Jessica’s Hen: The [DIY] Goody Bag

I love a good goody bag and I think it’s fun to have them on a hen do. People spend a lot of money attending hens and it’s a lovely treat for the attendees, as well as the hen of course. As I planned and themed Jess’s hen I decided to borrow the heart on her wedding stationery and extrapolated her wedding colours of peaches and pinks, mixed with some grey. I thought rather than using throw away paper gift bags I would make some canvas bags with iron-on transfer paper using the heart. Each one was personalised with the hen’s name or ‘Bridesmaid’ and of course for Jess, ‘Bride’. I used Jacques & Gilles as the font throughout but most notably for the canvas bags.

They were such an easy DIY and I’ll definitely be making lots more of them as gifts… here’s how I made them:

1. Print out your design sized to an A4 piece of paper, making sure to reverse the image (I use the ‘flip horizontal’ feature in Pages on my iMac) and print onto photo transfer paper.

2. Cut out the images – if they have space between them like the heart on my design and the text below, cut them out separately – don’t worry about aligning them later, you can use the grid pattern on the back to line them back up with each other. Leave a 0.5-1cm edge around your design.

3. Iron on a high heat without steam for a minute or two. I found that if I used full heat I singed the design giving a yellow tinge, and that keeping it moving and slightly below the max temperature it was fine.

4. Keep trying the edges of the image. When it is done the edge will lift easily and peel off – you can do this hot or cold. The edges tend to be the last things to be ready so concentrate on them if it’s not peeling off.

5. Seal by ironing again with a piece of silicone paper (supplied with the transfer paper) on top of the images. This is supposed to make the bags washable but I can’t vouch for it as I haven’t tried yet!

Inside the bags I made a few extra goodies. My favourite were the temporary tattoo sets. On a hen do you need something to bind you together as a group. There was something else we did which I’ll get to later, but Jess loves temporary tattoos so I thought they would be fun to wear together. I found these delicate designs in Spirit Ink on Etsy and placed a custom order for my favourite designs.

Then I simply made a card backdrop with the fun fact that Jess loves tattoos, and the application instructions, and attached the tattoos in a glassine bag, with some gorgeous glitter tape from PaperMash

They went into the bag with my final DIY – a home made playlist for each hen with a collection of favourite and current songs of Jess’s. Each one had a little meaning: from her favourite current song, (Blurred Lines) to the song we used to call each other every time it was played (My My My,) Empire State of Mind referencing our holiday to New York, other Uni highlights and some great girls night out tracks for good measure. I played it all weekend and I hope the hens will listen to it afterwards and have good memories 🙂

Again I used the same font and heart motif to design the CD Stickers and pull it all together.

For each bag I added in miniature toiletries I have collected in recent months (which kept the costs down) from magazines and giveaways, a grey striped straw with a glitter flag and a heart balloon for good measure. I had so many more ideas!

I hope these DIY’s give you some ideas for future makes and also some insight into how easy it is to bind things together using a single colour palette, font and design. I was pretty pleased with them all! 🙂


PS Please excuse the dim photos – most of them were taken at night as I got my DIY on!

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15 thoughts on “Jessica’s Hen: The [DIY] Goody Bag

  1. Wow – I am seriously impressed Rebecca. No wonder you missed a few blog posts, I’m amazed it wasn’t more what with all this going on! Jess and her hens must have been thrilled, I hope you gave yourself a very much deserved pat on the back ; )

  2. Wow!!! This is amazing Rebecca, Jess must have been thrilled! My sister gets married in Oct and I’m planning a Spa day for her. I may have to borrow this idea! 🙂

  3. Rebecca your idea”s are fab!! Well done! I wish I had half your imagination ;-)) You should teach us your FF readers hehe…….Keep up the good work xxxxxx

  4. Can I just say that your friend is ridiculously lucky to have such an amazing friend as you who put so much time and thought into her hen! I’ve been on and organised SO many hens (unfortunately, being a wedding blogger/planner means everyone thinks it’s your duty to do these things!) and always felt like all my efforts were overlooked as it is a lot of work, not to mention trying to keep everyone happy. So top marks to you! Really cute ideas and love the temp tattoos. So much fun to be had!

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