How to Wear: April

Hi there Readers!

Since I’m still feeling OK, and there isn’t a Baby No. 2 quite yet, I’ll share what I’ve been wearing throughout April.

It’s been hard to wear the trends I recommended at the start of the month and to be honest, I now can’t wait to wear a few of the bits I’ve been saving for post-baby, so today’s post is more about how I’ve done Maternity wear.

Mostly, I hate the Maternity stuff that’s in the shops and I’ve favoured my regular clothes (with Maternity trousers) or things that have been made for me by my clever Mum.

Shift dresses and jeans with jumpers or shirts have been the uniform of choice. Dresses certainly worked fine for an Easter Sunday Mass and work events that I had this month. I have focused on the shoes though as it’s been a great excuse to get some wear out of the fabulous flats there are around at the moment (a caveat here are the Boden Alice Shoes seen in the picture above bottom left – heels for a few hours are manageable ;)!)

The gorgeous weather has also meant bare legs which has been wonderful. I love the fact that summer is just around the corner. These sandals from M&S tick the gladiator trend box and are really easy to wear. I went for the Beige but they come in a lovely Rust colour too. 

My last day in the office for a while was celebrated by dressing up a bit (despite the fact it was Friday and we usually dress down) in a Next Shift dress (my usual size) from last year and some Office flats (sadly sold out on line but I’m assured more are coming). A nice sunny yellow to start my Maternity Leave with 🙂

So… not that inspirational I’m afraid but I got through the month nonetheless.

Before I go though I wanted to share a fantastic service that Karen Millen offer and I experienced last week. The reason I know about this is because I had seen some press photos of their Atelier range, and some of their Brave New Stripe dresses leapt out at me.
I then received an email from them with a link to the collection and I decided to book a MyStylist appointment so I could take a peek at some of the pieces. Rachel was amazing. So friendly on email before, and during our session, nothing was too much trouble. She wasn’t even phased when I turned up almost 9 months pregnant!

I tried on a few things (with a bit of imagination!) but I loved the Atelier Brave New Stripes collection (funny that ;)) especially this Navy and Cream silk dress and coat set. Below are some of my other favourites.

Red Maxi / Yellow Kimono
  Green Maxi

Trousers / Bag / Shoes

Rachel was warm, welcoming and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She also even asked me before the appointment what my coffee order was, AND there was breakfast waiting. Amazing service!

Sitting and chatting to Rachel also made me look again at the Karen Millen collection as a whole and it opened my eyes as to how the brand has changed from the “studded and slinky” persona I had earmarked it with from the early 2000s. I’ll definitely be looking in there more now. If you are in the area then don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with her. She comes highly recommended!

So again, I may not be around in May but who knows!? Enjoy the long weekend we have coming up. We’ll be moving back into our house after four months of destruction and change. I. CAN’T. WAIT! 🙂

Erin xx

PS: The Boden Autumn Preview was also released last week. There are some pretty nice gems to be had 😉

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9 thoughts on “How to Wear: April

  1. I love those Karen Millen stripes! I also love those Boden heels although I will be admiring them from afar as I just can’t walk in heels 🙂

    • Stripes are my favourite as you may have guessed from my posts 😉 the shoes aren’t that high actually, but that might just be for me. Flatties rule at the moment though. I have my eye on the Erin Heels. Surely they are given as they’re my namesake?! X

  2. Gosh I’m so impressed you still fit ‘normal’ clothes at the end of your pregnancy. You look amazing. I gained at least 3 stone and felt like a whale for the last month. Even the maternity clothes were stretched!
    Good luck when the time comes

    • Thank you Jo. Don’t be fooled! I haven’t had access to scales for the last four months (not sure if that’s good or not) but in sure I have put on that! I must carry weight well – not a good thing 🙂 thanks for the wishes too. As long as we get loved back into our house this weekend, I don’t care when it happens 🙂 x

  3. You look fabulous Erin, don’t know how you do it. I kept thinking I wasn’t that big and trying on things in my wardrobe that were oversized or high waisted and being completely baffled that they didn’t fit me! Have you been eating well or keeping fit? And how do you think you compare to last time?

    Very excited for you, not least the moving back in bit!!!

    • Not been keeping as fit as I’d have liked. I had two months of Yoga twice a week, but not living in my usual town made getting there of an evening difficult. Not really done any other exercise apart from my daily 2.5 mile roundtrip walk from the station to my office.I put it down to looking after a Toddler too 😉 As for eating, yes I have tried to be more healthy. Last pregnancy called for Haribo’s as cravings. This baby has been making me eat Exotic fruit, so better, but not on the bank balance! Although in the last two weeks it’s been all about chocolate. I don’t feel as big in the face or upper body as I did last time, but I can feel it on my hips/upper legs. I think I’m going to go to Boots tomorrow and get weighed, just so I know what I need to get back down from! Thanks for the wishes. I can’t wait until Monday 🙂 xx

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