January Joy 2018!

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Well, hello 2018!

January Joy came about because I love to celebrate the start of a New Year but also to try and improve what is a bit of a depressing month. Poor January gets a bad rap I think, but it can’t be denied that the weather, lack of festive fun and annual dose of guilt we pile upon ourselves after Christmas excesses doesn’t exactly make for a fabulous start to the year. Previously January Joy has taken the form of a series of prompts to bring some Joy to your January but (in keeping with one of my themes for the year,) I’m going to change it a little this year. We all have very busy lives and as my life has evolved I imagine many of your lives have too. I don’t have time for daily or even weekly prompts so I’m going to focus on a few themes that I’ll be working towards all year instead and I have several posts lined up for you this month that fit within those themes. I always like to start the year with a bit of reflection and goal setting! So what are they, I hear you ask?

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Slow Down

So often nowadays I feel like days, weeks and months are rattling past at a frenetic pace. We are quite a social family, we like to go out and do things, keep the kids busy, travel, and whilst we don’t do as much of this as before we had kids, it still all too often feels like we are rushing from one thing to the next, stressed preparing and organising for these things, instead of enjoying them. More often than not such a packed schedule adds more stress due to double booking, forgetting things and one of my biggest stresses currently, not keeping up to date with everything at home. The washing, the tidying, the stuff for school and work and so on. I want to feel more in control of all of this but also to just slow down and savour my girls while they are little. Having children has taught me to be more present, in the moment, not just to watch but to participate and I want to have time to do that, not through a series of day trips or experiences, just in our own home together. I’m hoping that making a bit more time available will allow me to take some time for myself, and I can introduce some mindfulness and self care, so I feel better able to tackle the rest of life’s chaos. A key part of this is getting more organised and I’ll be sharing my BuJo experience so far as part of that.

Talking about re-using and recycling made me think of this post a wrote a while back about Recycling your old scented candles.


This year we want to continue to make changes to contribute towards reducing our impact on the environment. Waste has become a real bugbear of mine and so reducing it in a variety of ways is something I constantly thinking about. I’m talking food waste, plastic waste and landfill in general so look out for some blog posts on changes we have made as a family that really help.


Probably the biggest project we will be managing this year is the extension, while it’s not a resolution or a goal per se, its going to occupy huge amounts of our time and effort, both mentally and physically. The building work has already started with clearing the site and its pretty depressing looking at the mess and destruction, which looks 1000x worse in grim freezing damp January! I can’t wait for it to be finished but beyond that I’m determined to have the whole house finished by the end of the year. (Well, maybe not the top floor but we can just ignore that, right?)

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Lastly, I want to reach out a bit more via the blog, to make new connections with other bloggers and give Florence Finds a little more love again! Hopefully that will mean bringing some inspiring content to you guys too.

So now it’s your turn. What are your goals or resolutions, themes or inspirations for 2018? Are any the same as mine? Are some the total opposite? Please do drop me a comment and share!

Happy New Year readers!


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4 thoughts on “January Joy 2018!

  1. I’m totally with you on making the most of the moment, life was crazy busy last year, and is probably going well be again this year as I’m in the middle of an MBA with the Open University, but I’m determined to schedule in some pause moments during the year.

    To that end I’ve scheduled my annual leave for the year already and have dates in the diary to see shows/exhibitions with my sister. Both of which automatically give structure and things to look forward to during the year.

    My other year aim is to build more exercise into my day again. I pulled my back about 15 months ago which took a long time to get better and I also changed jobs, so I’m doing a lot of travel, and the study that eats time – it’s all fun, but challenging to fit regular exercise.

  2. Lovely to read that you’ll be blogging more Rebecca – I totally understand your need to take a break from it with two little ones & everything else in life, but I’ve really missed your posts.

    I don’t have any specific resolutions but I’ve got some big decisions to make this year & would like to be able to make those and hopefully end up with a sense of peace/contentment whichever way I end up going. I’m very much a planner and not knowing which way life is heading (main decision is concentrated on whether to try for a second child or not and if so when and if not, what to do career wise etc) is unsettling.

    On a less life-changing note, I’m determined to sort out curtains for our new house! We moved last summer and the previous owners left blinds which are fine, but I’m really missing the cosiness of curtains so need to get that sorted. Of course, none of the windows are standard sizes, that would be too easy…

    Katie x

  3. Happy new year! I love January Joy so much. Over here I will try to focus on writing more, I have so many ideas, and so few of them actually make it out of my head. Being more present as well, that means probably less time in front of the phone. And same as you, I really want to work towards generating less waste and also moving away of plastic and other materials like Tefal. Which is proving quite the challenge. I first tried a porcelain pan and everything sticks. Then I tried an enamel one and it is the same !. I don’t want to go back to Teflon but I don’t know what else to try… do you maybe have any suggestions?

  4. hi Rebecca, always lovely to see a post from you. I completely agree about ‘slowing down’ – while I don’t have kids I do live life at 100mph, constantly juggling work commitments (3 different jobs makes it even harder!), friends/family, exercise, chores, you name it… I’m definitely aware it is starting to take a toll on me, my sleep is not good and I can’t switch off. So to help deal with that, I’ve signed up to Headspace and am going to try and spend at least 5 minutes every day meditating- anyone can fit in 5 minutes right?! And on a similar theme I want to try and commit to exercise on a more regular basis. I live right next door to a gym and although I’m religious about going to Pilates once a week (it helps loads with my aches and pains) I’m not so good at cardiovascular exercise… really need to make more of an effort!
    Happy new year and looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!

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