January Joy!

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Ahem, ‘Joy’ might be a little enthusiastic for the month that is generally the most depressing of the year, but I have good news for you! January is going to be fabulous! Well, here on Florence Finds it is anyway. 😉

I promised you lots of fun stuff for January so as well as saying a big fat Happy New Year to you and yours, I’m taking the opportunity to enlighten you as to why January is going to be so great and what lies ahead.

Traditionally January is a bit gloomy. Everyone is feeling a little bloated, craving fresh clean food after the excesses of Christmas, swearing off alcohol, pleading resolutions of purity when it comes to food and I’m no exception to the rest of you. So this week and throughout January on Florence Finds, I’m going to be sharing recipes that are low fat, healthy, easy to make and most importantly delicious, to get your year off to a good start!

Do you ever find there’s just nothing to do in January? Everyone is broke after Christmas, bills are looming, no one wants another boozy night out, so everyone just stays in. Boring. But there’s an upside to all that staying at home on the couch… you get to plan. Take stock of life, plan your holidays, a home renovation project, tackle the spring cleaning or a wardrobe clear out. Holidays and home improvements cost money, but the planning doesn’t and they’ll be all the better for the research you put into them now. So I’m going to be sharing some fabulous travel destination guides and hotel reviews to inspire you, and a few home make-overs that readers have sent in, including the long awaited redecoration project of my own that I mentioned way back when.

I mentioned bills, I mentioned being broke. Depressing subjects, but a necessity in January, so I’ll also be looking for things to do for free that can keep you happy in January. Think beautiful walks and free exhibitions to cheer you right up. I might even venture into money. You have been warned.

And last but not least I’ve got a few beauty DIY’s up my sleeve to help you emerge from the gloomiest month of the year glowing and confident, ready to take on the rest of 2012!

Welcome to January and 2012 on Florence Finds, I hope you all enjoy it and I’d love to hear any suggestions for things you would like to hear or read about this month.


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19 thoughts on “January Joy!

  1. This has cheered me up no end- I am teetering on the edge of a serious January gloomfest!

    I have some serious work decisions to make that will hopefully send me in a completely different direction (well, no direction for a while!), it feels like the right thing to do but is keeping me up at night anyway.

    So I am going to make lists, sort out my house and make plans as you suggest- at least it will keep me busy until Spring!

  2. Ooh thanks you have just made me excited about January!! Now as you know I’m on the wedding countdown so slimming world starts on Wednesday and I’m starting a course of monthly facials this month too to get myself in tip top condition for the big day! Really rather excited!
    Rachie xo

  3. Happy New Year!

    My January is going to consist of some facials (my skin is so bad at the moment), clearing out our junk (to streamline before we move) and eating better after the excesses of the festive period


  4. Happy New Year!

    I love the optimism in this post 🙂 I also like having a good old sort out- will be spending today trying to finish off The Big House Tidy before going back to work tomorrow- satisfying if not exactly fun! Will also be squeezing in some time to work on my 2012 resolution- to learn how to knit. I’m working on my first scarf at the moment – should help occupy me during January when I can’t really afford to go out…


  5. My January is mostly around planning with terrifying military precision and too much came the next 5 months before my wedding. Looking forward to the recipes 😀

    K x

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog since it started but have never commented before. I loved the optimism in your post today and, added to the fact it’s the New Year, I felt inspired to leave a comment.

    It’s rather long as I got carried away-so apologies in advance!

    I have a big list of resolutions for this year-and I’m planning on ticking them off as I go along. I want to make the effort to cook more at home and to also take the time to bake-I used to do this all the time when I was younger so i’m looking forward to reading lots of inspiring recipes. I am, in fact, attempting the spiced apple muffins today and am rather excited about it!!

    A big spring clean of my wardrobe and make-up bag is also on the cards for January so any inspiring fashion or make-up posts would also be great.

    One of my biggest resolutions this year is to not get stressed about everything-I find it really hard to relax-so any help you can give in terms of any stress busting tips/fun activities/good books or magazines would also be great. I also want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air-so any suggestions for good places to visit for the day or any ideas for chic boutique hotels for a weekend trip would be fab. 

    Finally, like Katie, I also have the urge to take up knitting this year. I used to knit with my nan when I was younger and would like to start again. I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but knitting does seem to be making a comeback! That might make an interesting and unusual post?!

    Hope you all have a great 2012-looking forward to my daily dose of Florence Finds  xx

  7. Brilliant post Rebecca, its a shame January has such a bad rep when you’re right, it’s all about your attitude! I have some big decisions to make this month, and am determined to use it well!

  8. Happy New Year everyone!

    It’s funny I haven’t been so excited for January in a very very long time. I can’t wait to get started and share all my post with you all. Hopefully we’ll all be feeling positive and excited.

    Interesting that a few of you are considering career options, I’ll be sharing a bit on that too… Watch this space.


  9. Great post Rebecca, January is a time to reflect and get working on all those things you never quite get round to! I’ll be waiting for your Januray posts and preparing to make 2012 a great one 🙂 xo

  10. No January blues for me! I have five 30th birthday parties to attend (including my own! Yay!!) a house move to plan, four wedding outfits to shop for and a massive road trip to get excited about. This is probably the most exciting January in memory for me! Now, if I can just drag myself off the sofa and get dressed*…

    *unlikely – I just discovered a Pride and Prejudice marathon on Watch. Looks like another day of slovenly sofa-surfing pour moi!

  11. Ooooh am really looking forward to all of this – this post has cheered me right up and made me all motivated – so much so that the kitchen has just had a deep clean, We’ve managed to throw out four black bags worth of rubbish (therefore making lots more storage space – I swear our house must have looked like Miss Havisham’s house in Great Expectations! – also, did you see that?? AMAZING, Love a bit of Ray Winstone) and I’ve started my ‘healthy eating’ plan of three meals a day, NO SNACKING! So I am REALLY looking forward to the recipes you have lined up for us! x x x

  12. Oooh all sounds very exciting! I’m not the biggest fan of January (and that’s an understatement!) so last year, my bf decided we’d go away to Amsterdam, just for a weekend break but to give us something to look forward to. So we’re doing the same this year, this time it’s Venice.

    Have to say I’m dreading going back to work, it was v. busy and stressful in the lead up to Christmas and going to stay that way for a while. And it’s def something I need to do some serious thinking about. Still, am holed up in a remote part of Ireland for a few more hours before the long journey home begins…so I’ll try and forget about that for now!

  13. A much needed post – will look forward to gleaning a few new ideas from it. I anticipated the post-Christmas slump back in September so have a few events lined up (and, thankfully, all paid for) to look forward to, including:
    – a V&A museum member evening event in January on the history of Diamonds and De Beers
    – a long weekend at the end of Feb (when I know hubby and I will need a break, no major travel plans for it, just a bit of him & me time)
    – a trip to the Young Vic, with my sister, and, separately a meal out with husband, both in early March

    All that and the garden should keep us busy. Fingers crossed for a few sunny weekends though, I *need* more daylight!

  14. Ooh this sounds fab Rebecca!! I’m moving this month so I too am being forced to have a clearout, which is a good thing! I’m also yet another one who’s recently learnt to knit and with 2 friends with babies on the way I’m getting lots of practice!!

    And wasn’t there mention of a FF meet up in the new year….?!!

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