Introducing: Any Other Woman

This morning I have great pleasure in announcing some fabulous news! Many of you will already know Any Other Wedding, or in fact have found me over there, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the skinny.

Despite the name, AOW was always more than just a wedding blog, and to reflect this they have rebranded with a brand spanking shiny new name – Any Other Woman ( I like to think of Any Other Woman as the sanest place on the interweb for debate, discussion and chat about issues that matter, with wedding planning thrown into the mix. Run by Claire, Anna and Aisling (meet the AOW team here), the magnificent three focus on the real stuff about life, marriage and love, the feelings, the emotions, the hard stuff and the true joy that comes with every single relationship and every single challenge. The wide range of issues they tackle comes thanks to their diverse readership and the support they extend – the community is magnificent over there with a huge following of loyal readers, always ready to help a fellow reader out. That’s exactly what they do, support women who are navigating their way through life and its challenges, be that health, money, love, feminist issues or just asking advice. Let’s put it this way, You got a problem? They’ll solve it! 😉

What they do best is talking about relationships. Every aspect of relationships are covered with aplomb, wit and proper common sense. I love them all and I think I’m not alone in saying it.

My favourite bits?
Ask Anna and Ant – Real life, sensible agony Aunt (or should that be Ant?) advice served straight up from the genius that is Anna and her equally amazing mate.

The famous Any Other Photo – Just one photo and some of the most touching words you’ll read, served every week on a Friday. Focusing on the emotion it’s the anti-pretty but even more beautiful side of weddings. And I’m sure there will be many new favourite bits to discover today.

Any Other Wedding started small and Blogger served it well, but as the team grew, they wanted to make their home on the inter-web a little bit prettier and a whole lot easier to use. Today they have completed their migration to WordPress (welcome ladies!) to accompany their new name and a seriously stylish new look. If you didn’t know, or you haven’t seen yet, head on over to Any Other Woman and check it out. Now these three dynamos have a home as fabulous as they are and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Congratulations girls!

Now what are you waiting for? Get on over there and say hi!


PS It’s a three post day readers! Come back later for stylish finds to brighten up your Monday 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Introducing: Any Other Woman

  1. Whoop! It’s amazing isn’t it!? I’m so thrilled for them and the response it’s received already 🙂

    Yay for the new name and new site!

  2. Rebecca, thank you SO MUCH for this post! We are beaming from ear to ear. People have been brilliant, and the hard work has paid off. Thanks so much for all your support, you of all people know how much work goes into making your own website perfect! x

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