#JanuaryJoy – Reflect

It’s January 31st and I’m sad #JanuaryJoy is over!

Todays prompt was to reflect. In a moment I’m going to share what I did for each of these prompts but really, for me, January Joy wasn’t about the individual activities but the overall feeling it has given me, and I hope some of you. There’s always a reason to feel under the weather, a hard day at work, miserable weather, life not working out the way you had planned. #JanuaryJoy was about making time for yourself, finding joy in the little things, feeling proud of things you can do, making the most of new experiences and fitting in things you never manage to prioritise. Prioritising is the key word – we all have a finite amount of time in the day and certain things can’t wait, work commitments, and hopefully family are pretty high up that list, but taking part in #JanuaryJoy has made me prioritise myself and ultimately my own happiness. It’s a resolution I’ll be keeping this year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, how did my January Joy go?
1. I made some resolutions and am doing okay with them so far… more on this later.
2. #DryJanuary was tough, and I had a couple of slip-ups, or shall we say intentional ‘breaks’ but it has really changed my outlook on alcohol and I’m drinking so much less. I no longer head for the fridge after a stressful day and I’m feeling so much better for it.
3. Pete and I finally got our date on the 18th, better late than never! (We went here,)

4. Walks this months have been everywhere from my local walks in the Mersey Valley to the Elan Valley in Wales this weekend… many of them in the snow!

5. We talked skin care and I reminded you all to treat your spots properly – sharing my acne treatment.
6. Penny introduced me to Haim (who I later heard on Radio 2!)
7. I pledged to do more Yoga this year (and managed to do it for the first time last night!)

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8. I shared my plans for a grand trip this year and since then have plotted my route in South Africa – now to book the flights!
9. I went to the Movies, and saw Les Mis.

10. For a mid-month cheer up, I tried the silhouette or crescent moon manicure
11. I discovered The Glass Palace through Gemma’s reading recommendations for January
12. I updated you all on how Pete and I were getting on with our new financial arrangements and talked savings.
13. I’m getting my better-late-than-never hair cut today (hurrah)
14. I shared some medical know-how on how to prepare yourself for pregnancy if 2013 is the year you’ll be starting a family.

15. Meatless Monday saw me sharing my latest meat-free recipe
16. Now the temperatures have settled down, I might be able to get on with my Craft project!
17. I started on my photobook of our road trip last year.
18. For my clear out I tackled my shoes, purchasing new ikea boxes to store them in, and Michelle taught us how to tackle your whole wardrobe.
19. I planned a trip to the Opera, and Victoria shared her Girl about Town tips for nationwide culture.

20. My bread recipe sparked the idea of a monthly bread post.
21. The month ended with some me-time and TLC for our neglected winter bodies
22. And here we are, reflecting.

Now I’d love to hear how your January went – did you do any of the activities? (I know many of you did lots if not all of them!) Thank you so much if you got involved and watch out for a post soon rounding up all my favourite blog posts inspired by January Joy ๐Ÿ™‚


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13 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Reflect

  1. Have really enjoyed January Joy! Has definitely been motivating and providing some interesting reads!

    I wasn’t able to follow it day by day as I was in the middle of finding a new home but I did manage… To make some resolutions, have a dry 10 days, take a winter walk (on my lunch break though!), read a new book (just finished The Language of Flowers!), sort out my wardrobe (handy pre-move motivation!). Post move I’ll be looking at the budget, planning a trip, trying that manicure, making something naughty (cookie recipe??) and see if I can tick a few more off the list!

    Can we have February Fun?? Looking forward to the return of outfit posts though ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I have loved January Joy Rebecca. I’ve joined in with about 12 of them I think, but the main one for me has been having a dry month and generally being much healthier. Apart from one occasion when wine was used in a dish I ate at a cookery class I have had a completely dry month, I have upped my exercise and watched my diet and as a result I’ve lost half a stone. My skin is the best it has been in a long time and I’m sleeping much better. Result!
    I’m going to a friend’s birthday drinks tomorrow and may enjoy a glass of something to reward myself but actually, I really don’t want to drink that much. I’m not about to declare myself tee-total(!) but it’s really good to know I can handle a very stressful day without wine.
    Thank you.

  3. I missed a lot of January Joy as me & the husband FINALLY went on our long awaited ‘honeymoon’ to Thailand. Which was awesome!
    The one thing I have done (again in preparation for a hopeful move, just looking at houses to rent… 1 tonight on Daisy Street) was to sort out my wardrobe, book shelves, DVDs and drawers….got some ikea boxes and a good clear out ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also I have read LOADS of books…. Being on holiday helped, and with my new Kindle Fire I have become addicted! I recommend: Gypsy Boy, The 100 Year old Man that Jumped out the Window and Marian Keyes Mercy Close… Currently reading Keith Richards autobiography. I think February Fun sounds like an awesome idea… Although Feb is also supposed to be the month I quit smoking (again!!) As a Dr, any recommendations for how best to kick the habit??

  4. I have not done many however I am keeping them for other months to come. I did however yesterday indulge in the home spa afternoon of pampering following a rainy and super blustery outdoor run.

    January was a really stressful, busy and expensive month and I am frankly glad to see the back of it. I am so looking forward to a lot of things in Feb and also to the start of spring when we get back off hol in March.

    I am planning on clearing out and getting new storage and turning our spare room into a dressing room so that will be the clear out meant for Jan.

    Loved reading about it all and I am definately going to invest in the Jayne Middlemiss DVD on yoga as I am really keen to start it but cannot get to the yoga class at the gym!


  5. I absolutely loved January Joy, and for that I have to thank you Rebecca.
    I went all in and followed each and every one of the prompts.
    It got me on track, it made me happy every day. It made me realize that I work well on schedules (and finally reconcile with an agenda… again). I stopped using those somewhere in high school (rebel me… after being forced to structure at a catholich school).
    I learnt so much, it pushed me outside my comfort zone, it made me try things that I thought I would someday do but when? Now is when!
    It made so aware of our blessings and surroundings. Yay for the little things.
    (I just wrote a post on updates and my own reflections as well).
    But here I just wanted to send you a big hug for inspiring us and coming up with this. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much for January Joy, its made what is usually a really grey month (weather and mood) much brighter. Haven’t quite managed to do all of them but have done most, and have loved all the posts

  7. I’ve really loved the January Joy posts. Haven’t managed to do very many but am definitely saving some up for the future and even just reading them has made for a much more cheerful month.

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