#JanuaryJoy: Make some Health and Fitness Goals

Well, it wouldn’t be January without talking about those new leaves we all turn over in the shadow of the Christmas excesses and lethargy, now would it? As we’re discussing it at almost the end of the month already, I’m curious, did you make any health or fitness goals that you’ve broken already?!

It seems a long time since I made a fitness goal and in all honesty, I’m not that motivated right now to change that. Perhaps because when I say ‘fitness’ I think of sweat inducing cardio and strength work. What I’m really interested in is getting my body somewhere near to where it was.

Top ten at home workouts

I’m going to talk about this in more detail in the future but I won’t lie, the first few weeks and months after having Bea was hard in terms of my self esteem. I felt like a goddess when I was pregnant, even if I didn’t always look like one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Afterwards, I feltโ€ฆ ruined. 6 months on I’m happy to report everything is slowly getting back to where it should be but I do have 2 big aims for 2015, as it coincides with 6 months having past since I had Bea and that seems like a sensible milestone to be tackling things:
1. I need to lose weight. Cliche I know, and I’m not talking about anything drastic or sudden, just continuing the steady weight loss that has been happening without too much effort over the last few months. I’m currently about half a stone over my pre-pregnancy weight, but that was another half stone over my ‘happy’ weight, so there’s some way to go.
2. I need to tone up and rediscover my abdominal muscles. I’m really enjoying conditioning fitness work right now like yoga and pilates but I know I should be thinking about some cardio soon.. maybe one of those 5k in 30 days challenges you see on Pinterest?! I’m just not that motivated to leave Bea just yet…

I’ve heard some women say they couldn’t even tense their abs after having a baby, they were so stretched and fortunately I don’t feel like that, but they certainly have changed. When I look at my body in the mirror these days (or more specifically my mid section,) it’s not the weight that is causing my new shape, but the lack of tone in my abs. Sure I can tense them and/or suck them in to make things flat again, but they’re not staying there. I did start a post-natal exercise DVD a few months ago which was great and very gentle to get things going, but I’ve just moved onto something a lot tougher which I think will be much more effective. Honestly, it’s only 6 months on that I’ve felt able to do serious abs work post c-section. Look out for the DVD reviews coming soon.

Diet wiseโ€ฆ well, I’m not really ready to give up the cake biscuits chocolate hot cross buns just yet, although I have cleaned things up a bit which is helping with goal 1 above! I’m going to see how far I can get with just sensible eating and staying active before I start any diets.

Now it’s your turn readers. Have you made any health or fitness goals for 2015? I’d love to hear if you’re sticking to them and how they’re going? And if you happen to be a new mum or have had a baby in recent tears I’d love to hear if and when you got back to exercise?


PS. I’m sort of thinking about doing the Manchester 10k againโ€ฆ maybe. (I’ve done it twice before.) Maybe we should do a FF group run?!

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15 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy: Make some Health and Fitness Goals

  1. Hi Rebecca

    Good luck with getting fit again – hopefully you will find something that you can involve Bea in aswell so that you don’t have to leave her? I think it’s been mentioned on FF before but I would hugely recommend parkrun – it’s a free 5K timed run every Saturday in parks around the country. It’s not a race, it’s put on by volunteers from each community and it’s designed for everyone – children run it, olympians run it, grandparents run it. I wasn’t a runner but went along to parkrun and it got me hooked. If I have children then it’s something I’d love to take them along to because it makes running and being healthy fun and normal rather than something to be endured. I can’t praise it highly enough and the vast majority of people who try it will agree with me.

    I’ve also been inspired recently by the #thisgirlcan campaign – have you seen the brilliant video?


  2. I’m with you about that postnatal self-esteem slump. I love having a big bump, but hate the postnatal ‘pooch’ that my tummy becomes, and the leaking and the bleeding, ugh. Then the weight starts to come off, but there’s the squidginess around the edges ๐Ÿ™ I have to say, I found my body resembled more of its former self after a year, rather than 6 months, without doing anything special in terms of exercise. Might sound odd, but my body also feels more ‘me’ when I’m done breastfeeding. Going back to work also helps shift the final few pounds!

    My two are 22 months apart, so I didn’t have much time back at my regular size before I was pregnant again. They are now 23 months and nearly 4, and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant again (ahem, some carelessness at New Year!). Whilst I’m really pleased, I had hoped to have a year of getting back to being ‘me’, with more time for exercise (I’ve just gone back to ballet classes, after 4 years), and more time to take care of myself. It sounds really selfish, I know.

  3. PS. I found a good postnatal exercise class that was indoor circuit training, where you brought your baby (until they started crawling) and they played on mats in the corner. It was fairly hardcore, but good fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Freddie was 9 months before I felt like I actually wanted to do something, and then very quickly it something I needed. I started running this time last year after feeling very down about my body and it was brilliant. I love my evenings by myself doing something worthwhile, but I think the key was it being the right time for me.

  5. Desperate to feel like me again, I’ve just joined a group called buggy runners. Outdoor running, squats, core work etc, all out in our local park and all mums and their babies. It’s so lovely. And completely aimed at mums and what we need. You could see if there’s something similar near you?

  6. The fact I had a deferred London marathon place meant I had to start exercising again fairly quickly after having Calum which in hindsight I wasn’t that ready for but it was a decision that was out of my hands. I had him in July and started training in September, doing the run in the following April. Even after completing that I was still a good 9lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight but crucially, my clothes all fit.

    I really believe that it isn’t to do with weight so much and the number on the scales, but the tone and inches as muscle does weigh more than fat.

    Returning to work also helped-it meant I could go to a few lunchtime spin classes and not feel bad I was leaving the baby as he was already in daycare so I wasn’t cutting into precious Mummy/Son time.

    I do still have a figure of what I’d like to be in the vicinity of after having Bubba no 2 but I’m more interested in being fit and strong. Eating paleo once I’m ready after birth will help as that really helped me before, but a PTs comments will also ring in my head – that all important body fat number. Weight can stay the same but if body fat is going down it just means fat is being replaced by leaner muscle which would be all good ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I had my son last November and I started exercising again at about 8 weeks.. I wanted to as soon as I had my 6 week check, but then it was Christmas! I don’t do anything strenuous – daily dog walks, a yoga class and a gentle (free!) class run by physios at my local hospital.

    Unlike you I found pregnancy tough and have felt like a goddess since my son was born. I think that’s partly because I developed Meralgia Paresthetica in pregnancy and even short walks were agony, which meant my fitness levels dropped, so I’m loving getting moving again! I do find that my tummy feels weirdly hollow and don’t love it’s new look, but at least I feel in a position to exercise and so something about it now! I’d love to hear what DVDs you’d recommend for new mums. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have not had a baby but have put on over a stone since my wedding and I now have 3 months before my anniversary to try and lose it again to feel happier and healthier. Having had injuries before and currently having a foot injury I am going easy with exercise but doing something! I have finally started a Pilates class which should help my back and prevent further injuries as well as tone me up! And yesterday I started a horse riding lesson for the first time in 2/3 years because it is something I love but also a fair workout and good for my back and core muscles. I am going to see how this goes and add in more when I feel up to it.

    I would be interested if you had recommendations in yoga or Pilates DVDs I could do to keep me going throughout the week?

    Thanks for the post and sharing with us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I am 31 weeks pregnant and cannot wait to start exercising again properly. I thought I would feel like a goddess but I just feel like a hippo! I was training for a half marathon when this little one started, and stopped running at 9 weeks as I kept getting awful scary cramps. I don’t think I realised what a big part of my identity exercise was! Of course it’s been lovely to relax, eat what I want etc, but I really hope I can get back to sport again quickly- the endorphins are so addictive!!!

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