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June has absolutely flown by in the Norris household, probably because so many projects were completed or nearing completion and we started a couple of new ones too. Now that it’s almost June I’m pretty terrified to see my due date looming on the next months calendar and excited to meet baby Norris at the same time. An equally large amount of things need to happen before baby arrives for me to feel even remotely ready, so I hope time doesn’t fly quite as fast!

The kitchen has gone from almost finished to very almost finished and usable, which has felt fantastic and meant we moved from takeaways, to easy cook no-mess dinners like Pizza (and the re-initiation of Friday-night-is-pizza-night in the Norris house,) through to the Sunday-brunch-this-kitchen-was-made-for Pancakes. We also finally had the stained glass put back into our bedroom windows and I’m loving our new kitchen floor.

At the beginning of the month I spent a few days in Windermere for a work course and as usual, remembered that I should spend more time there as it’s so close.

In full on nesting mode we also started 2 more rooms in the house. As Francesca is still with us, we needed a nice room for mum to stay in when the baby comes, so we ploughed through one of the attic rooms, having it replastered, a new window fitted and new carpet, then decorated it all in 2 weeks. More on that soon.

Lastly, this weekend we started the nursery – It’s now ready to wallpaper, having took longer than we expected to paint and I have a much clearer picture of where we’re going decor wise. More on that to come soon too!

So what did you do this June? (I’m sure lots of you have had babies or are due next month like me?) Have you been decorating like us or being sensible and just enjoying the weather?!


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6 thoughts on “June on Instagram…

  1. I really admire your energy! 32 weeks here and I spent most of June feeling pretty good, but the last week or so I’ve just crashed… We’ve decorated a nursery but now I just want to curl up in its lovely new armchair and sleep in it until August : ) Very impressed that you’re still decorating!

  2. My son, gregor arrived on the 4th of June, so for me this month has passed in a blur of sleeplessness, breast feeding challenges, mastitis and tears . I don’t want to seem too negative, because he’s beautiful and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but looking after a newborn has
    Roved to be a million times harder than I ever imagined.

  3. Yes-I’d rest now if I were you! Baby will tire you out plenty and you need to rest up before he or she arrives!

    • Don’t worry- think I had totally unrealistic expectations which didn’t help. Stock up on lansinoh, fill the freezer, and take help from everyone who offers – you will be fine!

  4. Your kitchen floor is lovely – where’s it from? I’m currently researching flooring for our new house. We moved in last week and I would love real wood but am considering other wood-effect options which could be more practical with my baby. Am impressed by your exertions at 32 weeks! We renovated our flat last year shortly before the baby was due and, although I found it knackering, in hindsight I was glad I’d exerted myself in late pregnancy so it was all ready for the baby and I could just devote all my time to feeding her and sleeping once she arrived!

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