London Fashion Week Street Style: The Weird & The Wonderful

Todays London Fashion Week street style snaps are dedicated to the hardcore fans of ‘fashion’ – but not as you or I know it. I was expecting LFW to have some amazing examples of fashion as inspirational style, like the editors and celebrities I’ve seen snapped in the magazines and online in seasons gone by. In fact it was way more extreme than that, with personal style taking centre stage and a lot of people dressing to be photographed. This is my selection of the most outrageous outfits I saw over the weekend – let me know what you think!

I’d never wear this but I love it – How much fun do those pom poms look?

Yes, that is a veil and yes, those are massive cartoon sequinned eyes on the front.

I first clocked this girl giving an impassioned monologue to a camera about how much she loves gold, ‘…I love gold, I just can’t understand how there can be any other colour, everything should be gold…’ – you get the idea.

These two win my award for dedication and commitment to the cause that is fashion… I mean, just the hair?

Extreme style. Particularly for a guy.

These guys were joking about being the latest boy band ‘Plastic‘. I still haven’t figured out if they were joking… Edit 18/9/12 Apparently not!

Click through to the gallery below if you’d like to see more!


PS – Spotted yourself here? Send me an email and I’ll add in a link/name.

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9 thoughts on “London Fashion Week Street Style: The Weird & The Wonderful

  1. I saw that pom-pom hairband on the ASOS instagram feed – awesome! I have one with just one pom pom on it. My friends hate it when I wear it and tell me I look like an idiot – or a small child. Now I have proof that I’m down with the fashion kids. Ha! I shall be wearing it all the time now!

    Also completely in love with the pale blue hair. Not sure it’s entirely appropriate for my office though (remember how perplexed they were about the two colour nail varnish?) so i’ll have to leave that one to the fashionistas! Boo.

  2. The pink and blue hair is MENTAL! (but does look like wigs!) i really wish i had gone pastel pink or lilac when i was in my early 20s when i was a student and could have got away with it…not sure its a good luck age 28…
    Love seeing these outfits and its refreshing to see people who love playing with fashion and arent feeling the need to starve themselves down to size 0 at the same time 🙂

  3. Oh dear god… My eyes! My eyes! They remind me of the outfits I saw when in Harajuku Tokyo, the crazier the better but completely impractical! Even Lady Gaga could slip by unnoticed amongst these 🙂

  4. I saw that girl in the 1st pic when I was out in Aquum Bar + Restaurant in Clapham Common, London on Saturday Night.

    I did think she returned from Fashion Week. As the pom pom’s were abit too much for a club scene. But never-less to say they were supa cute!! It’s all about individuality and not being the same as everyone else..So kudos to her for that..

    I love her outfit. Personally I would wear the Peplum top and trousers. Not to keen on the wedge heel creepers but she makes it work and her Ankara print tote bag is cute!!

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