Jessica’s Hen: Movie Night

I’m so excited to share Jess’s hen do with you all so I thought I would start straight away with the first part, Friday night. The hen took place in Bath and we rented a large house to accomodate us all. The house was beautiful and came with a cinema room in the basement, which pretty much gave me the idea for theming the first night around the screening of Mr and Mrs that I had planned. We were staying in that night and for ease I planned pizzas and salad for dinner that I could do with the minimum of fuss, but I wanted to make the screening extra special, so set about theming a mini-dessert table. Here are some of the images I pinned as inspiration.

Movie Night printable // Popcorn boxes // Popcorn cupcakes // Retro sign diy // Donut dessert table // Rocky Road marshmallow pops

No hen do is complete without a little bit of something to get the party started, so I did a bit of research on some easy cocktails too. Unfortunately the jelly shots were an epic fail – despite me using extra gelatine they failed to set and didn’t make it to the party. (I think the cups I used were perhaps larger than American cups in the recipe so the ratios weren’t right.)

Glitter cocktails // Hanging streamers // Mojito jelly wedges // Mojito recipe

I also decided as the weather heated up that I would do as much as possible outside, particularly the welcome drinks, so needed to decorate. The brief was cheap easy and effective – the main thing about going somewhere you don’t know and decorating is that you don’t know where you’ll be able to attach things or what to stick things to and I settled on using Paper StreamersΒ in my Pinterest board inspired pink, red and mint. We made hanging curtains as a backdrop across two windows using a simple strip of sellotape and random colours of the streamer cut to size, then tied them along the decking rail too.

For the Bellinis I bought Metallic Gold Edible Sparkling Sugar Crystals (I read somewhere that edible glitter ends up all over your faces!) and we used honey to rim the glasses before dipping them to create the sparkling rim effect. (Be careful not to use too much honey as it can end up running away with the sugar!) We then used a dollop of Funkin Peach white peach puree topped with Prosecco and a raspberry to complete the look.

After drinks (during which mojitos followed the bellinis) we headed inside for a late dinner once everyone had arrived, then into the cinema room. I had put together a ‘Who knows the Bride best’ quiz (like this one) and in the background we screened ‘Cocktail’ quiz – a favourite teen movie of Jess’s. My sister made the popcorn cupcakes and marshmallow pops (using these Lollipop Sticks for Cake Pops) and I bought the Popcorn BoxesΒ from Amazon.

After doing the quiz I put on the DVD and we all laughed and cooed over Dan’s hilarious and sweet answers to the questions. Jess was terrified she would get them all wrong but in fact answered nearly every question exactly as Dan had.

We all fell into bed happy and relaxed which was my main objective – nobody wants to ruin the main event and big night out on Saturday by over-doing it on Friday so I felt our activities struck a balance and were also pretty cost effective, with just dinner and drinks to pay for which came out of the money I requested in advance and via a Tesco delivery.

I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek and I’ll share more next week πŸ˜‰ I think the movie night theme would make an excellent birthday party or other celebration too if you have something to plan.


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19 thoughts on “Jessica’s Hen: Movie Night

  1. Those drinks look amazing! Looks like it was a great hen weekend with so much effort put into the little touches really adds to making it special. I’m a little jealous you weren’t my bridesmaid!

  2. Contemplating getting married again just so I can ask you to be my head hen Rebecca! This is something else.


    • Penny you stole my comment, that’s exactly what I was thinking!!

      Rebecca this is amazing, what a wonderful friend you are.

      Roz x

  3. You are so creative, I am impressed at your abilities, and I love how everything turned out. The popcorn cupcakes are really cute, and the gold sparkling sugar really takes the drinks to another level πŸ™‚ I am glad everyone had fun and enjoyed, I am sure you made the bride super happy .

  4. Oh wow, this looks incredible! As in all likelihood I won’t be getting married again and probably can’t make you my best friend before that anyway without getting restrained under stalker law, my next ambition is to be a guest at a hen do you’ve organised. Please forward me details of anyone you’re henning for in the next 5 years and I will start a determined charm offensive on getting them to invite me. Or just crash.

  5. Love this! On so many of the hen nights i have been on we’ll hire a house and we’ll have a chill out night on friday night with pizza’s etc and do some games. It makes all the hens bond as people tend to get there at different times on the friday and means you are not too tired for the following day.

    Love all the ideas – the movie night is such a fab idea and the drinks do look fab! Jess is a very lucky bride!

    Rachie xo

  6. Hi ladies!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! I’m a bit embarrassed to be honest – I wasn’t trying to win the best friend award – I just wanted it to be memorable and lovely, which hopefully it was. πŸ™‚


  7. that is amazing! having just had my hen night last week, i was so grateful and appreciative of the efforts my friends went into so i know you were fully appreciated and loved for creating such magic!

  8. Love this Rebecca!! I think you have found another calling – hen party organiser extraordinaire – no need to be embarrassed hun just shows how much effort you put in and how you are a simply a fantabulous bestie πŸ™‚ xx

  9. I feel like I am going to have to comment on every one of these hen posts just to agree with you all about how I am the luckiest bride to be by having such a brilliant bridesmaid and best friend! It really was a brilliant hen weekend and the movie night was a fantastic start to what was most definitely a lovely and memorable hen do. Even though I was actually on this amazing hen do (!obviously!), I’m excited to read more about it next week… Think its helping me get over my post hen do blues! Xxx

  10. Which house did you rent in Bath? It looks perfect and I have been searching for somewhere with a cinema room!

    L x

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