#JanuaryJoy – Take a Walk

Today’s prompt is especially for the coming weekend. So many of you yesterday mentioned the perfect date involving taking a walk with your other half, whether it’s pounding the streets of a new city, or ambling through the countryside to a new pub. It’s the perfect chance to talk but if you fancy a bit of me time it’s a great way to do some thinking too and burn off extra calories – if you make it long and brisk you’re burning almost as many as jogging. Win/Win!

Pete and I try to get out to new country walks as often as we can but we’re also lucky to have the Mersey Valley right on our doorstep and miles of woodland and waterside paths that make you feel worlds away from the city. It takes us ten minutes to walk to the start of the paths which is around the corner from Chorlton Green where the Horse and Jockey is – our favourite local pub. It’s got low ceilings, real fires, guest ales and good wine, perfect for stopping off at the end of a walk. It also happens to be super dog and baby friendly.

I’d love to hear about your favourite walk – tell us where it is in the comments box and maybe we’ll all find a new local walk and bump into each other one day!

Happy weekend readers,


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12 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Take a Walk

  1. Haagse Bos (in Den Haag) is a favorite. The Labyrinth Park in Horta (Barcelona) is another one. The Jardin des Plantes in Paris.
    The Royal Zoo in Antwerp (which is more like a park, and the animals seem genuinely happy).
    The kinderboerderij ‘s (petting farms ) are also great .

  2. All of my favourite walks are on the North Yorkshire Moors, which is unfortunate seeing as I live in South London. From our flat we like to walk to Greenwich, look round the market, walk up through the park to Blackheath and then home via Lewisham – it’s a nice Sunday activity. Also we can walk to Hilly Fields in about 10 minutes which is a nice quiet park to have a wander round.

  3. We like to walk across Blackheath to Greenwich and wander the markets too Amy! Surprised we’ve never run into you there! Also, in Glasgow where we’ve just spent Christmas I love that you can basically walk the whole city without leaving a park…

    • I am constantly surprised I never run into you! I think perhaps we probably used to pass like ships in the night all the time before we’d met and would therefore notice each other.

      • I was just going to post that walk of Greenwich to Blackheath! It is a great weekend walk. We also like a walk in our local wood, or when back at my parents’ along the coast at Deal.

    • Give me a woop woop for Glasgow’s parks 😀

      I love heading out for wander and we regular head out for big walks, so will definitely be going on one this weekend. I love discovering buildings in and around the West End that I have never seen before or picking out what house I would like to live in! But I think I love heading up to the Highlands and just setting off in random walks through the forest, we are lucky that Loch Lomond is only about 30mins drive away xxx

      ps sitting at my desk wishing I could head out for a big walk right now, it is a lovely sunny afternoon and knowing that it will be dark before I head home is almost making me cry!

      • As an Ayrshire girl I hear you!
        We visit Loch Lomond and the highlands frequently.
        I love my holidays abroad but we alway hire a cottage/log cabin for a week in the highlands every year, where the walks are fantastic.
        We can walk for miles holding hands and hardly speak but the views and scenery make you feel like you’ve had the most romantic conversation ever!

  4. Wimbledon Common through to Richmond Park for me! I had good intentions of trying my first Park Run tomorrow, but now a lovely long walk sounds so much more appealing.

  5. Walking round the Strid at Bolton Abbey. I was nearly proposed to on the bridge, but he bottled it! In my head that’s where it happened (like Charlotte SATC deciding she was proposed to outside Tiffany).

    I had a burger in the Horse and Jockey a few weeks ago! Lovely.


  6. My favourite walk at the moment is anywhere where the mud isn’t knee deep!

    We walk a lot because we have 2 dogs, (mud+2 hairy dogs= lots of cleaning!) and I love anywhere that is remote with very few people – Dartmoor is a particular favourite, or on a deserted beach.

    I agree with what some others have said too, walking is a really great way to explore a new city. We’ve walked for hours in Venice, Budapest, Barcelona, Vienna, Chicago etc and I find you really get to know a place that way.

  7. I’m lucky to live somewhere surrounded by beautiful countryside (the Isle of Wight), though I pay for it with a long commute! Any walk that includes coastal cliffs and a bit of rock scrambling gets my vote. A windy walk is top of my to do list for the weekend!

  8. Just got back from a lovely urban walk in east London, going from Brick Lane to Highbury & Islington along the back streets – really nice to explore a different part of the city!

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