Interior Inspiration: Emerald City

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It’s safe to say, green has never been top of my choice of colours for decorating. Yet the striking nature of most green interiors means that I have been mesmerised by some of the rooms I have collected here to inspire you today.

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Historically, green conjures up period interiors, beautiful stately homes and cosy country log piles. If you’ve got enough light (or want to work with a lack of it instead of fight it,) green can look elegant and even magical.

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A complete contrast however is the modern look. Emerald looks amazing in a black and white setting of mixed with patterns and prints blended in fabrics and accents like this pendant light shade.

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I fell in love with this tropical room with a colonial feel, brass accents and that lush velvet sofa against a backdrop of greenery.

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I think my favourite way to see emerald however is as a stand alone accent in a room. A piece of art maybe, luxurious fabrics or painted statement pieces of furniture.

I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to decorate in this shade… green isn’t a colour on my usual decorating palette, but the images are inspiring none the less. Have I inspired you today?


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9 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Emerald City

    • Me too! I have been dreaming of a blue velvet chesterfield like, forever, but the green would do me just as nicely I think!!

  1. Hmm I commented but it apparently disappeared though wordpress was saying that my comment was duplicate.
    I was saying that I love this inspiration. We have a lime-green couch, an apple green kitchen, teal- turquoise walls, and a lght minty-agua bedroom.
    Like you say the painted statement furniture can really bring a pop of color to a room, we have a yellow commode and I love just watching it, it makes me happy. (If the original comment is somewhere feel free to delete this one).

  2. I am loving the emerald green! Looks so sumptuous and stylish. Agree though that i am probably only brave enough to do this in accessories and furniture. Love the bed side tables! x

  3. These images are beautiful!

    I’ve been thinking about using some paler greens in our house. Eau de nil and mint are beautiful shades, although I agree the emerald is very striking.

    Franky x

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