January Joy: Make some Resolutions!

Hi again! Its so lovely to hear from you all again – thank you so much for the comments, I’m glad to be back. It would appear I’m not more timely than I was tho 😉

So as promised… my resolutions. I know some people dont like resolutions but I’m a goal setter and I just can’t resist January as a fresh start for getting some plans, aspirations and must-try harder goals on paper. I thought about not bothering but realised how negative it felt and although it’s seen as cliche, I can be found making resolutions most weeks of the year so the first is no exception 😉

Here they are. Resolutions, the 2016 edition.
1. Clear out and declutter corners
2. Finish the house
3. Eat better
4. Learn to Knit

I actually started my first one before Christmas with our Cellar. I was brought up purging (my mum is pretty good at it with clothes and as a child we were always made to go through the toy cupboard and get rid of some things before Christmas, which were taken to the local Childrens home.) Unfortunately I’m now busy, lazy and married to a man who hoards. The dangers of having a big house are that you fill it and our lives have exploded from a 3 bed terrace to 3 sprawling floors of space that is rapidly getting filled. The thought of having to pack it up if we moved terrifies me and I’m a BIG believer that if you are putting something into a room to keep it out of the way where it doesnt get looked at year to year, it shouldn’t be in your life. So I’m trying to use my resolutions to action that thought. Clearing out the cellar (4 car loads to the tip later and we are half way there I think!) was an amazing feeling and I want to keep going. To keep it achievable I’m tackling little corners and spots of clutter at a time, rather than unachieveable whole rooms and after reading this A year of tidying I’m thinking I’ll buy the KonMari book – Has anyone read it?

The second resolution is stolen from Pete. We still have several rooms to tackle and others that have been 80% completed but lack finishing touches. We also have an exciting project under investigation which I’ll share if it is actually going to happen. Either way there are lots more home posts to come from FF in 2016!

New Year, new house project…. Fireplace shopping today! #renovation #interiors #periodhouse #fireplace

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The last two are certainly the stuff of yearly resolutions. Delving a bit deeper though I want to expand my weekly standard recipe repertoire and find some less stodgy but satisfying and delicious winter options. We eat a lot with Bea and I obviously want her to eat well and try lots of things so that needs to be woven into he plan too. I’ve already branch out and bought Good Food magazine which Pete tried a Cod, Cauliflower and Chorizo dish from last night that was amazing, so I’m inspired to keep going.

And it wouldn’t be New Year without a new skill right? I suppose I could say I already know how to knit but I haven’t done any for at least 15 years and even then didn’t know how to cast on or off, so there’s plenty to learn and re-learn. I’d just love to whip up a new hat for Bea when I want to or little jumpers and cardigans, and to know she was wearing something I made with love would be, well… pretty special. Watch this space!

Of course there could be more… date night, trying to get fit again… but now it’s your turn readers. Have you made any resolutions? Got any goals? even if they are not for the year and just on your current to-do list, I’d love to hear them 😉

Rebecca x

PS Look how big Bea grew! I couldn’t resist including a few pictures as it’s been a while… 😉

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12 thoughts on “January Joy: Make some Resolutions!

  1. Yes – I read the KonMari book – it’s so so good. Life changing (well for me anyway) – you must download it. I read it in about 8 hours – not a big book at all. Very very useful!

    My resolutions are to eat healthier foods, write more letters, do things that ignite my creativity and find a new house!

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Welcome back!
    That link has inspired me to pick up the KonMari book that’s been sat on my bedside table for a year. I started to read it but I have been too overwhelmed at the thoughts of actually doing it. She’s got a second book out tomorrow too xxx

  3. I bought the book after reading about it and doing the clothes purge. Haven’t actually started to read the book and the clothes purge is still in a big bag in my spare room. Certainly on my new year musts is to clear out and keep organised!

  4. House stuff is the biggest thing on our list by far. We’re half-moved bedrooms into our beautiful attic room (formerly wasted as a dumping ground after our lodger moved out 4 years ago!). Similar story to your cellar… many many trips to the tip required. We’re then redecorating our old room into a bigger bedroom for E, which I’m really giddy about. Making the jump from (boring!) nursery decorating to functional little boy room decorating when you’ve got a 2.5 year old audience to please is loads more challenging and fun!!


  5. Food for me, try more new recipes, not necessarily all healthy ones, but different home made meals to get me out of the rut of cooking the same things all of the time. I have LOADS of cook books, just need to use them!

  6. Mine are:

    1. To make more time for our little family. At least one day a weekend is just ours – no sharing.

    2. To get away more before we start thinking about baby number two and it becomes a total pipe dream to do anything without TWO lots of stuff – impromptu one night trips away hopefully. For the time for us as a family but also to see more of the South before we move up North.

    3. I’d like to get back to reading more – I’ve not read anything in ages.

    4. To switch off from my phone more.

  7. Things I want to work on in 2016:

    – don’t procrastinate. I started thinking about this as a result of a work issue but actually it affects many areas of my life (in particular my second job as a charity treasurer which I’m guilty of ignoring for weeks and then panicking about!)

    – prioritisation. This is linked to the one above but it is also a big problem for me. I really struggle to prioritise both in work and home life. In particular I’m guilty of choosing the ‘fun’ stuff over the ‘necessary life admin’ stuff on days off!

    – read more, write more, run more (these are ALWAYS on my list!)

    – and actually Ruth’s comment above about food has struck a chord with me -I too have masses of cookbooks and am always pinning recipes on Pinterest so why is it that I only actually cook about 4 things in rotation?! Ridiculous, I need to sort that out!

  8. Oh! The magnificent, magical Marie Kondo book! My boss read it and said it changed her life. I intended to read it over Christmas and my resolution (as decided back in October, but was waiting until Jan 1st to enact) was to KonMari my house and life – I have WAY too many clothes and shoes and clutter.

    As it happened I got myself shipped off to New York on Jan 3rd and had to super streamline my whole life whether I wanted to or not. I’m in a furnished apartment and could only bring two suitcases, so I have a capsule wardrobe, only a few pairs of “go with everything” shoes, a bathroom cabinet a third full of only exactly what I need and instead of 253 lipsticks in varying shades of my statement pink and red, only one of each.

    It’s funny how things turn out… I wanted to de-clutter and get rid of all my stuff, and look what happened! I think it’ll give me the motivation I needed to part ways with some of my more sentimental items of clothing when I get home (“but I wore them to my first job interview and got my dream job”), and stuff I’ve found it hard to part ways with thus far!

    Other than that, same as every year – take care of myself more. Eat better, exercise, rest more, stop cancelling dentist and optician appointments. I’ve been ill for three weeks and counting. I need to be kinder to my aging bones!

    I was pretty good at achieving about 50% of last year’s resolutions, but abysmal at some others, so hopefully this year I’ll be slightly more successful.

    Great to have you back Rebecca (and Bea)!!

  9. Great post. These are mine:

    Take care of myself (growing a baby so this is a priority)
    Have more organised play with Ava (trying to teach her letters)
    Eat healthily
    Lots of outdoor play with Ava (otherwise could be phrased as less screen time)
    Good with finances and paperwork


  10. The Magical art of Tidying certainly changed mine and my husband’s life back in September when we moved house. Although neither of us are hoarders, things certainly soon pile up, especially with a toddler around. I really enjoyed the read and as Samantha said, it’s a quick read.

    This year we would like to try for number 2, so I want to take control and sort my weight out. I spent most of last year feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin so now I need to take action and stop talking about it.

    Good Luck everyone x

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