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Ok, so a little while back I told you all I wanted to lose some weight, but what I also wanted to do was tone up – big time. Aside from being a little bigger than I’d like I was 100% wobblier and I think having been a lot more toned this time last year after 6 months of BMF, I missed it all the more. You can certainly carry a lot more weight when it’s in a solid package!

Anyway, I digress. My motivation is Jess’s wedding at the end of August – I’m going to be a bridesmaid and who wants to look bad in those photo’s for all of eternity? As my arms are the only bit of me that will be on show I thought I would get some weights, then remembered this DVD being recommended by some of you before and thought I’d have a go. A few of you have been doing the 30 Day Shred along with me on Twitter and so I thought I’d do a little mid-point review (and maybe get some more of you on board!?) before discussing the real results when it’s over. My short term aim was to get slimmer and more toned for the hen do which is in 3 days time and I’m pleased with the results so far.

So what is it?
Basically it’s circuits of resistance, strength and cardio work that lasts about 25 minutes. The DVD follows a basic pattern of 3 levels, each with 3 sets of circuits that comprise 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs with a brief warm up and cool down. I had never watched The Biggest Loser, which is Jillian’s most well known project, but I knew it was going to be tough as she seems pretty no-nonsense. The video doesn’t actually make it clear but as there are three levels and 30 days I’d assume you do 10 days of each, although you might want to move up sooner if you’re bored or even mix them up for a more balanced work out.

Do I need anything?
Jillian uses a mat and some hand weights. For some reason my mat has disappeared into the ether so I’ve been doing without, and I didn’t want to invest in weights until I was sure I liked it so I started off on my carpeted floor with 2 tins of tomatoes. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this method as you really won’t get the most out of the exercises, but if you have never worked with weights before it might be a good start and easier on those arms.

Is it hard?
This is a hard question! The type of strength and resistance exercises Jillian demonstrates are the kind I used leading up to my wedding in the gym then again at BMF and I think there was still some muscle memory there for me so I didn’t find Level 1 that bad. That said, when I stared using 1.5kg weights (In the gym I would normally use 2-3kg) it killed me!

Is it fun?
Actually yes. I’m enjoying it. For me the biggest bonus is that even as busy as I am, it’s unlikely that I can’t make time for 25 minutes of exercise. Most nights I have done it late at night straight before bed, after simply running out of time in the day but not wanting to miss one. So far 14 days in I have done it 12 times, taking one Saturday off that was just too busy and choosing a brisk dog walk on another glorious evening that was too sunny to spend bouncing around in the living room. I like Jillians attitude – ‘If you want to work out for 20 minutes a day, you have to WORK OUT.’ and the exercises and whole thing are done before you can think twice. I did get a little bored with level one but there’s no time for that with Level 2. The music is better, Jillian and her girls look like they are working as hard as you (and loving it,) and she seems a little more fun and personable. And I’m happy to report 3 days in to Level 2 after panting non-stop through the first time, I’m already finding it easier.

In another 2 weeks when I have completed the shred I’ll get back to you with a diary of how I found it and my results – I’ve measured myself and weighed myself. No holds barred.

I’d love to hear if I can tempt you to join us or if you are already doing it (or have done) and what results you got. Every bit of motivation is required to keep me away from those Cronuts!


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18 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: #30DayShred

  1. Right, you’ve spurred me on Rebecca. The DVD has been staring at me since I got it out of the cupboard last week. I had every intention to start yesterday, 1st of the month, but Calum’s birthday meant I was so tired come the evening. But. NO MORE EXCUSES! July is 31 days so today it starts. Its only 25 mins. I waste that on Pinterest! I am going on holiday on July 18th for 10 days but I hope to continue it there too. My goals are the same as yours, weightloss would be great but its toning up I really want to do. Want my wedding arms back again 🙂 Will report back in August xx

  2. I love Jillian! I alternate between this DVD and her 7 minute trouble zones DVD. Really recommend this if you have more time, it’s about 40 mins to do all the circuits and really works to tone, specially arms!

    Keep it up Rebecca, I am determined to do the same 🙂 xox

  3. I have been eating like a pig and doing no exercise for way to long. Over the last few weeks I have started to think I need to change my habits, so have just started to eat a bit better. the next step is exercise and I think this DVD is just the thing i am looking for.
    25 mins seems the perfect length of time to do before i start work.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Have heard good things about this DVD. I’m going away on Thursday for 3 weeks and hoping to come back reasonably fit as it’s an active trip with lots of walking etc. Will look out for your results and will probably try it in August if they’re good!

    What happens when the 30 days is up? Do you go back to the beginning again?

  5. I like the workout but feel like it seems like a quick fix? 30 days gets you to a point but then do you stop and then need it again in another few months? That is always my fear with it. What do you think of it in those terms? Obviously you will tone up but do you plan on maintaining it?

    • I think it’s good for a real blitz and I suppose you could just carry on doing it after the 30 days… I plan on doing so until the end of August, but after this 30days I’m going to add in some running and will probably end up dividing my exercise between that and using this for toning.
      I think you need a lot more of a concerted effort to change your shape than you do to maintain it. Plus, one you have more muscle bulk you also burn more calories…

      • Excellent. I am thinking of getting it out to try to get some of the wobble off but am also trying to make long term changes to keep it up. So glad to hear your thoughts on long term maintenance – and sorry if I seemed really negative – looking over this comment it reads that way now – I was just full of questions!

    • Jillian Michaels also has a Ripped in 30 days DVD and it is great to do when you have finished the 30 day Shred – there are 4 levels on it and in my opinion even the level 3 is quite a bit harder than on Shred – I have only “managed” level 4 once!! I now use both DVD’s and alternate between them…I also love her Yoga Meltdown DVD for a change occasionally….I know, I sound like I should start a Jillian fanclub!

  6. Well, I was reading your post and feeling all inspired … but whilst eating a brownie!!! But no more! I am feeling fully motivated now to change my wicked ways .. I’ve been procrastinating long enough but enough’s enough. Thank you!

  7. Have you noticed a difference now you’re halfway into it? And are you following a diet plan at the same time?

    I’ve heard so many good reviews so I’ve ordered it and looking forward to having a go! All of my clothes are feeling very tight at the moment and I even heard the dreaded rip when I bent over in my pencil skirt last week – luckily it was just the lining and I didn’t end up flashing my behind to all and sundry but that definitely spurred me on to do something about it!

  8. I haven’t done this or heard much about it but what I’ve noticed from joining the gym a couple of months ago is how exercise has shifted. It used to be 40mins cardio followed by some sit ups and press ups whereas now I’ve noticed the opposite is true! At my gym the personal instructor told me to do an intense 10-15 mins of cardio followed by half an hour of weights and own body weight circuits. HIIT classes are really popular as well as 15min ab blast classes and there are some pretty fit people walking around my gym so it must be working! I’ve noticed from just the couple of months I’ve been going that my stamina, fitness and tone has definitely improved in a shorter space of time than I imagined.

    I’m going to throw in some Pilates or hot yoga I think and I also use the power plates for squats and planks which is helping the old core and thighs 🙂

  9. I’m nearly two weeks in to this and just moved up to level 2 – it nearly killed me! And I was feeling pretty good after level 1… Onwards! I will get there : )

  10. I LOVE this DVD. It has top reviews in Amazon too. I’m not a gym type- but this flies by and feels really effective: all my mussels hurt after I do it, some I didn’t even know existed! I have started several times, do it for 3-4 days and then life gets on the way (2 toddlers! and full time work). But I will start again when I come back from my hols in 2 weeks time 🙂
    Your well on your way to being shredded! (love that hahaha)

  11. I am addicted to her! I have now got three of her dvds and have done two others on you tube after another friend recommended her! I love yoga meltdown and burn fat boost metabolism workout. I am doing the extreme shed and shred at the minute and that is killer. You can do either thirty mins or the hour and having done the hour one twice it really does feel like a workout!

    I have just asked my mum and sister to get me some weights and mat and have cancelled our gym membership as the husband is doing it with me….poorly lol. I think the exercises are really good and work well as long as you are careful of your technique as knees and ankles can take a battering if your not mindful.

    Can’t wait to hear your results and I will definitely be carrying on with this in lieu of the gym and just mixing workouts up so not to get stale. I also find that even though there are plyometric things they don’t hurt my knee like running did so I am extra happy as that has had to go on the backburner again.


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