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Good afternoon readers!

I feel like I’ve had so much to say about Autumn already! It really is one of my favourite times of year. I never want to go on holiday between October and New Year because it’s just one celebration (read ‘excuse for a party’) after another. There’s that back-to-school feeling, the leaves turning and crisp autumn walks, the first frosts and Halloween!

I love Halloween, and although not many people celebrate it much over here in the UK, I couldn’t resist putting some spooky ideas together for those of you who might want to! I’ve seen some really cool bits and pieces this year for decor, food and even nails!

  • Are you the crafty type? Try this DIY Halloween wreath from All Things Simple and decorate for pence.
  • I love this food table with Pumpkin Balloons from Martha Stewart, perfect for a lower key (UK style) Halloween get together
  • These are just awesome… Shrunken heads in Cider via Martha Stewart
  • I’m really wanting a bit of cobweb nail art after seeing some Sally Hansen cobweb nail stickers that sadly aren’t available here. How about giving a nod to the trend with these dark talons for a bit of Halloween style.
  • Rats in the house? I often think US Halloween decor takes over somewhat but loved this simple and tasteful(!) halloween decor for your home from Martha Stewart
  • Or how about ghostly decor for a haunted house – Country Living
  • Most Halloween food is plain wrong but I think these are super cool – amazing for a party! Lychee and Grape Eyeball Martinis – Martha Stewart
  • Got little ones to entertain? Try this halloween kids DIY (via Oh So Lovely) by KatieCupcake
  • And lastly… looking for some costume ideas for fright night? A tutorial on fun frizz for your Halloween costumes… via The Beauty Department


So now it’s over to you. I want to hear if you celebrate Halloween, if you bother with a pumpkin or if (lucky you!) you’re going to a party or dressing up this weekend!

Lots of ghoulish love,

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16 thoughts on “Halloween Inspiration

  1. The feeling of this time of year is exactly why we chose to get married in November (one month today, aaahh!). ‘it’s just one celebration’ is exactly how it feels to me. I went into the city centre on Saturday and really got into the festive spirit, will channel all my festivities into the wedding, then it’s less than a month to Christmas. I’m more than a little over-excitable right now (can you tell!). I really like these decor ideas. the only thing is, it seems like a lot of effort for one day. How long is it acceptable to have Halloween decorations up for??

    • All week at least… surely?! Certainly the week running up to Halloween I reckon!

      This year it’s a good day for it to fall, so close to the weekend on Monday, so you actually get to enjoy any decorations you make over the weekend.

      I’m off out to buy a pumpkin 🙂


  2. ooo, I love Halloween. It’s the American enthusiast in me, I think!

    Normally someone in our group throws a party and we theme it to the max. This year however I’m heading off on an Ugly Bug Ball themed hen do in Bath, so it’s a double celebration and a great excuse for some weird and wonderful costumes!

  3. We have already started with the decorations although the result so far is a little less stylish than those pictured . Love the fact that my little girl has her birthday around Halloween as it gives us an excuse to go a little OTT . The Peppa Pig as ‘Princess Witch ‘ is on my to do list for next week …….

  4. It is my hen night on Saturday, the evening of which will see us donning fancy dress and heading to a ‘Halloween Ball’ – I am so excited! The perfect excuse for face paint and back combed hair!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the staircase…..and the nails, and the shrunken heads.

    Not really into it at home as it can get a little scary in my neck of the woods but of course we have pumkins in the shop, and Lucy the dog will be dressing up on Sunday in her Batman outfit to enter the local fancy dress competition with my god daughter!

  6. Love this! Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year for sure.

    Halloween party on Saturday, full on American style party so any kind of fancy dress goes, hooray! I’m going as a Rubik’s cube! have roped my dad in to help me make my costume, poor guy.
    I’ll also be making Undead Gingerbread cupcakes (a Lily Vanilli recipe from her ‘A Zombie ate my cupcake’ book – so awesome: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zombie-Ate-My-Cupcake/dp/1907030514)


  7. I LOVE Halloween! I think my Halloween box of decorations is bigger than my Christmas ones! (If you don’t count the tree.) Sadly not having a party this year, had too much going on but am loving these ideas Rebecca, esp the shrunken heads in cider and those eyeball martinis! I wish we did celebrate it more over here like in America.

    🙂 x

  8. Not sure if I’m getting to do the fancy dress thing this year yet but I have just put our pumpkin lantern fairy lights up, and have been pretending to fly around the flat with the broomstick the boy bought me. Loving those spooky cocktails too.

  9. I totally agree, autumn is great and I <3 Halloween. Now we actually live in a house with families around last year I put a pumpkin outside the front door and got lot of little ghosts and ghouls come round trick or treating, I loved it so doing the same this year. Not very rock and roll! x

  10. I’m hosting a Halloween/fireworks party for the nephews and relatives at ours – Will definitely be carving pumpkins and having halloween inspired food!! xo

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