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Good morning readers!

I’ve left some of the prompts for this years #JanuaryJoy deliberately vague to allow as many people to join in as possible and whilst this particular prompt could encompass many things, for me it will be a house project. We’ve got quite a few things planned this year, big and small, from whole rooms to finishing touches. I’m keeping it small for now as I want to enjoy the remainder of my maternity leave dust and stress free, so I thought I’d share a couple of the projects I have in mind for this month.

Alcove storage // Peach and grey alcove

A Nursery wardrobe.
When we planned the nursery (which I will share soon, I promise!) I was convinced I was having a boy and didn’t give any thought to wardrobe space. We have a huge chest of drawers in there but since having a girl I’ve realised I need hanging space for dresses. The best place for the storage is in an alcove to the side of the chimney breast but it’s proving difficult to find a pice of furniture as it’s an oddly sized 66cms wide, so I’m having to think outside the box. I love the idea of being able to see Bea’s tiny clothes and so I thought some kind of open storage might work and hopefully won’t look too untidy as she doesn’t have that many clothes and I can still keep the majority folded in the drawers. Or do I do some kind of IKEA hack with something like this?

Garden design by Tom Stuart-Smith.

Deck planting.
When we built our deck outside the kitchen last year we added some raised beds made of sleepers, half the height of the deck. They’re pretty big and the idea is to plant them with tall perennials that will surround the deck with foliage so it doesn’t seem separate from the garden. So the first job is to order some topsoil to fill them as they have stood empty since we built them, and secondly to plant them up with appropriate plants. I’m going for delicate drifting styles, in shade loving plants for one of the boxes on the north facing side and pretty flowers for the other west facing side which gets lots of sun.

Bathroom via

Bathroom revamp.
Our bathroom is perfectly adequate and not on the agenda for change for quite some time… if we did change it, it would be part of quite a major reconfiguration of the first floor so we need to give that serious thought. In the meantime, I think I can make it a lot more us, with some simple additions. A new mirror, new light fittings, a bit of paint and some new hooks should make a big difference and it’ll be fun to change a room without all hell breaking loose in the house for a change. 😉

So what projects are you planning this January readers? (It doesn’t have to be house related!)


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8 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Plan a project

  1. We’re moving out of the flat we’ve lived in for 8 years in 2 weeks, and then hopefully into our dream house at the end of feb, so EVERYTHING feels pretty much like a project a the moment but I’m starting to get really excited about furnishing the house (provided it all goes to plan).

  2. I’m planning to try and sort out some more storage solutions, particularly in my two girls’ rooms. We’re overrun with toys and despite a pre Christmas charity shop run, things feel really cluttered at the moment.

    I’d be interested to see what plants you choose for your planters. We’ve got a sunny front garden that desperately needs something doing with it and although I’ve got an idea about what shrubs to plant, I lacking inspiration for my planters.

  3. I’ve been obsessed with grey and yellow now for what seems like an age, but now I actually love that combination of soft grey and peach in the nursery picture. It’s lovely and soothing.

  4. Our January project is The Loft followed by a trip to The Dump/Charity Shop. Doing it won’t be joyful but having less clutter up there will be!
    Enjoy a dust & stress free maternity leave Rebecca x

  5. We are transforming our spare room from being a dumping ground to a music room/reading room/extra lounge space. The only purchase involved has been some rather lovely mint green shelves from Ikea – otherwise we are moving existing items in there (cd towers, stereo that doesn’t get used downstairs, record player, floor cushions) and just making it nice. Total outlay: £55 for the shelves, £3.50 for some plain white magazine files which will look stunning combined with my black and white pinstripe ones I already have and some time and elbow grease!

  6. Alcoves are one of the best things about period houses! Love your ideas. Owing to utter skintness I added a hanging rail to my daughter’s alcoveusing a white IKEA tension rod shower curtain and wooden children’s hangers – no drilling required! Girl’s clothes are so colourful they’re a pleasure to look at – my son’s notsomuch, despite trying to avoid muddy ‘boy’ colours :(.

  7. It’s all about the hall, stairs and landing in my house. The front door is being refurbished and double glazed starting Monday. I’ve designed the stained glass panel myself – can’t wait to see it all come together. The rest of the hall is about removing wood chip, polystyrene tiles, repairing the wooden floor, figuring out how to paint the ceiling, and finding appropriate storage solutions.

  8. We are about to tackle our baby girls nursery, we’ve got the wallpaper, cot, storage unit, drawers, wall shelves and a picture all ready to go up, and it needs to be quite soon really as i’m due in less than 5 weeks.

    We debated over a wardrobe at first as well but since we found out it is a girl, we are definitely going to get one to put in too! We have a wardrobe in my son’s room just now and we use that a lot so how we thought we could get away without one for a girls dresses etc, i’ve no idea! We also use the top & bottom in his for things we want to hide away and extra nappies etc. We are sticking with kids Ikea and going with their plain Stuva range as want as thin a wardrobe as possible.

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