#JanuaryJoy: Bake some Bread

This time last year I used the same prompt for JanuaryJoy and then suggested I make it a regular monthly bread club post. Sadly, time got away from me but I am determined to make more bread, hence me including it again this year. On my bread horizon right now is sourdough.

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I love sourdough – the taste, the toast it makes, but it’s a little trickier than other breads as it needs a ‘starter’ – not necessarily something difficult to do but it requires a bit of forward planning which I am not good at. I did buy an appropriate kiln jar to hold the starter some months back (from Ikea) but have so far failed to fill it, until yesterday that is!

I used Paul Hollywoods recipe – the undisputed King of bread, however there are clearly many different options for making the starter as his first and second books both have a recipe, the first using apple and the second using grapes.

Now all I have to do is wait for it to start growing (it should take 4-7days I reckon) and then I am on it – evidence coming soon to these pages 🙂

Have you ever made Sourdough? Any tips for me?
(If you would like to contribute to the bread club, please do send in your recipes and/pr photos!)


PS Last years no-rise wholemeal loaf

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6 thoughts on “#JanuaryJoy: Bake some Bread

  1. I went to a sourdough class that was part of a skill swap in Bristol and was really pleased with the results , but got fed up with having to keep feeding the starter they gave us then not getting round to actually makes loaves. I didn’t realise it was easy enough to make your own.

    My lovely husband bought me a bread making course for Christmas after we decided we wanted to do more , rather than have more ‘things’.

    It’s here http://www.kensalkitchen.co.uk/About.html

    I’m really looking forward to it so I’ll let you know how I get on!

    • That class looks fab Hannah – I might look into something similar for some leave I have in March.
      Great idea – I like the idea of learning the harder stuff like sweet doughs etc. Have always wanted to make doughnuts!

  2. I’m doing my breadmaking class which has a sourdough mother in it in April/May. We’re going to do Pain de something beginning with C and bagels and two other things I’ve forgotten.

    I’m very excited.

    Update on the new classes January Joy thing: Photography class booked for 1 March and knitting classes booked for 1 and 8th February. My January Joy is FLYING.

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