#JanuaryJoy – Have a Good Hair day

Surely there are few feelings better in life than the pleasure that comes from the knowledge that you are having a supremely good hair day. For me, a good hair day takes time spent blow drying my hair, time that I am often too lazy, or lacking in patience to spend. That’s crazy right? That something so small and that can give me great pleasure and confidence is something that I simply don’t prioritise, for the sake of 15 minutes. A lot of #JanuaryJoy is about taking pleasure in the little things and making the best of every moment. So today is totally superficial and focusing on your hair.

Image via Refinery29

So here is my list of ways to make your hair your crowning glory this January and get a bit of that glow that comes with a good hair day. Maybe the hair cut has to wait for pay day, but some of these are simply everyday pieces of happy.

1. Master a new plait. This one’s not just for the long haired lovelies out there. I keep meaning to try this one for short hair myself. If you do have long hair though, how about trying a fishtail braid? This video tutorial is the best I have seen yet.

Plaits for short hair from The Beauty Department

2. Try a new colour. If I could choose any hair, I’d love a firey red shade like Rachelle LeFevre. (I wouldn’t say no to the curls either!) Unfortunately red hair doesn’t work with my skin tone at all and I’ve had my fair share of goth looking disaster outcomes trying to enrich my natural shade of brown that ended up too dark. Instead I’ll be trying a wash-in-wash-out colour in my natural shade for added sparkle and shine.

3. Learn how to curl your hair. I have a theory on this. I was never one of those girls who spent ages trying to curl or plait or style their hair as a teenager and I’m sure that’s why I can’t do it now. Teenagers have the time and the inclination to perfect a certain style and I know if I just set aside a little time to practice my curls, I could nail the look. This is so going on my personal January Joy list. Nail that curl. If anybody has any tips, I would love to hear them!

Waterfall Braid tutorial from OnceWed

4. Work a new style. Last year I tried this ‘waterfall braid’. (I know, braid is an American word, it just doesn’t sound the same if you say ‘waterfall plait’.) Or how about this easy up-do?

5. It’s a simple one, but book a hair cut. I am the worst person at doing this. I procrastinate, don’t make time and for at least 4 weeks out of every twelve I am frustrated that my hair won’t do what it should, and end up tying it up. My hair grows ridiculously fast so it’s partly not my fault, but getting it cut, making those ends smooth, getting it back into shape and looking so much healthier, brings that good hair day a little closer. 😉

So then readers, let’s hear it. Which of the above are you doing? Have you got a hair style that remains your nemesis and you would like to master, or a tip for me? Or are you going all out and getting a big chop or changing your colour? (Leave a link in the comments if there’s a picture you want to share!)


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25 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy – Have a Good Hair day

  1. I was just thinking how I really must set some time aside this weekend to touch up my roots. I also need to start practising my wedding hair (I’m going for the waterfall ‘braid’) so this post is perfectly timed. On a day to day basis I’m really lazy and just tie my hair up.

  2. Oh I totally want that Rachelle Lefevre orangey-red hue. I just written a post about how I’ve always dreamed to be a ginger.
    And I’m doing it 🙂 Just… later in the day, so for now it’s just inspiration photos.
    I learnt a new word today, I never knew that plait = braid. I definitely want to tray the waterfall style.
    I also wish I knew how to curl my hair (my hair is naturally curly, but more like the frizzy kind, I dream of Taylor-Swift’s perfect ringlets… I had them done at our wedding, and at other occasions, like here , but it would be great to be able to do the style myself). I even got a curling iron once, but no luck. Maybe those electrical curlers that can get warmed up could work. I am totally clueless when it comes to hair.

  3. I’ve booked a haircut for a month’s time – at the moment baby dictates the necessity to just wash and go for now!

  4. I have always (she says modestly) been good at doing plaits and things in my hair but normally I’m just too lazy. I’ve been putting a bit more effort in recently though – and I LOVE that style from the beauty department… dying to give it a go!

  5. I think I’ll have to try the pretty waterfall braid, if I can keep my arms up and steady for long enough, or is it just me that gets sore arms when trying to master a braid on the top of my head?!

    For creating curls, I’d recommend the Remington Pearl wand. My hair has a natural wave, but this little superhero tames any frizz and its perfect for both big bouncy waves and tight curls.

  6. Perfect timing Rebecca – I have just highlighted my usual chocolate brown with caramel blonde. Tis a big step for me as I have never been this light before but it seems to be just what I needed. Curls are my speciality I always end up doing my friends when going out the two most succesful ways I have found are first blow drying my hair and then either sectioning and putting heated rollers in – I have Boots own brand and they work fine (leave them in as long as possible) – perfect timing for putting your make up on and then take them out and you will have bouncy glossy curls.

    The second way is to use your straighteners (this is almost like curling a ribbon with scissors) take a section of you hair twist it 180 degrees and run it through your hair.

    On the subject of hair styles I am trying to master – loose boho, beach curls I have bought a triple barrel waver – it’s one that has had amazing reviews – but it just doesn’t seem to hold in my hair any hints or tips would be great.

    Helen xx

  7. I also never perfected the art of hair curling with everything i try looking WAY fake and tacky. I’ve always been desperately jealous of anyone with even the slightest wave in their hair – my bestie has natural blond ringlets – I adore them, she hates them and is jealous of my poker straught hair. Always the way. Nowadays I manage to get some good bounce with a blow dry when I can be bothered (not often).

    I do however have a skill for getting my hair up in to an interesting style. I can’t practise in advance as it never turns out the same, I have to just go for it on the day/night but I’m always quite impressed with my handiwork. It was this that made me want to grow my hair back out after a year of shorter styles.

    Also toying with new colour ideas this morning whilst waiting 57 minutes for my delayed train. Thinking about a return to a deep cherry red circa Cheryl Cole two years ago…

  8. I have a bob so am v limited in what I can do. Could I curl? Would that Pearl wand work? I’m already red so don’t need to think about that!

    Love the waterfall braid – very pretty.

  9. I’m restricted with how I’m allowed to wear my hair at work (needs to be tied back so I don’t dip it in chemicals/accidentally set myself on fire…), so I’m going to give the waterfall braid a try this weekend for the party I’m going to. Debating whether it will look better in hair with a bit of a wave though? My hair is poker straight, and I’m not sure if this will highlight any mistakes more?! x

  10. I am INEPT at doing anything with my hair, and it is one of my biggest wedding regrets that I didn’t budget for a stylist on the day. I’m determined not to make the same mistake with my barnet when I’m a bridesmaid in three weeks time and get practicing with something that actually makes me feel good. I love the idea of a fancy braid but I suspect I’ve got two left hands… I will try these tutorials and report back!


  11. I have naturally curly frizzy hair, getting it cut every 6 weeks really helps. To avoid the frizz i blow dry every 2-3 days. For big bouncy waves I use a head hugger hairbrush, got mine in boots, and for curls I use straighteners! Sounds daft but really works. For tighter curls I use tongs, I think they’re called Carmen girls. They’re bright pink and designed for little girls, but are really good and have a spiral thingy on the tongs themselves which makes them really easy to use- hope that makes sense. L’oreal do a good beach spray thing, called play ball I think. Great for boho waves. Always use hairspray to hold curls, don’t need loads but it helps the curls stay. X

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