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Yesterday I spent the morning marking out the ‘first fit’ of our kitchen electrics with our builder and as part of that, although I hadn’t really decided what we wanted exactly, we had to mark out the lights for over our peninsula island. We went for 2 hanging pendants evenly spaced, which is about right for the size of the island and space, but now I need to decide what lights they will be.

Image via (BTC Stanley Copper pendant)

Lighting is kind of an obsession of mine (along with chairs,) and as a result I have a dedicated Pinterest board, which has expanded rapidly over the last couple if days. If you are interested have a look here.

Image via

I’m thinking of three key styles. Metallic (most likely copper,) to warm up the cold marble and cool tones kitchen units; Bare bulbs in vintage or decorative styles; Or Delicate glass shades.

Courtney Adamo’s kitchen

What do you think readers, I think I have decided but could be swayed…


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21 thoughts on “Light the Way…

  1. I actually like all three of them but the delicate glass are my favourite! Cox and Cox have some nice ones atm….

  2. I love the copper shades, but also really like the bare bulb look. They have a great version on at the moment which I have been eying up. I ‘m just not sure if I can tolerate my parents and In laws asking when I’m going to get a proper light shade! I’m afraid my least favourite is the glass, although it’s still nice I just do ‘t think it has as much impact

  3. Copper all the way! I adore the mix of tones and textures, pairing metallics (especially ‘burnished’ metallics) with cool marble creates a luxe yet cozy feel. Whichever you choose, I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen! Definitely my favourite dream room when I think of having a full-time house x

  4. LOVE the copper ones, if I was doing up my kitchen it’s definitely what I’d have. I do love the look of bare bulbs too though, bit more industrial looking.
    Heals have some really lovely shades at the mo.

  5. Speaking from experience here glass shows all the dust so I would avoid! Bare bulbs look lovely but I would always worry about if I could replace them easily when they went. Love copper 🙂

  6. Love the copper! B and q have some very similar in three colour choices and look as lovely in store as they do on the website xxx

  7. I love the copper ones! Also like the bare bulb look but I think for a kitchen copper would give more impact.

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