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Today’s prompt is most definitely a January job. It’s got everything covered – tidying up moments from 2012, brightening your day, and making you feel better than the weather! It’s also got the important role of giving me a kick up the behind with things I’m always meaning to do. And I bet if I were to ask you what was in your top ten of things you are always meaning to get around to but never have time, you would say organising all those brilliant photos you spend so much time taking?

Paislee Press

I am the world’s worst at creating photo books. Since the digital age arrived and my photos go straight from camera to computer, I enjoy looking back at them on there but never create anything tangible. After our incredible road trip last year to Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley and Vegas, I needed to make an album and I’m pleased to say I’m now midway through finally creating and recording some of my own memories. My go-to photo book creator is Bob Books. You simply download the free software and design away to your heart’s content. If you’re after something a little more text heavy, I believe Blurb is excellent but haven’t ever tried them.

inkifi print instagram images

Since them however, I’ve discovered something even better. How many of you use your phones more than your proper camera for snaps now? Do you use apps for your iPhone or android mobile like Instagram with its cool filters and effects that take an average photo to amazing in 3 seconds flat? Those little snaps are such a record of our lives that they deserve to be preserved in the same way. Plus, I’ve taken some pretty kick ass spur of the moment shots (of my niece for example,) on Instagram and worried that the resolution wouldn’t be big enough to blow up into a print. I have used Firebox before to print Instagram images into polaroid type shots but then I found Inkifi. Specifically for printing Instagram photos, you can make simple prints, canvases, acrylic box framed prints, even greetings cards and montages.

So, have I prompted you into doing something with all those photos? Do you have any companies or services to recommend or do you like a good old fashioned album? I’d love to hear your top five jobs that never EVER get done 😉


PS. How cute is this idea for collating children’s artwork?

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19 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Make some memories

  1. I’m half way through transferring our photo’s to folders on the iPad, as think that will be an easy way to look at them, and share them with others. I must now finish that job! Keep meaning to find out more about printing instagram pictures as well so thank you for that part of the post.

  2. Sorting out my photos is one of my new year resolutions! I’ve used blurb in the past for birthday “this is your life” style gifts, for our bridesmaids and best men/ushers after the wedding as thank you gifts and from some big holidays… Now need to arrange all my other 250k photos (no joke – transferred them on to an external hard drive, and I’ve got more coming… Jeepers!) in to books!

    I almost finished my photo wall, so that’s a tick! Excited to try those Instagram prints too! Thanks for the link!! 🙂

  3. I love scrapbooking, the old fashioned way. I am a huge fan of Paperchase products, because aside from their beautiful designs and well-made products, the self-adhesive albums are the best to sneak in your train tickets, museum pamphlets, maps and so forth together with your printed photos. It does take time to wait for the pics to be printed but I really do prefer having photos printed on paper.
    As a result we have 3 different wedding albums, one I made that is more like a scrapbook and has all kinds of personal things (like the dried flowers in my hair, or the heart-printed handkerchief my godmother gave me, the invitation, and some inspiration magazine cut outs), another one made by the husband, which is fully digital and made with a downloadable software (I guess similar to the ones you suggest) and the third one, classic, made by the photographer, which I also love.
    I just posted the scraps and tickets I kept from our recent trip to London. There was chaos for sure, but it was so beautiful to see the city covered in snow like that.

  4. My top 5 are –
    My filing cabinet at home with old car insurance docs etc from years gone by…
    The loft clear out – put off by the spiders!
    Books. I have books on my list to read. I buy them, put them in the book shelf and then go and buy some more. Part of my NY resolutions was to join the local library, which I’ve done.
    The Garden, the garden is usually Alex job but I want my own little patch to grow tulips!
    Restore an old wardrobe, I want to see if I can paint it, change handles etc. Think that will be a summer job though.

    The link for instagram pics is fab.

  5. My resolution is to make photo books of all the years we have been together! I have used albelli in the past for our wedding and honeymoon pictures and the quality is amazing. (They came top on the Gadget Show for photo books) I find the free software incredibly frustraing though as I am used to the flexibility of indesign, so am going to make my own templates this time.

    It’s such a shame that we now take more photos than ever but never look at them.

  6. I really like the instagram print site.
    Does anyone have any good ideas for cute little frames for Polaroid prints? I had loads of polaroids taken at our wedding and I’d like to put a few on our photo wall without losing the border. x

  7. When I found the time to post again, I was going to mention this. Like many people, my husband & I documented my pregnancy in photos. It was a pretty memorable 9 months with the Queens Jubilee as well as the Olympics. I kept notes for each week about the bump’s progress (first kick, first hiccups, holiday destinations etc) and in the few spare hours during his paternity leave, my husband put it all together in a photobox book, finishing it with the very first few photos of Connie’s arrival. I think it’s one of the few companies who let you upload your photos gradually so you can take a while to put it all together. Instagram photos came out well in it and the added bonus is that there’s always a discount code available somewhere (usually in a Bounty pack)

    It’s so beautiful and holds so many memories that I cry every time I look at it. We never get round to printing photos so we’ve decided to attempt to put one together for every year of her life so that they become our family photo albums.

    • I love this Becky, and it’s exactly what I’m going to be doing, using Photobox, for Bump to One. I love that Photobox lets you upload over a period of time too. That time is so special, and as they grow so fast, it’s amazing to capture x

    • What a lovely idea Becky, I wish I had been more organised to do this, we did take photos of the bump at various stages but not quite as detailed as you, I meant to also note down Isabella’s key milestones but again only did it every now and then…..!! I always mean to do it but then never get round to it, I even downloaded the Day One app for my Mac to make a quick note of things and still haven’t……I shall have to make more of an effort.

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  9. 12 years ago I went to Australia for a year and kept a journal which I wrote in every day. I also took lots of photos (with a film camera….remember them?) which I have since scanned so have them all saved as Jpegs. I am now planning on typing up my journal and joining the photos and text together. I have looked at blurb and that does look the best way to go for mixing the two together.

  10. At the end of last year I was attempting to sort out the millions of holiday photos we have. I decided this year I would get photo books of each holiday made for my husband’s birthday (and maybe one in time for Valentines’ Day if I’m quick!)

  11. Between this post and ooh-ing and ah-ing over a friends fantastic wedding photobook yesterday, I’m completely inspired to get on and sort the last 5 years’ worth of holiday snaps out and into photobooks.
    I’m also trying to take at least one decent photo each week for 2013 (it was a photo a day, but that fell by the wayside on about 3 January) so I’ll be trying out the Instagram tips too, thanks!

  12. I love getting my photos printed but it does take so much time to sort, upload, print and then put them into albums (plus photo albums take so much space) so after 2010 I decided to only make books.

    I am sooo close to finishing 2011 (via iPhoto) so am determined to get that done and then work on 2012 using Blurb, just need to trawl through 7000 photos (although I’m glad it’s not 250k Victoria, I’m impressed!). We are in an age where everyone takes photos yet so many of us don’t get them printed and I think it’s so important to print so you can pass them down to your children etc. I read an interesting post a while back and wouldn’t it be awful if you lost all your photos, which is what happened to a friend of mine, 10 years worth of photos gone when their hard drive failed and no back up (always rem to back up), wedding, honeymoon, baby photos all gone 🙁


    I am determined to keep on top of it this year, thanks for the Inkifi link Rebecca, I used Printagram before but at £1 a photo it was quite expensive, I hear Stickygram are good and they turn your photos into little magnets which is also a cute idea.

    This has inspired me to finish 2011 whilst the munchkin is in nursery, thanks x

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