Jessica’s Hen: The Flower Crown DIY

Like I said yesterday, I think every hen do needs something that binds the hens together, particularly for the main night out. Some people opt for fancy dress to define you as a group but I think a hen generally wants to get dressed up and look her best. When I was contacted months ago by The Great British Florist to work with them on a feature, at first I couldn’t think what do do with the flowers, then I thought, why not make flower crowns? By the time I was stood up in front of the hens, trying to explain how to make something that I had never made before, it all seemed like less of a great idea, but in my experience, I have never seen a girl with a flower crown who didn’t love wearing it and who didn’t suit it either, so I kept my fingers crossed.

First though, I’ll tell you what we did for the rest of the day…

The Itinerary I made and sent to the hens before the weekend

Our first activity on Saturday was to visit The Thermae Spa. Initially I was planning on booking the Cross bath but in the end decided it would just be like a large bath and the main Spa offered more opportunity to keep busy. In the end we totally lucked out with the incredible weather and spent our time sun screened up in the rooftop pool.

Next up we walked to The Jane Austen Centre which houses the Regency Tea Rooms where we had afternoon tea. I say afternoon tea, but we had it at 1 pm. I didn’t want to add the cost of lunch and felt we would end up eating all day if we did both, plus it’s pretty unnecessary. I originally thought of the Pump Rooms but they don’t take bookings on Saturday unfortunately.

If you’re ever in Bath and want an afternoon tea I highly recommend this one – it was £19 for a mini bottle of sparkling wine (which I was so impressed to find equated to 2 whole glasses rather than the standard 1,) plus the usual afternoon tea sandwiches, cakes and scones. The clotted cream and jam were free flowing and the staff couldn’t do enough to help.

After that we headed home past Bath Crescent to make the crowns. 🙂

As I said, I had never made a flower crown before but I was pretty sure we could make a go of it. As well as the flowers we used some thicker wire, some florists wire (the type that is used for wiring gerberas for example) and some florists tape.

You can pretty much do it however you want but my best advice would be to create small posies of flowers and then tape them onto the wire, working your way around. For the flower crown shy, a side crown or half crown looks great too and is less intimidating, but most of the girls decided to ‘go big or go home’! Once you get used to the idea of it, you get more confident in adding to the general size and shape.

I was totally amazed at how the crowns turned out. Even the less crafty ladies managed great ones and each crown was so different!

We received 3 boxes of flowers from the Great British Florist which contained 2 ‘bunches’ of flowers and foliage in each and had plenty to make our crowns. The Great British Florist specialise in ‘grown not flown’ English flowers and it was really convenient to get them delivered to where we were having the party. If I’m honest I felt there could have been more blooms, but I suspect that may have been as a result of us getting complimentary boxes.

That evening all the ladies donned their crowns and we hit the town for some serious fun.

Dinner was at Graze and then we ended up somewhere much less salubrious for a lot of dancing. I haven’t danced that hard and that long for what feels like forever.

Of course the crowns attracted quite a bit of attention and got passed around a fair bit – bt they stood up to it well and everyone made it home with theirs!

It was epic, I loved every minute.


Thanks to The Great British Florist for supplying the flowers for the flower crowns and to Blossom for supplying the wire and floral tape.

*No flowers were harmed in the making of this blog post 😉

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15 thoughts on “Jessica’s Hen: The Flower Crown DIY

  1. Wow!! I love the flower crowns, what a unique idea to make a hen crowd stand out. I totally agree it is better to let the hen dress up in her finery but these are absolutely perfect to ensure there is some group unity and I can imagine they were lots of fun on the night out!!

    I am loving the hen do series and think your friend is a very lucky lady to have had such an awesome planner! xx ps we went to the Thermae Spa on a recent hen do and it was amazing, definitely recommend it to anyone head to bath, particularly if you luck out with nice weather!

  2. WOw! This looks amazing 🙂 I know you made the templates for the hen do yourself, Rebecca, but can anyone recommend somewhere I can get some nice free printables for my friend’s hen do in September? I need to be able to customise them. Would love to do it myself but not sure how to use the lovely fonts on the website you posted with boring Microsoft Word!!! xxx

    • Lou, I have used The Wedding Chicks before and then customised them. Do you have publisher or something similar? If so you can always blank out the text or crop and rearrange it to just use the main imagery and they have lots that would be multi function for other events than weddings.

      Honestly though – all of these were super simple. The one in this post for example was a 3 column layout, the image I bought from the stationer, Ariel font for the main text, Jacques and Gilles as the fancy font (choose a serif and a non-serif to mix) and the twiddly bits and ‘and’ or ‘at’ were dingbats found via this Pin (Bergamont Ornament font.)

      It’s also super easy to install fonts that you download – Just click download and then follow these instructions for a PC (I use a Mac which is even simpler.)

      One final bit of advice if you really can’t DIY is to get a digital file made on Etsy and then print it yourself – the seller will often make the digital file for around $5-10 which is worth it to save yourself the hassle!

  3. Wow Rebecca! You did the Bride proud- what a fabulous hen! Mine was fairly similar, staying in a Cotswold cottage, with a girls night in and then a night in our finery. Those flower crowns are awesome and make me want to have mine/organise a hen again! I’m also in love with your sister’s dress- where is it from? The hen stationary is very pretty, in fact I’ve you to thank for your font tip on DFD – we used Mishka on our wedding stationary back in December. Lou, I’m not sure about templates but I would recommend to help create stationary- it has good range of fonts, pattern swatches if you don’t want to use photos, then you can save and put into word.

    I’m looking forward to a some wedding pictures. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your bridesmaid journey- it’s not always easy!

  4. Amazing! I love this so much!

    I’m currently obsessed with flower crowns and these all look amazing. You look like Titania and her faery court. I’m so jealous 🙂

    I’m now thinking of a reason/occasion I can make one for…

  5. Lucky Jess 🙂 I’ve just had my hen do & I have to admit I’m a tad jealous of how amazing this looks, though I had a great time at my own. Hope you had an amazing time – this surely earns you a prize for best bridesmaid ever, no?! x

  6. Ah, great to see my idea as a real hen do- so pleased it was useful for someone. Glad you got inspiration from the post and fantastic to be able to use Great British Florist as well, their flower boxes are the perfect thing for this. Crowns look great. Anna.

  7. Hi Rebecca. This hen looks incredible, amazing job. I have been trying all morning to create an itinerary using teh advicve you gave but I’m just awful with computers. Is there any chance you could send me the document please so I could copy and paste some of the features please. I would be so grateful 🙂 Thanks, Charlotte x

    • Do you use a Mac Charlotte? I made a .pdf but from a .pages document (the Mac version of Word.) If send it as a word doc, it won’t translate and I don’t know if it will help!

      If it helps you need to make a 3 column landscape document then use the fonts I did to add in the text and swirly bits (Each swirly bit is simply a letter. Just adjust each item’s size to regulate them all.) Hope that helps!

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