#JanuaryJoy – Make some Resolutions

Happy New Year! Today we’re starting January Joy and what better way to start the year than with some New Years resolutions.

I have in the past opted out of resolutions – after all, why save them for a new year? But there’s something clean and fresh about the 1st of January, a blank canvas, a clean slate, ready for new adventures and experiences, erasing difficult times that may have passed and the promise of new beginnings. I like writing resolutions down (who would have thought it?) so I’m going to share some thoughts here, perhaps not very concise resolutions but worth noting all the same. Feel free to join in by adding yours in the comments box.

1. I have been informed by my husband that I must swear less. It is debatable whether this one will make it past Jan 2nd when I return to work.

2. Both of us have agreed to be more tidy. This one falls into the unrealistic but inspiringly aspirational category. I’d like to have the mother of all clear outs and spring clean our entire house but would settle instead for just not having to spend all of Wednesday night tidying so our cleaner Amanda can see the floor to hoover it on Thursday morning.

3. Eat healthier. I’ve refrained from ‘exercise more’ here as I’ll be getting back to my usual BMF routine, but I do need to kick my dietary habits into touch and try to streamline. Being comfortable in your own skin is great but when your clothes tell you you are most certainly not comfortable, it’s time to make some changes!

4. The big one… To embrace change and make choices. Cryptic no? 2012 was an amazing year for me. Really amazing. In some more obvious ways nothing changed, in less tangible ways, everything did. This year is going to be the year of change I feel. Right now I don’t know what those changes are going to be – as much as my vagaries may sound cryptic, I’m really telling you no less than I know myself. I know I will make career choices between paths that are polar opposites. There will be big decisions on the home and family front too and big plans. Fortunately, whichever direction they take me in, I’m excited and as soon as I know more, I promise I’ll spill!

However, with change comes compromise. One of the things I love about Florence Finds is that I’m the boss of it, rather than it being the boss of me. Yet despite my efforts, working full time and putting out 2 posts a day takes it’s toll. I don’t want to give up Florence Finds, because as much as you all enjoy reading it, I enjoy doing it. It make me do things I never would have managed to squeeze in before, from listening to new music and trying new books, to cooking more and completing long-planned DIY projects, even just being more adventurous with my wardrobe. So I’m going to spend January re-evaluating. Instead of posting twice a day, I will be focusing on January Joy as the main post each day. If I have something extra to post then I will but I’m not promising anything extra. By the end of January my future will be clearer and I’ll be able to make more definite changes. I’m trusting you guys to hang on in there!

Now it’s your turn! Share your resolutions, if they’re mundane like some of mine, or life changing. I can’t wait to hear what you’re all planning (and no doubt steal a few for myself!)


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27 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Make some Resolutions

  1. Happy new year to you all. Your probably all hungover, I’m a tad jealous, I have a rotten cold again, so was in bed for 10 last night.

    My list consist of –
    1 loosing the 2 stone I gained by stopping smoking in 2012.
    2 starting my blog and going on a DFD course.
    3 doing the things I’ve written on my life list, last year I ticked one thing, terrible!
    4 meet new friends, I know that sounds quiet sad but I am a bit of a loner andi feel I need to mix more if that makes sense!

    Looking forward to reading everyone else list.

    • Also loving these Marlene but particularly 3 & 4.

      Pete found our travelling list yesterday that we made at the beginning of 2012. We had holidays mapped out by month. We didn’t make the South America holiday we thought about or a short break to Madrid, but we did go to California/Nevada and Florida as well as skiing and all the smaller breaks I wrote about yesterday. I think it helps to schedule them in!

  2. Happy new year everyone! My resolutions include:
    – to continue my revamped exercise routine from before Christmas of working out at least 4 times a week
    – making time to go to gigs and exhibitions with my husband
    – not having any caffeine in January

    I also love the January Joy list! It really matches how I feel after Christmas and I’ve already made a start with some of them in that lull period between the 25th and 31st and have a couple of resolutions built around these:
    – I’m going to have a dry month, although would like to hold off until Feb 14th and celebrate with some champagne!
    – I got some lovely body scrubs and face masks for Christmas and plan to make time to use them at least once a month
    – I cleared out the bottom of my wardrobe a couple of days ago!
    – I’ve downloaded the new Ellie Goulding album and will be listing to it on the way in to work tomorrow.

    Will be looking forward to trying to tackle more of the January Joy list as the month progresses. All the best with your resolutions Rebecca, the 4th one sounds very interesting!

  3. I’m in for January Joy… I am super excited about this and I’ve already announced it on the blog.
    I will share my resolutions later, we’ll see how that goes, for some reason I always end up forgetting about them by March…. or before.
    But it’s worth a try, maybe I will do less and more realistic ones.
    All the best for you Rebecca.

    • I don’t think it matters if they are too realistic or not… good intention are important and even if you only stick to one thing more extreme/less achievable for a little while, I think a small part of it stays with you throughout the year. And you can always go back to them.

  4. One of my main resolutions for 2013 is to sort out my finances out and my general approach to money. I fall into the trap each month of yay it’s payday, pay no attention to bank account, splurge and then desperately count down till the next one. Happens each month and has to stop!

    Another one is commenting on blogs more, i read several on a daily basis yet am really rubbish at commenting. I did one post on AOW this year and realised how much I appreciated the comments so am going to up my game here.

    Happy new year everyone, so looking fiward to January joy.

  5. I generally avoid New Years resolutions. Whilst I have plenty of bad habits there are none I’ve been desperate to get rid of and I always feel I’d be setting myself up to fail.

    However this year I’m feeling a bit more thoughtful and on reflection I do want to try to change some things in my life. 2012 has been difficult in various small ways and I’m hoping for a more relaxed 2013. So I am making some resolutions or perhaps aspirations for the coming year.

    – Experiment more. Try to be a bit freer. Eat different things, try different things, visit different places. This started as a resolution to cook more of my enormous collection of recipes rather than eating the same things every week but I think I want it to apply to several different areas of my life.

    – Spend less money on stuff I don’t need. Try to only buy things I need or really love. Save a little more and try to spend more on travel and experiences (go on holiday!)

    – Keep things clear. Try to control the amount of clutter in the house. I am happier and much more relaxed when the house is tidier (that’s tidy by our very chaotic standards which is still pretty messy). Should be helped by the less stuff resolution. I think this one is likely to fail pretty quickly but maybe a mini-resolution to look at the piles of bits of paper on the first of every month might stop them accumulating quite so dramatically.

    I think that’s enough to be getting on with. I’m looking forward to January Joy and hope it will prompt me to do some things I might not otherwise have done.

    Hope everyone has a happy and successful 2013

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  7. Mine are:
    1. Revamp up the exercise and remind myself it’s not for the wedding, it’s for me. I feel so much better (dare I say it….sexier) when I’m toned. Jennifer Anniston arms would help
    2. Drink more water…it’s completely unrealistic that I’d give up caffeine (tried it, spent three hours with massive headache…it’s my one addiction) but adding water to dilute the tea is a possibility.
    3. Eat healthily. I’m awful for skipping meals because I had a twix and feel guilty and completely not hungry. This must stop.
    4. Look after myself more – exfoliate, moisturise….and not once every three months when I can be arsed.
    5. Take risks – I’m a real sucker for a life plan. It’s not possible to plan everything. We’re going to wait until June and then have a real think about what to do. The idea of not knowing this for 6 months freaks me out.


    • Hi Becca,
      On the caffeine front I haven’t stopped in one go, I have reducedy caffeine in stages, starting with stopping drinking caffeinated tea at work after 3pm. I’ve been using Yorkshire Tea decaff tea bags, which taste great. I still need to drink more water though!

      I agree about the looking bit, am trying to be a bit more methodical about that too this year.

  8. Love reading everyone’s!
    Me and hubby sat and made ours together last night

    Be more healthy – I aquired a big chocolate habit during pregnancy so I’ve gone cold turkey as of today, I generally sat well but it’s the exercise I need it get back into, and I can’t wait 9 months for the baby weight to come off naturally I’m so over not feeling good in my own skin!

    Don’t sweat the small stuff – I wasted too much time stressing about stupid and inconsequential things and with 2 under 2 it’s a pointless practice, I’ve got accept that for a while at least it’s impossible for me to be a superwoman.

    Blog more. It fell by the wayside last year just as I was getting into it, goes hand in hand with doing more just for me.

    Be more sociable and REALLY TRY to do more as Mr & Mrs – using alphabet dating for this one!!

  9. This year I’m going to go Paris (I’ve never been!), read at least one book a month, go to the gym three times a week, take my career to the next level, meet a nice man (not so much a resolution really? but positive thoughts help right?).

    Printing out January Joy tomorrow so I can tick them off! 🙂 x

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  11. My big resolution is to work at feeling good about myself. I like the way you put it Rebecca, ‘feeling comfortable in your own skin’ In the past my resolutions have been, must lose 1/2 stone etc. but this year I’m putting it the way you do, because I think it’s actually about feeling healthier in myself and having some body confidence. I’m aiming to have made real changes by June when we’re hoping to make it to a beach somewhere hot. I want to feel less self-conscious in swimwear.

    Apart from that we’ve made a joint resolution to look at a proper savings plan, for the ‘future and stuff’ (gulp) and I’ve also resolved to document events more. I never take photographs and when we were discussing what we’d been up to in the last year I realised I had done so very much but had hardly any photographs of it. So those are my big three and January Joy is definitely going to help to keep me motivated. Fingers crossed.

  12. okey dokes, here are the resolutions I’ve made:

    1. Last year I kept my res to learn to run 5k and this year I want to stretch that to 10k. Eeeek!
    2. Somewhat shallow this one, but I really want to learn how to do a smokey eye when I’m doing my make up!
    3. I also liked Ruth’s above on “spending less money on stuff I dont need” I’m guilty of this and so am pinching it for myself. Hope thats ok!


    • Of course not. Am honoured!
      I like the fact that it still allows for some spending but only on things that make me smile every time I look at them. Am totally guilty of yet another jumper (or whisper it, pair of shoes) because they’re nice even if I already own 3 similar items. Am going to stop that!

  13. I don’t have resolutions but I have chosen the word ‘Value’ as my word of the year. Last year’s was ‘Create’ and it really made a big impact on my year.

    I’m excited to see all the ways Value influences the next twelve months.

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