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Good morning! Today’s #JanuaryJoy prompt holds a special place in my heart because it embodies the reason I asked Penny to write a monthly music post here on Florence Finds. I love music but I’m not the first off the blocks when it comes to finding new stuff and there’s even less chance of that now I’m a certified Radio 2 listener. Last year I bought Emile Sande (recommended by Penny last March,) Alabama Shakes (May), and Taylor Swift (from November) as my Musical Discoveries. So this year I’m excited to set ten minutes aside and listen to Penny’s recommendations each month. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of being ahead of the trends?!

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Happy new year Findettes! 2013 is going to be a musical blinder (is that a deafer? No matter) with a gajillion amazing things for you to cry/laugh/sing/vomit technicolor rainbows after drinking half a bottle of Lidl brand Malibu then dance about like a loon to. You will be delighted and relieved to know I have listened to some of these hotly recommended acts. Most of them were pretty dreadful, but this lot are not. In fact, they look a lot like they might be going places:


Haim are three sisters from California who are being hyped to the point of grossness by the music press at the moment, and are being labelled as all sorts of ridiculous things like “nu-RnB-meets-folk-hop“. Whatever you do, do not let this put you off. This band have a lot of very good songs, and catchy bits that wedge in your brain like enormous, day-glow grapple hooks and tug on your senses til your brains fall out of your nose. Promise. I do not understand why music journalists make up this nonsense when they could just say “very good band, sounds a lot like Fleetwood Mac”.


This recommendation comes from a special place in my heart. That would be the punky 16-year-old place in my heart that’s covered in sparkly leopard print that only ever plays 7“ singles with four chords or less. PAWS were the band I saw live the most last year , because they are brilliant. Their reputation as one of the best Scottish live bands around at the moment is completely and totally deserved. If you like scuzzy wuzzy catchy songs and bouncing round in scruffy pubs, this is the band for you – go listen to their debut album Cokefloat which is currently available to listen to for free on Soundcloud.

Laura Mvula

Laura Mvula is a lovely talented lady who seems to get compared to Bjork a lot. That seems a little rash (is anyone really like Bjork? Really?) but perhaps they mean this song reminds them of that early, ethereal Venus As A Boy era twinkly stuff, which it is sort of like. It’s very pretty, very accomplished and all soft and floaty like somebody is stroking your ears with kitten‘s tails. It’s not quite wearing a swan as a dress and starring in Lars Von Trier films yet, but maybe that’s coming with the next record.


Now if Flume could wear a (metaphorical) dress, he’d probably wear a dress made of every musical genre you can imagine and then put a swan’s head on top of it. And then set it on fire. The Australian producer already has a massive online following, huge blog hype and a debut album that came from nowhere to beat One Direction and the Rolling Stones to get number one spot in the iTunes album chart last year. Official release in the UK is set for February and the album teaser is mouth-watering smoosh of beats and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink production. Your little brother probably already has everything he’s ever released and your Nan will think it’s a right racket.

So there we have it! As today’s #JanuaryJoy is to listen to something new, why not let us know in the comments what bands/artists you’re hoping to open your ears to in 2013?


PS Find Penny on her blog Bad Penny Says, or @TokaiPenny.

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15 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Try some new Music

  1. I’m still not sure how I fel about Haim. I think what will probably happen is one day I’ll suddenly love them or be completely over them. Love all the other picks here though and want to check them out more later when not at work!

    As a massive Thom Yorke fan I’m very excited about the Atoms for Peace record coming out in February (I’m assuming it is a late birthday present from him to me). Quite excited about the new Bowie as well.

    I’m also digging into some new to me stuff that I think I should already know like Los Campensinos! Stars (who I’ve known about for ages but not listened to) and Slow Club and the new album from Foals (who I used to HATE but seem to like now)

    I’m also intrigued by Unknown Mortal Orchestra who are getting a lot of airplay now and seem to have changed a lot? Also one of my favourite ones to watch for 2013 (from other lists) is Angel Haze as New York was one of my songs of 2012 – loved it. But then I really love hand claps, stripped back hip hop production and female rappers so that was kind of always going to happen.

    • Angel Haze was on this list but got chopped as it was already long! I’ve loved everything I’ve heard so far and not normally into hiphop. I have studiously avoided everything Radiohead related since OK computer out of some pig headed teenage disappointment at them going arty, but I would probably like all that now and have been eagerly awaiting Atoms….!

      Can understand haim ambivalence, they have been bigged up A LOTand not sure they’re quite that great yet…time will tell. I love the singles so far though.

    • Stars and Los Campesinos! Two of my faves! But I’ve never been able to get into the Foals… feel is a sign of getting too old…

        • How sad is this – back in the days of MySpace I had a Stars theme tune or whatever they called it when you had a song on your profile.

          • Hold on When You Get Love by Stars is a song I finally listened to in December 2012 and I love it with all my heart. The rest of thier stuff is not so much like that, which is good but I ADORE that song. Really. If you delved into my head at any point since about 27th December you’d find “What do I do when I get lonely? What do I do?” spinning round in there somewhere.

            So I’m basically catching up on two – five years of missing music and getting into new stuff too!

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