How to Wear: October

Morning Readers!

A super-short post this morning as October seems to have whizzed by in a flurry of birthdays (mine), Baptisms (Oscar’s) and illness (all of us!)

I spent the day of my birthday at one of our local National Trust properties with the boys and my Mum, and true to form, I wore denim and khaki.

Next up was Oscar’s Baptism. A wonderful afternoon spent with our closest friends and family to celebrate his birth. The service was lovely as it was just us after the main Mass of the day (being Catholic we didn’t want to make the Baptism part of the whole service for those of our non-Catholic friends & family…). I wore an Off-White dress from & Other Stories which I loved. Again, so nice to be able to dress up for the afternoon. Oscar wore a Gown made by my Mum from the remnants of my bridesmaid dresses which she also made. The plan was for him to wear my Christening Gown but he was too big for it unfortunately!


 The other thing I’ve been trying to do is wear all of my old jeans and purge those I’m not happy with. These are two of the keepers – some bootcuts and some Indigo Skinnies. (My obsession with stripes knows no bounds!)

 And lastly, a very exciting Birthday Present…

It’s already made me move around more than I would normally, and I took a call on it yesterday… Weird!

I’ll be back soon with What to Buy in November… 😉

Erin xx 

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3 thoughts on “How to Wear: October

  1. I know what you mean Rebecca – the silhouette seems a bit “90s” now but I’ve kept these purely because 70s still seems to be in and they work with my Acne Pistol boots. I’m sure come spring they’ll be destined for eBay too. I’m having a huge clear out. Whilst I don’t think I could do a full on capsule, there’s something to be said for less is more 😉 X

  2. Erin where is your oldest’s jumper from? The ‘my cape was in the wash’ one? I know a little boy who would love that!

    Thanks, Alice x

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