Monday Must Have: Cronuts

If you’re an avid internet browser like me you might have already heard about these little rings of deliciousness. As you already know, I’m on a diet and when you’re on a diet it only takes so long before you start obsessing over food you shouldn’t eat. (Some might say that’s why diets don’t work, but that’s a whole other post.) This time around for me it has been doughnuts. I love all the simple ones, jam filled sugar crusted ones or icing glazed rings, no Krispy Kreme custard filled nonsense for me, but these cronuts look delicious.

Image via of the original Cronut

Apparently they are very new news. Invented at the beginning of May by Dominique Ansel at his eponymous New York bakery, once word got out there were queues lining the street within days. I can see a ‘Magnolia Bakery starts the Cupcake trend’ scenario happening all over again here. The Cronut is essentially a ring doughnut made from croissant dough then with the associated icing, sugar and a creme patisserie filling. If you’re not of the sweet toothed brigade like me that might sound a bit much. For me, it sounds pretty much like heaven. Unbelievably they only make 200 a day and the Cronuts are selling at $50 on Craigslist as a result!

Image via of the original Cronut

Now, I have never made croissant dough (some things life is too short for,) and nor do I have a deep fat fryer (why would you do that to yourself?!) but for these I am seriously considering both. What I’m wondering is can I modify them to make at home?

Image via The Boy Who Bakes

Now Edd Kimber (of GBBO fame) has a quick 20 minute Croissant dough – Real croissant Dough normally takes 24h + to make but this is a modified version in a rough pastry style, which he then used to make a modified version of Cronuts. I wonder if you could make them with pre-made Croissant Dough? And I wonder if you can bake them? Well, the answer is I’m just gonna have to try and I’ll get back to you. Just not this week before my diet midpoint goal!

Image via The Boy Who Bakes

If you’re thinking of recreating them, then watch this video of the originals being made for a little more insight and if not, just feel smug today that you know what the latest trend is sweeping the baking industry. (At least you’ll be able to sleep at night.) 😉

World, meet Cronut video:


PS. Think it’s all a lot of fuss for a doughnut? You’ll love this article ‘Sweet baby Jesus, Don’t let the Cronut become the new Cupcake.’

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11 thoughts on “Monday Must Have: Cronuts

  1. Hmm, let me know if you want someone to come and taste test those there cronuts! And thank you for telling me what they are – I’ve seen a few references and felt very ignorant!

  2. I don’t care if they are going to become overhyped like cupcakes and macaroons…. I really really really really want to try one, like right now.

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