If the shoe fits…

We bought Bea her first pair of shoes at 11 months… I wouldn’t have bothered but it was summery weather (now a distant memory!) and she was walking a lot holding our hands around the garden, so I wanted her feet protected. It was a tough decision though, as you may know babies feet are still developing, so they should be out of shoes as much as possible. We figured it would just be brief spells so decided to go ahead. She then started walking around her first birthday and shortly after started nursery, where they have to wear shoes to go outside and often inside too. That first pretty pair, from Clarks naturally, are quickly getting worn out so I’m starting to think about autumn/winter footwear for walks in the park, puddle jumping (wellies I think!) and playing outside.

The problem is, its really hard to find nice children’s shoes. I like her to look half presentable so something that goes with everything is ideal, but I’m not compromising on fit for fashion. Bea’s feet are a tiny size 2F so shopping in the likes of the high street stores like M&S isn’t an option as they don’t seem to go below size 4. Added to all of that, a neighbour of ours who used to work for NIKE happened to tell us that NIKE spend more on research in a year into children’s foot development than Clarks turn over as a company in the same year. Which makes me think we’ll be adding some cute trainers to the collection.

I’d love to hear if you guys have discovered any ‘proper’ shoes that are safe and stylish around the internet or high street, suitable for first steps and tiny feet. Please do share!


PS! Feeling a bit rubbish today? This will cheer you up 😉

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8 thoughts on “If the shoe fits…

  1. I really recommend the Pepino range by Ricosta, although I’m not sure how small they go. We now have 3 pairs and they are indestructible! They look ‘perky’ much longer than the Clarks shoes she had. I also find they are good for narrow feet. They are expensive, on a par with Startrite, but I think they are great. You can buy them online or (as I know you are fairly local to me Rebecca) try Arnouts Shoes in Burnage. It’s a really dated looking place but the service is good and they sell a good selection of Ricosta. Hope that helps!

  2. Try http://www.bear-foot.co.uk. Absolutely beautiful shoes designed to suit babies/toddlers’ growing feet. From the website it looks like some styles go down to a size 2! I like them because they have a good selection of not-too-girly shoes i.e. Not all the shoes for girls are pink or covered in hideous glitter, bows, or lace!

  3. I was also going to mention Bobux.
    We have the same problem but at the opposite end of the spectrum. There are literally only 1 or 2 pairs we can choose from each season in Clarks as Connie has wide feet with a high instep too. I’ve not found anywhere else as yet!

  4. Also, I forgot to say that I was told that you should avoid shoes that have quite rigid soles ie. you should be able to bend the sole toe to heel as well as being able to twist it diagonally if that makes sense. I was surprised at how many of the clarks shoes didn’t do that.

  5. Another bobux fan over here. Also livie and luca, little pets (petasil) and moccs from Monkey & Mole for indoor wear. I steer clear of high street stores including clarks (I make an exception for startrite at John Lewis obvs although their collection at my local store is very limited) mainly because they are either not flexible soled, are cheaply made with synthetic materials or gender stereotyped (or sometimes all of the above) and stick to barefoot brands at my local independent shoe shop Little Herbert. Amy at Little Herbert also sells online/by post so its well worth giving her a ring or finding her business page on facebook and following her latest stock on instagram. I have found her personal service second to none and she sells cheaper than other places online too which is a bonus.

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