Giveaway: Mr & Mrs Smith Italy Guide

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of the latest Italy travel guide from Mr and Mrs Smith. I’m a big fan of their concierge standard service and luxe edit of boutique boltholes, ranging from budget to blow-it prices.

I’m an even bigger fan of Italy and hope to visit later this year for one of our holidays (NY resolution #1: Travel more) so it made for enjoyable browsing.

The book however was another thing all together. In signature witty style and a touch of subversive naughtiness The Guide takes you through all the top destinations in Italy, of course also recommending a selection of Mr and Mrs Smith getaways for you to choose from at each stop on your travels.

The crowning glory however is the stunning photography featured throughout the book. I defy you not to want to book a get-away immediately after even the most cursory flick through its pages. Just leafing through made me desperate to get started on my travel plans and due to its size and weight it also makes a beautiful coffee table tome- the perfect reference point before you book or reminder of a special trip.

From Top: Villa Arcadio (Lake Garda) Ca Maria Adele (Venice) and Bellevue Syrene (Amalfi Coast).

And the best bit? Mr and Mrs Smith have kindly provided one of the new Italy Guides for one of you lucky things to win. And I’m not going to make you work too hard for it either…

Here’s what you have to do:
1. Head on over to Florence’s Facebook page and ‘like’ us (if you don’t already) to be eligible to enter.
2. Click through to Mr and Mrs Smith and leave a comment below telling us where your dream destination is in Italy.

The competition will be open until Sunday evening at midnight so get entering and if you’re not lucky enough to win you can purchase one here, they make a fabulous gift.

Buona Fortuna!


Amendment! I’ve been reliably informed this morning by Mr and Mrs Smith themselves that Blacksmith membership is now free to everyone, which means you can all get the exclusive extras that Mr and Mrs Smith bookings come with. Great news!

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19 thoughts on “Giveaway: Mr & Mrs Smith Italy Guide

  1. I have been lucky enough to visit Rome, Florence and the coast around Sorrento – my husband proposed overlooking the Bay of Naples so it holds some good memories for me. The next place I’d love to go is Venice- it just looks so beautiful; Italian food, wine, sunshine, canals, art, architecture, masks and murano glass to pick up for the home.
    Thanks for running the competition Rebecca 🙂

    Katie x

  2. What a fantastic competition! I was just telling my H2B about Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the weekend (and using them as an excuse for a weekend getaway!).

    I’ve dreamt of going to Venice ever since I was a little girl but have somehow never been yet. I’m not a particularly romantic person but just looking at the canals, the gondolas, the beautiful old villas (Casino Royale anyone?!) and the delicious food just makes me want to get on a plane immediately! Hmmm, maybe I should organise a Spring weekend away?

    Thanks Rebecca! xx

  3. What a gorgeous book! I need to have this for my coffee table!

    Italy is my favourite country ever and I am desperate to see more of it. We have been to Rome, Naples and for our honeymoon decided on Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

    I would recommend Italy to anyone! Beautiful Country.

    There is still so much of Italy on my “to do” list. I would love to see Lake Como, Tuscany and Florence and Venice to name a few. The list goes on and on and on…

  4. This post could not be more perfect timing for us! We’re off to our dream destinations of Venice, Florence and Rome this summer! I cannot wait! (Although I think my husband may get slightly annoyed with my history lessons!) We’re just at the stage now of deciding on dates! Then the fun process of actually planning (and by planning I mean writing lots of lists!) can begin!

  5. As a lover of italy and all things Italian, and also Mr. & Mrs. Smith and all things luxurious, what a fab competition!

    But how could I possibly choose one dream destination in Italy?! From the rolling hills and cypresses of Tuscany, the white sand and turquoise sea of Sardinia, the history and culture of Rome, the gorgeous Amalfi coast and Sorrento, Naples and Capri and the beauty and colour of Venice…! A very tough choice, but I think it has to be beautiful golden Tuscany *sigh*

    In the meantime I’m off to Venice for an engagement shoot this week 🙂

  6. I love Mr & Mrs Smith, and both Mr P and I have spent many an hour browsing their website! I bought the UK & Ireland guide for my dad and his wife for Christmas which went down a storm – I think they’ve booked a break already!

    Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of going to Italy *sob*, but this is something that Mr P and I hope to rectify soon! On our city break wish list are: Venice, Rome and Florence (in that order!), but… the place that I would LOVE to go to is Sorrento. It looks beautiful.

    We’ve even picked out the hotel (Villa D’Armiento – as seen on Mr & Mrs Smith) and tried to book it for our wedding anniversary… it’s already fully booked!!!

    I will get there one day…


  7. Italy holds so many special memories for me, I was a bridesmaid for my cousin who got married in Tuscany, my husband proposed in Rome and we had our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. Sarah L we stayed in Positano and Ravello, both gorgeous, you will have the best honeymoon ever on the Amalfi Coast, its just breathtaking.

    We’re going back to Rome in June this year for our first wedding anniversary too! Dream destination has to be the Amalfi Coast though, our honeymoon was just so amazing there, particularly Ravello and the Palazzo Sasso where we stayed. Out of this world.

  8. I second all that everyone is saying – I adore Italy!

    I’ve been on many family holidays to Le Marche which is so beautiful and unspoilt. We went to Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast and Capri for our honeymoon and my brother used to live in Palermo, Sicily.

    However, my favourite ever evening in Italy has to be a visit to Lo Guarracino fish restaurant in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Apart from it being our honeymoon, perfect weather and the food and wine being so good, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger sitting at the next table made the evening unforgettable!

  9. ooooh I need this book so much in my life! We are getting married in Tuscany 4th June and I am so excited! I love Italy so much, but have so much of it yet to see! My favourite destination would have to be Siena, when we went to look at potential venues I fell in love with Siena, in particular the Piazza del Campo which has the most amazing feel to it. We have opted to stay in a villa just outside the town so I plan to make the most of it and have many more al fresco drinks there! We are also trying to decide on where to go for a few nights after the wedding so this would be double handy! x

  10. I absolutely adore Italy-the amazing scenery, delicious food and wine and wonderful, warm, welcoming people.

    We have been lucky enough to visit Venice, Floremce and Sorrento (for a wedding) and have some really happy memories! Would love to visit Rome and spend some time exploring Tuscany-am looking into a return visit for our first anniversary in September-cannot wait 


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  12. Ohhh – love Italy. Such a diverse and amazing country. We’ve been lucky enough to travel across Italy and to be honest would go back to all of it in a heartbeat (even Rome at 2pm in August) but I would rush back to Sicily. It’s very different to the rest of Italy, amazing people and scenery. Can’t wait to go back and to get the Mr & Mrs Smith book. xxx Ciao bella x

  13. Wow, i’ve got a real soft spot for coffee table books, and this one looks fab! I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks back packing round Italy as a student, and one of my favourite places was definitely Cinque Terre. Its amazing the way all the little houses sit on the hillsides with the roads twisting between, and the beaches were gorgeous. It was also the first place I remember having a ‘real’ italian expresso – it nearly blew my head off! Last time I went I was staying in a grotty campsite, so I’d love to go back and enjoy a more luxurious break in a beautiful hotel 🙂 xx

  14. Wow fab prize Rebecca!

    I love Italy too…the food, the wine, the sunshine…bliss! The boy and i have been lucky enough to visit Rome for 2 nights – wow!! Hardly saw any of the places on offer but loved ever minute of it 😀 I think ,my top destination would be Lake Como, it looks so amazing and coupled with a nice lake breeze! Xx

  15. My dream destination is the Amalfi Coast. Ever since watching The Talented Mr Ripley I’ve been mildly obsessed with going there! Now it looks like the dream might become a reality as we’ve started planning our Easter honeymoon and looking at hotels around Sorrento. I’m also going to have to start planning a suitably glamorous wardrobe 🙂

  16. One of my best friends and in fact my ‘real bride’ on the blog is looking to honeymoon in the Amalfi Coast after my hubby and I recommended it to her. I would love to win this for her to inspire her and get her excited for her upcoming wedding and honeymoon and also for a lovely memento afterwards.

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