#JanuaryJoy: Make some resolutions

Happy New Year readers! I am (as usual) full of enthusiasm for a new year, fresh starts and all the exciting things that are bound to happen over the next 12 months. Not least of those is #JanuaryJoy, which after last year’s success seems to be an integral part of the New Year and of course the perfect way to navigate the dark lull after the festivities.

Today we’re kicking off traditionally with some resolutions. I know many of you don’t like to make resolutions, preferring to change over the year, but I like the fresh slate feeling of January and think the more positive changes we make the better, so why not start now?

As well as my own, I have invited my lovely gang of contributors to pitch in with theirs this year – you never know, it might get you thinking!

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This year’s resolution for me is to streamline and simplify my life. To achieve more balance with my work, make the blog less of a burden and generally make more time for me. It would be cheesy to allocate this time to exercise, which is just one thing I haven’t made enough time for this year, but I also want to feed my creativity and look after myself emotionally as well as physically.

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Victoria a.k.a. ‘Girl about Town
I have a quite a deep New Year resolution. Sorry! First, a bit of background: Back in 2012 I promised myself I’d say “No” more, so that I would take more time out for myself and stop doing things that make me sad or unhappy to suit other people. Much like all my resolutions, it was a non-starter. I still did lots of things out of guilt or a false sense of duty or to keep the peace and often ended upset, drained and unhappy. I was being selfless for people that gave me not a second thought, rather than looking after myself and my own heart and feelings. Then in 2013 it all changed. Something happened and I said my first “No” and the metaphorical excrement hit the fan. I weathered the storm (with the help of a few special people) and I’m just now coming out the other side of the emotional mess that I was in. Looking back I know I made the right choice and I’m happier, stronger and better off for it. So, for 2014 I’m going to stop being such a pushover and I’m going to do what I want to do. I did it once and I survived and so I can do it again. That’s my main resolution; say “No!” when I really don’t want to do something and to look after myself in the same way I look try to look after others.

My less emotional, and deep, resolution is to absolutely get my photos sorted. I make this resolution every year and get nowhere. Since having a digital camera I’ve done virtually nothing with them – maybe printed a few, made a few photo books and an Instagram collage (using Inkifi.com) but other than that I have about 600,000 pictures sitting on an external hard drive under my bed and a few thousand on Facebook. In 2014 I’m making albums, photo books and filling all the empty frames I have all over the house (other people do that too, right?)! Let’s check back in on Jan 1st 2015!

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Penny, all round music Guru and author of Bad Penny Says
Last year on New Year’s Eve I was 20 weeks pregnant and was envisioning that by the dawning of 2014 I would be free from baby weight and pushing for a new personal record of fitness. Seems I had all these high falutin’ ideas about how much free time I would have to tricep dip and train for marathons on maternity leave. Not sure what I thought I was going to do with my baby whilst I was doing all this – get him to time my laps? Anyway, this year is going to be different. This year I have one sole fitness resolution – to do one unassisted pull-up. One! Some of you will be able to do this already. But to me, the act of hoiking my body upwards on the pull-up bar that’s been bolted over the spare room door since my now-husband moved in four years ago is my fitness bête noir. I know I ought to be able to do it, but somehow I just can’t. Instead I dangle there like a lump of meat, wondering if my arms will pop out of their sockets. I have always believed that the elusive unassisted pull-up is within my reach….I just need a bit of focus and commitment to get there. That’s why this is the perfect New Year’s resolution- both simple and yet difficult enough to make a difference. It will inspire me to work on the weakest area of my fitness (upper body strength) and on de-chunking other areas without making one of those horrid “I will lose X pounds” negative type statements. So there we go. 2014 is time to keep it simple, realistic, achievable when it comes to fitness. No marathons. Until at least 2015.

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Gemma – Florence’s Editor
Hello! My new year’s resolutions were worked out the night before last with my husband over a pint at one of our favourite central London pubs which was a lovely way to do it!

  1. Take better care of my skin and general health. My skin is my biggest ‘thing’ – it’s an ongoing issue – prone to severe acne and painful blotches and I want it to be the best it can be so that includes eating healthily, investing in good products which I know work for me rather than faffing with cheap and cheerful bits, taking off makeup before bed (on a clean pillowcase!) and cleaning my makeup brushes regularly as well as speaking to my gp about it.
  2. I started my dream job 2 weeks before Christmas and I’m resolving to get the most out of it I possibly can by putting in my all. I know I’m really lucky to have a job I love and I’m mindful of something my dad used to say: ‘work smarter, not harder’. This year, when I’m in the office, I’ll be working smart – doing my best to learn from some of the best people in my field, and pushing myself to fit the most in and get the most out of my 9 to 5.
  3. We bought our first home in May this year and I’m resolving to look after it and keep improving it – including renovating the bathroom which is something we’re constantly moaning about!
  4. We also bought our first dining table (just in time for Christmas dinner!) and I hope that R and I will make time to sit down for dinner together at the table at least once a week with no tv, no phones and no distractions! I also want us to do alphabet dating as seen here on FF.
  5. More writing! My new job is different from my old role, which was heavily based on copy writing. Now that I’m not writing nine to five I hope I’ll fit in more creative writing at home!
  6. Finally, I want to be better at keeping in touch with family and friends in Australia – I’ve been a bit rubbish in 2013 because they’ve all been visiting – in 2014 I want to send more letters and parcels and emails.

Becky – Author of Florence’s Florals and First Time Mum
I try to avoid making resolutions as I have been known to take them too seriously and put too much pressure on myself (ahem!) however, this year my list is endless so here are a few…..

1. Get organised……this covers a multitude of resolutions really…..I’m talking house, wardrobe, paperwork, finances, photographs, and food shop.
2. Spend more time with my husband…..date night style.
3. Get time with family and friends better organised in our diary.
4. Get my bra size re-measured and treat myself to some new underwear. I’ll then burn my nursing bras!
5. Find time to run – even if it’s just once a week.
6. Find time to contribute more to FF.
7. Go to bed earlier (at least one night out of 3)
8. Spend less time ‘thinking’ and more time ‘doing’

Now it’s your turn readers… tell me your resolutions and I might just steal some!


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17 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy: Make some resolutions

  1. Ooh, a real mixed bag there! I did my first #januaryjoy post, and like you Rebecca I plan to make some more time for me! I also plan to eat less, read more and try and continue my fundraising efforts from last year through to this one x

  2. I am going to steal all of Becky’s!
    I get married this year and I want to enjoy the process more!
    I will also look after myself emotionally, I lot my way this year a bit and I’m hoping CBT will sort me out!
    I also want to be more hopeful….may start cross stitching too! 🙂

  3. I made mine a few weeks ago as I’ve had rather a lot of time on my hands.

    1. Eat more healthily.
    Less snacking. More vegetables. More fruit. Back to pre wedding exercise (or at the very least do more at the gym than a quick twenty minute swim). This is more about my body than vanity (whomever would have thought that possible) so I actually don’t care if eating three proper meals a day makes me put ON weight as I’m all about the nutrients and correct body levels and wot not. Rather than trying to cheat the system due to a genetic flaw. How is THAT for a revaluation?

    2. Learn a new creative skill
    I have this one on my list each year. A few years ago I had floristry down which I enjoyed so much that I ended up doing some of my own wedding flowers. This year, I want to take better photographs (Husband bought me a class for Christmas) and learn to knit.

    3. Read more intellectual books
    The tail end of 2012 and early 2013 saw me fall in love with Nordic drama. I think that’s pretty highbrow. This year, books. Less Tudor romantic fiction. Less fiction generally.

    4. Spend time with friends….all friends and their dependants.
    Dinner parties. Children camping in the spare room. Group shift towards domesticity. Just call me Nigella.

    5. Continue to embrace perspective
    Am not worker drone and do not want to be worker drone. Must write word ‘perspective’ on post it note and REMEMBER my life is not at my desk.

  4. 1. Stope wasting money & calories on crisps & chocolate. Everytime I’m tempted I’m going to take a£1 out & put it away to treat myself on something.
    2. Warmth has a special birthday in a few years time so I’m going to put away £10 a month to start the fund.
    3. Make time to pray. I am going to attempt to complete reading the lectionary for the year. One month in & I’m on track.
    Happy New Year everyone x

  5. I think my resolution for 2014 might to be to try to do less.

    Eat less, drink less, spend less, work less (this is a bit of a difficult one, I’m trying, unsuccessfully at present to reduce my working hours).
    Run around like a crazy woman trying to do everything – less!!

    I’m hoping this will give me some more time which I can spend with my husband and my friends.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful 2014

  6. I have two simple resolutions for 2014:

    1. Exercise more. Which means walking between a couple of my tube stops each night, and working out at least twice during the working week and twice at the weekend.

    2. Making time and plans to see more cultural “stuff”. I work in Central London and live outside the M25, but need to do more in London to make my annual train ticket work harder. I have tickets and events booked in, one a month, for the first four months of 2014 to get going and am determined to keep up the momentum.

  7. I am totally stealing the pull up one! I have always wanted to do that! I currently do assisted at about 40kg so I have a long way to go! Good job I have a year!

    Mine is to actually before crafty and not just dream about being Kirstie allsop surrounded by my craft supplies. I want to learn that cross stitching thing where you put the material in a wooden circle thing! That I want to learn 🙂

  8. Oops, sorry for not sending mine in, Rebecca! Mine are very simple: a date night and some time to myself once a month. I need it for my sanity, and my marriage will definitely benefit. Happy mummy and daddy = happy baby.

  9. I’ve just finished my resolutions post, and haven’t really written any as I always seem to fail at them, but instead I’ve borrowed a picture from Pinterest which sums up what I want to achieve this year. My main goal for the year is to have a happy divorce. I’m aiming for goals rather than resolutions… I think it’s more likely I’ll complete them this way.

  10. 1. I got into running in 2013 and was actually doing pretty well until winter came in and I didn’t feel like facing the cold and wet. I am determined to properly get back into it!

    2. Rather like Victoria, I am guilty of saying yes too much and end up unhappy and not doing what I really want to do. I need to change this.

    3. I was going to stick to just these 2 but Becky’s resolution of ‘going to bed earlier’ really struck a chord with me, I too am guilty of staying up too late (often for no particular reason…) and am then really tired the next day. I need to take more time out for myself to rest and sleep.

    Happy new year everyone!

  11. Only 2 things for me this year…

    (1) To be more proactive: it’s a ‘mindset’ rather than being a resolution but it can be applied to many aspects of my life. I’m the polar opposite of lazy (I find it so hard to relax) so this isn’t about getting my bum in gear, more about having a consistant, geared-up approach to all things.

    (2) Read more: got lazy towards the end of last year. My reading list is growing so fast!

  12. One of my resolutions is to stop being a blog lurker and start commenting… so hello! I’ve been reading Florence Finds since it started and am looking forward to being a more active part of this lovely community that always brightens my day x

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