Looking Back…

This evening I thought I would use this ‘down time’* between Christmas and New Year to take a moment and reflect. I saw a tweet by DKNY PR girl asking:

In 2013, what was your biggest accomplishment?

We don’t often reflect on our achievements and successes in life and I think it’s a good thing to do. After all, it makes you feel good. It reminds you that you can achieve your goals and gives you hope and inspiration for your resolutions for 2014.

I thought I’d ask you all what your biggest achievement for 2013 was and I’d love it if you would share them here. It might be something monumental like having your first (or third) baby and holding it all together, or something monumental-for-you like getting over a personal challenge or learning how to fight anxiety or depression. You might have lost a lot of weight, made a lifestyle change, or grafted slowly all year to build the foundations of something you’re looking forward to next year, like raising a house deposit. Did you get that new job, or bite the bullet and leave one? Did you try something new or kick a bad habit? Did you make a new friend or help an old one? Did you finally finish War and Peace? 😉

So share your greatest achievement or just something yore really proud of, and feel free to share a few more, after all, who’s counting when it’s all good stuff?


*I know not everyone is off between Christmas and New Year – I’m certainly not!

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18 thoughts on “Looking Back…

  1. Hi Rebecca, lovely idea!! After a pretty up and down few years, 2013 has been a REALLY GOOD year for me with lots of happiness and achievements. Among the best:

    – I took up running. Having always sworn I ‘couldn’t run’, I discovered this was, in fact, not true. I started running in April, did the Race for Life in June with the wonderful AOW ladies and in September did a 10k. If you’d told me this time last year that I’d be running 10k’s and actually enjoying them, I’d have laughed at you!

    – I’ve taken some steps to finally help progress my career. Whether they were good steps or not remains to be seen, but I’m proud of myself for having the courage to take them

    – I visited 4 continents, 2 of them on my own. And I completed the Inca Trail, the toughest physical challenge I have EVER taken on. It was very tough, but the sense of achievement when I saw Macchu Picchu for the first time was amazing

    – I let myself trust again. A bit. Again, it remains to be seen whether or not this is a good decision, but it is massive progress for me to even get this far!!

    HNY Rebecca and all the other FF readers!!

  2. For me it was qualifying in my chosen profession. It’s a profession that I decided on at the age of 12 and now at the age of 27, I’ve finally done it. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve gone the long way round, but it’s so so worth it.

    Now I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

  3. It probably should be bringing Alice into this world but what springs to mind is driving. Four refresher lessons when five months pregnant & starting with a few very local journeys I’m building it up, this week to my sister’s. I shall never love but I’ve done it. Happy New Year x

  4. For me, 2013 was a massive year… I started the year feeling very ready to start a family and hoped we may start talking about having a family. On the 11th December Phoebe Matilda surprised us arriving 3 weeks early. The last couple of weeks have been the best and the hardest simultaneously and I can’t wait to spend 2014 with my little girl. This time last year I wouldn’t have believed how 2013 would’ve panned out but it’s been my best year ever. One of the best bits is how my husband and I have been together tho, particularly during the sleepless nights- we really are a team, more than I had realised or appreciated before.
    Happy New year everyone xxx

  5. My biggest accomplishment this year was being strong in my mind and facing two big fears. That of saying no when I don’t want to do something and of being alone/lonely.

    Neither of them are particularly big things in comparison to most other people’s achievements but they’re big emotional issues for me. I faced them both and won. The first I mentioned in your post on what I’m thankful for and the second I touched on in my post about Paris. I thought I hated being alone. I thought I was incapable of sitting at home alone without inviting various people over for a cuppa or heading out in search of human company. I thought spending time alone in Paris would break me. Turns out I’m actually pretty good at alone time, spending many happy hours, days and weeks alone in my apartment, wandering the streets, in restaurants and bars. It was the main factor when I considered the offer (not that I speak only a little French, or that I’d be leaving Nick behind for so long!) and I faced it. I’m proud of that teeny tiny accomplishment! I feel like I can do so much more now! 🙂

  6. Ooh, great topic. 2013 has been an amazing year, I welcomed my first baby, Aurelia into the world. She has changed my world upside down and inside out and I’ve never been happier. 8 weeks after her arrival we purchased our first home which has been a dream come true.

    I’m not sure how 2014 will compare but I hope to achieve a few personal goals, mainly get myself fit again and take the courage for a career change. I can’t wait to spend days out with my husband and baby too- building new family memories and traditions.

  7. My greatest achievement this year is breast feeding for five months.

    I also want to mention my husband’s greatest achievement not only this year, but in his life – finishing his PhD!

  8. I’ve have achieved a few things this year that I’m really proud of. 1 was sitting my maths GCSE at the age of 29 having failed it when I was at school. I got a B this time and I’m thrilled! Secondly I organised a wedding for £9k and it was everything I wanted and more. Finally, best achievement is managing to make my Mark my husband – he’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

    Happy new year all & thanks Rebecca for your constantly brilliant blog xx

  9. 2013 was an awesome year for us. We finally got married and had the world’s most brilliant spending time together holiday. However, my greatest achievement, like Victoria, is a personal one. I now care so much less what people think of me and have become much more focused as to what matters in life. A year ago, I thought the most important thing was what my boss said in my appraisal. I’m now 100% focused on my health and happiness and get satisfaction from spending time with my husband, family and friends. Work, most definitely, does not keep you warm at night and, whilst I continue to have pride in what I do, I no longer require constant approval. I know when I’m good and when I need to put a bit more effort in. I certainly won’t kill myself trying to exceed someone else’s ridiculously high expectations of what I should be doing because its what THEY did.

    So here is to 2014. Lets make it terrific.

  10. Changing jobs.

    I was in my last for 5 years and was terrified I would never be good enough to move jobs or to aim higher.

    How wrong I was!

  11. My greatest achievement is something in the last couple of weeks. I’ve decided I’m not going back to work after maternity leave. This wasn’t the decision I expected to make and in leaving it so late (I was due back 21st Jan) I’ve given myself a whole load of added admin and financial hassle but I am proud of myself for finally admitting what I wanted and not trying to please everyone else and their expectations of me.

    Although hopefully my boss doesn’t read this as I haven’t technically handed in my notice yet!

  12. Like a few others, I welcomed my gorgeous baby girl, Freya into the world on 1st November. She is a true blessing and I can’t imagine life without her.

    Can’t wait to spend 2014 with my little family.

    Happy New Year to you all


  13. Love this post Rebecca, well done to everyone on the personal achievements.
    I have 2 in 2013, first of all I completed The Kilt Walk, a 26 mile walk for a children’s charity and starting my own company, an online fashion boutique. It’s part time at the moment but under control and growing at a pace that suits me.
    Have a great New Year everyone x

  14. Wow ladies – I’m very impressed by all of your respective achievements. Each of them are very worthy of being proud of.

    Mine must be getting my partnership, but I think moving house trumps that. It’s a funny thing perhaps to list but it required a lot of planning, financial sacrifice, teamwork with Pete and it’s I guess the representation on everything I have worked for this far. Plus, it’s the beginnings of our family home 🙂

  15. My biggest achievement was running the London Marathon. Something that’s been in my bucket list for a long time, despite Calum being only 8 months old, and training starting shortly after his birth, I did it! That’s a sense of achievement I’ve not felt in a while and will forever have that medal to remind me of 2013 🙂 XX

  16. Wow. Big question. I’ve had some year. This time last year I had an eight week old and had a pretty tough year with a challenging pregnancy and labour, in fact I was still recovering and had a way to go. So I’m proud of how I have got over that and have focused on enjoying my maternity leave with my wee family. I’ve had an amazing year but I’ve also loved going back to work. Working full time in a senior high pressure top whilst being a mummy to a wee girl, a wife, a friend, a sister and a daughter has taught be I don’t have to be perfect and ironically to take what I like from blogs, Pinterest etc.. But recognise that I can’t do everything and take a deep breadth and relax. For realising that I’m proud of myself. Ironical that I’m posting this on a blog!!!xx

  17. Mostly all baby related for me but li have to say I am proud of…

    Working up until 37 weeks and commuting in that hot summer. I had said to myself I could leave whenever I felt like I couldn’t “do” work in the end but managed to make it to the end.
    Pushing that baby out myself!
    Finding my inner strength in motherhood so far. The hubs only took just over a week paternity leave and I’m proud of myself for coping okay.
    Persevering with the breastfeeding

    Lots of goals for 2014 like shifting some of that baby weight and getting healthy, making some career decisions (not looking forward to this) and working on the blog.

    Happy new year!
    Rachie xo

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