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Christmas for me is just about the most romantic time of year. Pete and I got engaged in December and I love spending time preparing for Christmas together. When the 23rd of December rolled around it dawned on me that I wasn’t feeling the romance at all. One of Pete and my worst failings as a couple is not making time for our own relationship. Throughout December we had hardly spent any time together, partly due to no fault of our own (Pete had had 2 nasty viruses wiping out 2 whole weekends and I had had one,) and partly because, as is usual for the time of year, when we had spent time together it had been at parties and other social occasions as part of a group.

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Things were so bad that we didn’t get to go shopping together, or to even discuss what we had bought, resulting in us buying multiple presents for the same people on our Christmas lists.

It’s not the first time this has happened of course, everybody has busy times and when it happens to us I know what we need is some time together. I hope lots of you spent tons of time with the one you love over the festive period, but if it actually was a lot of time spent with family, friends and not much planning your hopes and dreams for 2013 with your loved one, now’s your time.

So with that in mind, today’s January Joy is to Plan a Date. Maybe like me your favourite kind of time spent together involves making time to talk. For me there’s nothing better than a relaxed meal to linger over, sharing our thoughts, dreams and worries, making plans together. At this time of year we often sit in bed at the weekend and make lists of holidays we want to take, things we want to do and ways to improve our life together. Maybe you want to shake things up a bit, try something different. Surprise dates are always fun – I once took Pete to a life drawing class as a surprise date – or maybe something ultra romantic. I’m going to plan something for next Tuesday – we both have a day off and I’m going to try and reclaim some of that pre-Christmas romance. I can’t tell you here in case he’s reading though!

As I’m guessing most of your other halves don’t read FF, share your ideas here (I may shamelessly steal some,) or if you’ve ever organised a really random date tell us all about it!


PS How much fun does it look to build a grown up wendy house for your date – complete with fairy lights?! More low cost/high reward dates

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13 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Plan a Date

  1. sometimes readying Florence Finds is like reading my own diary!

    I was saying to Mr Me yesterday that we need to plan some stuff to do together as we barely spent an hour in each other’s company this christmas, what with entertaining, parties and his usual “festive” rota of enforced overtime, unplanned overtime due to sickness and idiots insisting on misbehaving on the streets of London.

    His response was that we can’t afford to do anything as we have eight weddings to attend this year (incluing two abroad and a further three requiring very expensive hotel stays) plus the corresponding hen and stag dos, but I am determined that we will make some QT for each other this year.

    I was also browsing back through your weekends away from last year Rebecca as the Mister’s birthday coincides with one of the hen dos and so I would like to find a nice getaway that doubles as a “gift” and some QT. I was thinking about the restaurant-with-rooms idea seeing as we both love our food.

    • Pete and I went through a phrase where we needed to do cheap things. Instead of planning holidays and meals out we looked for free or very cheap activities. Long walks, trips to museums or exhibitions, local events like a pub music night or food festival.

      For me, it’s more about discovering something new together – always inspires conversation!

      Anybody else got some free ideas?

      • Victoria have you been to the Geffrye museum? I’m sure you have – but it’s AMAZING – we had a date there recently – free entry and you could top it off with a vair reasonably priced cup of tea at the cafe.. http://www.geffrye-museum.org.uk/ I thought it would be a place Rebecca would LOVE too x

      • I did a post a while back about free date ideas in London (http://bit.ly/Mjqfg9) – like lots of people here, I’m a big fan of walking! It’s such a great way to spend time together and talk plus lots of opportunities for stopping for coffee and seeing bits a place that you don’t go to otherwise.

        • ooooo – thanks guys! Will check all these out!

          Rebecca, The Drawing Room is EXACTLY the place i was thinking of. Spent some time perusing the website yesterday. I think I’m convinced! 🙂

  2. Our favorite dates are always walks… maybe followed by dinner. We love to find new parks, dunes, or places where we can spend a calm afternoon while admiring nature around us.
    We also love to walk the sh** out of big cities, when I lived in Barcelona and the boy would visit me, we ended up walking the city up and down,from west to east, at random, and it was great. It is amazing how many places you can discover like that.

    • we’re the same Amanda! We have recently (to steal your phrase) walked the sh*t out of Madrid, Glasgow, Berlin and Barcelona. Amazing. Plus you always feel a big dinner is justified after that!!

  3. We were lucky enough to have already planned a lunch date for today before I even knew about January joy. It was lovely to finally spend some time together after a crazy December. Although I did get into trouble for taking photos the whole time for the blog post!

  4. We’ve been living in Bath for well over a year now and we still haven’t done many of the key ‘tourist’ things so this month I’m planning a date weekend that will take in the Thermae Spa, The Holburne Museum and the Skyline Walk. Two out of three are free so we will save some pennies for a nice long brunch somewhere.
    Though I’m very keen to walk the sh*t out of some as yet unvisited cities! Sounds wonderful Gemma and Amanda

  5. About a year after getting married I spoke to my hubby about needing us to go out together more often. We’d bought a house shortly after the wedding and dates had become a very distant memory! Since then we’ve made a conscious effort to do things together – gigs, exhibitions and events. In 2013 we have already tickets for an Eric Clapton gig in May, the F1 qualifying at Silverstone in the summer and have booked a romantic, long weekend in a luxury cottage on the edge of Wales (we like to go places with no/minimal mobile signal so work can’t get in touch) in November for his upcoming significant number birthday!

    All that said, one of the cheapest and most fun dates that my other half and I have been on was spending a day in the Science Museum in London, exploring some of the less known galleries. It was great to share time together looking at new things and talking about them, pointing out things we liked/were interested in 🙂

  6. Thank you for this. I know for a fact that my husband and I are craving some ‘us’ time. Since our June wedding and getting a puppy, our ‘dates’ have definitely decreased. So thank you for the reminder!

    This is not yet a tried and tested idea but is something I am looking into doing as a date – some sort of whiskey tasting in Manchester. He loves whiskey and I am quite partial to a dram every now and then. So I want to surprise him with this. Currently scouring Google for our best option. 🙂

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