s a lovely sunny morning here and I’m about to head out in a T shirt (and jeans, obvs, not just a T shirt) but that jumper is cool. I’ve just had an email with 30% off at my favourite place for all knitwear, Gap, so I’ll be treating myself there at the end of the week…

  4. I had my favourite gap cable jumper on yesterday for the first time this year. Being from Scotland I’m much more comfortable in winter woolies than summer clothes!

  5. Spent a fortune in Gap the other day. They had 25% off all knitwear (Just had my 30% voucher through and am now considering buying more!). Also bought a lovely cocoon cardi from Dotty P. I have a knitwear obsession!
    I love Autumn it’s my favourite time of year. I can’t wait to get my hunters on and start stomping around in all those piles of leaves!!

  6. I have never even really looked in Aubin and Wills before but they have some nice pieces. Good find! Foxes seem to be “in” this season as there is also a very funky fox t shirt in NW3 too! x

  7. I LOVE this and am trying to work out how I can justify buying it seeing as I have already brought two new jumpers in the last couple of weeks. But it is gorgeous and think I will have to find a way….

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