Isn’t she lovely…


Beatrice Evelyn Norris arrived yesterday at 11.14am and weighed 6lbs 5oz!

She is super cute, feeding like a pro and we are all totally blissed out. And I’m doing fine post c-section.

We will be spending some time as a family this week but look out for some sporadic posts from next Monday and an update if you’re lucky. 😉 Oh and keep an eye on my Instagram for lots of updates!

Rebecca, Pete & Bea

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66 thoughts on “Isn’t she lovely…

  1. Regular reader de-lurking to say congratulations to you and Pete on the safe arrival of your daughter! Beautiful Bea. Enjoy this special time as a new little family xx

  2. Completely beautiful! And that name is just perfect. I have a Tilly and want two more girls so I can have Tilly, Bobby (Roberta) and Bea.

    Enjoy every incredible second xx

  3. Gorgeous! Congratulations to all three of you (and super lovely name – Bea is top of the list if we have another girl)

  4. She’s absolutely beautiful – congratulations!! Good luck for the next few weeks; they may be the toughest ever, but also some of the most amazing!

  5. Congratulations to you and your little family. So glad to hear you’re doing well. Her name is so beautiful!

    Love to all,
    Esme, Tom & Freddie

  6. Just to repeat again, how delighted I am for you and Pete and for the wider famille too who I know are going to be equally delighted and spoil little Bea as much as she deserves.

    So pleased you’re doing so well in yourself – enjoy every perfect blissed out second. May they be full of rainbows, sunshine (but not TOO much sunshine) and snuggles. And may there be many.

    Lots of warm fuzzies and cannot wait for a cuddle
    Becca, Rob & Bump x x x

  7. Oh hi BEATRICE! Sobbing at my desk here guys. She is so perfect Rebecca and I LOVE the name. Congratulations newly-extended Team Norris. You’re all amazing.

  8. Amazing news! Many congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl. Love the name you have chosen too.


  9. Eeeeeeeee! So exciting!!! Congratulations! Enjoy your new family and we will be waiting for your return 😀

  10. Massive congratulations to you both!! She is so cute! Love the name as well, can’t wait to see more pictures. Hope you continue to recover well and enjoy your beautiful new addition. Xx

  11. She is utterly gorgeous – so many congratulations to you and Pete. Beatrice and Evelyn are my two favourite names! Enjoy the extraordinary next few weeks with your little family.

  12. Wonderful news and huge congratulations! Enjoy all the precious moments as a new family. Big love from NZ! xox

  13. Congratulations to you both,hope you are recovering well Rebecca. Beatrice is gorgeous, with a lovely name. Your blog is great too.

  14. Aah! Just seen this Rebecca! Congrats!! Glad to hear you are doing well & impressed you are still blogging!! I haven’t had a chance for anything but feeding & sleeping since Ruby arrived! Hope u and hubby are enjoying these early days! X x

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