#JanuaryJoy: Make a fitness target

It’s easy when the new year rolls around to start with good intentions but not actually go on with your fitness plans. In 2012 I joined BMF and then 12 months later was just about admitting that I wanted to quit. Last year was a total flop for me when it came to fitness and I’m not proud to admit it. Work got the better of me but I did manage to tackle the 30 day shred twice with great results.

This year, I honestly don’t know what my plan is yet, but I need to do something. I’ve dabbled with re-joining the gym but don’t want to commit as let’s face it, even the fee looming over you isn’t enough motivation once signed up unless you really want to go. And I’d really be wanting to swim more than anything which I find very relaxing.

One thing I have done is to get back to yoga – my best friend Jess chose getting back to yoga as her new years resolution and so far we have got together both of the last 2 Saturdays to do my favourite DVD Love Yoga, and I’ve done it between times too.

Perhaps I need a little inspiration from you guys for a change… I’d love to hear what your fitness goals are in the coming year or maybe months. I think having an ultimate goal is always a better idea – is anybody signed up for a race or marathon? I want exercise to be fun again!


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21 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy: Make a fitness target

  1. I agree, it is great to have an ultimate goal. I’m doing a mini triathlon in June for charity, so that has become my target. I am finding it great having something like that to aim for because it encourages me to get out there running / cycling / swimming every week because I know I am doing it for a good cause.

    I suspect it might make the rest of the year a bit of a flop on the exercise front though! xx

  2. My goal for this year is to get another kettlebell or two and incorporate them more into my workouts. We currently have a 16kg one which is pretty heavy so I can only do swings with both hands, I’d like a lighter one so I can do some one arm stuff too.

    I have been doing the ZWOW (Zuzka’s Workout Of the Week) from Zuzka Light for the last year and I am still loving them. I haven’t joined the ZGym as I’m still enjoying the 70 free ones, but I love the challenge of beating my own times. I know a lot of people are sceptical about how fit you can get with 10-20min workouts but they are so tough that I have noticed a huge difference in fitness, strength and tone. Plus with the workouts being so short I find it’s much harder to make the excuse of not having time (you can always find 10mins for your health, or after very least 5mins of kettlebell swings!) so I have managed to continue doing them all year – something I have never managed before!

    The main thing is finding what works for you, and what you enjoy enough to keep doing it 🙂

  3. Jillian does a whole series of follow-on DVDs that are HIDEOUS if you haven’t done the 30-day shred but manageable after that. I decided this year I wanted to learn a new dance style, so have picked Tango and do a combination of Jillian 4-5 times a week and Tango 1-2 times a week. If it’s a busy day, I do one of the 30-day-shred workouts, if I have a bit more time she has a couple of good ones – no more trouble zones and 6 week 6 pack are my favourites. A goal is good, but equally I just like the way exercise makes me feel more alert, sleep better and fit into my jeans better. Sometimes it’s just about picking the thing that gets you motivated.

  4. I bought the 30 day shred DVD when it was on sale on amazon just before Xmas and have done reasonably well sticking to it thus far- not everyday of course, but most! *makes mental note to do later today*

    I started running last year and did a 10K at the end of the summer. Must admit I’ve got out of the habit during the cold dark winter but I’ve just signed up for another 10K in May which will hopefully force me to get back into it! So that will be my goal for the early part of the year. What I’d really like is to be motivated enough to do exercise in my own time, that I can cancel my gym membership…

    • (Not that I actually do exercise all the time even with a gym membership of course, but it’s slightly more motivating to go when you know you’ve already paid for it….)

  5. We’re talking of doing ballet for beginners on Monday nights and I am also trying to fit an hour’s power walking in twice a week – running, I really hate, whereas walking, especially with an audiobook, I love.

  6. I agree, it’s important to do something you enjoy and find a goal that relates to whatever that is. I love cycling and have signed up for three mountain bike enduro events (about 100km each offroad), in March, April and May. I’m also trying to swim once a week to tone my arms a bit, ready for my wedding in June (eek!).

  7. This year I’ve set myself crazy fitness goals (achievements)
    I hate the gym,& I’m not very good at routine to attend classes. I like to have fitness work around my schedule if that makes sense!

    My goals for 2014 are to run/walk the London Marathon in April, cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh (47 miles) in September and my friend & I have decided to walk the West Highland Way (96 miles) in August/Sept .

    I know I need to be fit for my 2014 goals ~ wish me luck!

  8. I’ve made a conscious decision to be healthier, started in September after a fortnight spent in my bikini on hols and not feeling entirely comfortable! I’m a member of a country club and honestly, the amazing facilities there make it much easier to make the effort! It’s a brand new gym so plenty of equipment and loads of classes, it has a spa and rooftop hydropool as well as an indoor pool. The restaurants serves the best Japanese food outside London (well, that I’ve tried!) and it’s all super healthy. There’s a real emphasis on fitness and health as opposed to weight loss ,which I’m more comfortable with!

    My routine at the moment is more hi-intensity classes such as metafit as well as weights and own body weight exercises in the gym. There are brilliant hot yoga and yogalates classes that I really want to try to try and lengthen band tone those muscles!

  9. 2013 was the year I told myself I’d get fit and I’m really proud to say I stuck at it and am now feeling fit, but 2014 is the year I intend to really increase my strength. I had privately set myself a goal of dead-lifting my body weight before our wedding and I managed it literally 4 days before. This year I aim to do unassisted pull ups (just 1 would do, I’m not greedy!) but I have also set another dead-lift goal which I think I will keep to myself again. If I make it I’ll let you know!
    I have to say that until last year I had been trying for years to find a fitness regime that I enjoyed and could stick to and my weight and general health really felt the effects of that. If anyone had told me that crazy conditioning circuits and heavy weight lifting would be my thing I would have laughed them out of the room. I’m now working out sometimes 6 times a week (and have just added Bikram Yoga to the mix), some friends think I’m obsessed but honestly, if I don’t do it I get anxious and very frustrated. So I have to say, if I can become addicted to exercise then literally anyone can!

    • I love lifting proper weights! Congratulations on the deadlift too, that’s amazing. If you are looking for more inspiration, I really rate Nia Shank’s website – she has lots of workouts specifically aimed at women who lift weights.

      • Thank you Lynsey I hadn’t heard of her – that’s my lunchtime browsing sorted! Doesn’t it just leave you feeling really powerful and like you can conquer anything?

        • Yes! I actually love it, I go to ladies only lifting sessions and the coach turned us all onto Nia’s “lift like a girl” programmes. My husband thought it was funny to start with, but now I can lift him & he’s taking the mick a lot less! x

          • Good for you! I took my husband along to an invitational session of the Bootcamp class I go to for conditioning and, no joke, he had to leave half way through to throw up. He claims it was the banana he had eaten before, but I suspect otherwise!

  10. To this day, I don’t think there is any better fitness motivation than the event of putting on a gorgeous white dress. Honestly, I’ve never been more motivated to eat healthily and go to the gym as much as was in the seven months between getting engaged and walking down the aisle. And it worked! Last year, my goal was to run the London Marathon, and I’m happy to say that I did that (well, walked a bit too) and have the medal to prove it. What that showed me was the working towards a goal was fun – it provided something tangible, something that I can look back on and be proud of achieving, rather than just the “summer body” or “loosing a few lbs before holiday”. This year, I’d like to see me doing something similar, although not 26 miles. NEVER AGAIN! It’s great to have a goal. However, I’ve also rediscovered Yoga, as you have Rebecca, and I love the way it makes me feel. Calmed, relaxed, and more importantly stretched, I find that hour and a half that I have to myself so important. yes it’s Power Yoga, and that means work, but still, it’s a kind of meditation that I don’t think Working Mum’s have the time to do properly alone. Fitness for me in 2014 is going to be a holistic approach. Having said all that howevver, I’m on day four of insanity and can barely move! :/

  11. Yesterday I took the step of cancelling my gym membership. I went every day before the wedding, either for PT, a run or a gentle swim and sauna and since the wedding I’ve been…about twice. In 6 months. That equates to around £275 a swim. Oops.

    It was actually very liberating. I’m going to do more walking (hoping, when its sunnier, to walk part of the way to and from work) and more swimming. I’ve joined our local pool which has lots of aquafit classes so I can meet people from our local area.

    I’m also going to try and get into yoga although I’m not very good at the relaxing and emptying my brain bit.

    Ultimately, doing less stressful things and using my free exercise time to relax rather than lose weight.

  12. We have signed up to do the Chester half marathon in May. So far we are doing ok distance wise and getting a lot faster than I ever thought (8 min miles) but it’s maintaining good speed for that long! Hoping to go it in 2hrs.
    Also I am the slimmest iv been now at 9.9 stone so just want to lose the last 9 by May and work and toning and maintaining that. Very pleased though.
    I also still do the odd Jillian’s on days off running and love the no more trouble zones for an intense all over arse kicking.

  13. Currently I am pregnant, and morning sickness pretty much stopped any exercise in the first trimester. I feel much better now, but can’t do anything like I could. Therefore it’s a regime of pregnancy yoga, walking and gentle swimming, just as much as I can manage until bump arrives at the start of June. Then hopefully getting back to a pre pregnancy shape by the end of the year.

  14. I want to get stronger but it is hard to quantify what my goal is. I have been meaning to start a kettlebells class but my gym and wedmin are making it difficult. So hopefully a week on sunday I will get to that, but hoping to get back to a body pump class next Wednesday.

    Think Ciaran wants to put our names down for A 10km too so that is a goal to aim towards 🙂

  15. Hi Rebecca
    You could try habitual fitness in chorlton – Kirsty who runs it is lovely and very motivational. She does fitness pilates and spin classes plus running sessions down at the water park and personal training sessions. You can pay as you go or she does good offers on packages. I started 3 months ago to improve fitness; have lost 9lbs and also met some lovely people.

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