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As the seasons change, I do find that my drinking habits change and as the summer heat peaked last month I found myself craving a perfectly made Gin and Tonic. It’s always nice to have a bit of variety however so I tried these Bottlegreen flavoured tonic waters to add an unexpected flavour.

For those with a refined palette, there’s an Elderflower tonic water. I served this one with a piece of cucumber sliced lengthways for a quintessentially English look, and plenty of ice.

For a different look, what about a pink drink? Perfect for a hen party, baby shower (sans gin, naturally,) or girly celebration, try the Pomegranate and Elderflower tonic.

I served mine with a slice of lime for contrast but it would look great with blood orange or pink grapefruit slices too.

Although the flavours were delicious and the perfect thing to make a familiar drink special, the other thing I loved about these was the single serving in each bottle. I’ve heard that to correctly make Gin & Tonic, the tonic needs to be…

“effervescent and bright and so busy with ice that the bubbles have to fight their way up to burst with a splash and a hiss on the top.”

… according to Victoria Moore (author of How to Drink), writing about cocktails in The Guardian. I’ve never had such an exuberantly bubbly tonic and will definitely be investing again to make this summer classic all the more special.

Can I tempt you to try a twist on a classic, or have you got a better recommendation for me?


*Disclaimer: Bottlegreen supplied samples of their Elderflower and Pomegranate, and Elderflower tonic for review on Florence Finds, but if Rebecca wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, you wouldn’t be reading about it here.

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26 thoughts on “Gin O’clock

  1. For me, the perfect G&T is Hendricks with Fever-tree slimline tonic and a couple of slices of cucumber. Mmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

    I’d never have considered a flavoured tonic but I can imagined they’d work well with a traditional dry gin.

  2. erm, YUM!

    There’s a restaurant near my office that has a list of “artisan” G&Ts on its menu and we have a bar on our fourth floor that is currently running a limited edition G&T-based cocktail list, so I don’t think there’s a moment in the day when I’m not thinking about Gin and Tonic, and now I think you’ve made it even worse!

    I know what I’m going to be doing tonight….

  3. I’d not seen the Bottlegreen tonic before. I agree with Fiona though, Fevertree is my favourite also and it would have a difficult job to top that. My favourite is Fevertree with Hayman’s Old Tom but there are some really beautiful gins out there. My husband and I instigated Gin Tuesdays where we’d go to our local beach bar and try a different gin every week. Please ditch the Gordons and try a lovely Sipsmiths, Hendricks or Monkey 47 is also delicious. And before the summer’s over Sipsmith’s Summer Cup is so beautiful you will look on at Pimm’s in disgust:

    Lovely with big chunks of apple, mint, strawberries, cucumber and lemonade.

  4. Thursday is traditionally “Gin Thursday” in our office and we all look forward to going home for a gin. If that wasn’t hard enough to bear at 6 months pregnant, I think this post has pushed me over the edge!! What I would do for one of those lovely Gin’s!!

    Lovely photography Rebecca! I will definitely be playing around with gin when I have my body back! 🙂


  5. Ooh I was going to write the exact same thing as Fiona! Love Hendricks and Fevertree 😉 I do really like elderflower with gin though, a bar I used to go to a lot used to make something called ‘A very English G&T’ which was G&T, elderflower served with pureed strawberries – yum!! I want one now actually…

  6. Now this is something I can talk about all night long. With cucumber it has to be Hendricks, with lime or lemon then it’s Bombay sapphire.

    Tonic wise – Nordic Mist is supposed to be THE best tonic of all time.

    And I’d highly recommend trying Millers Gin, it’s distilled in the UK and made with Icelandic water (which is good apparently) but its one of the best I have ever tasted, really strong botanicals citrus and quite spicy. Martin Miller is an antiques dealer and hotelier, I happened to stay at one of his hotels a few years back, it was the most bonkers place with antique artefacts strewn everywhere, little nooks to hide away in, but best of all an honesty bar stocked full of Millers Gin!! Amazing. Must find the name of the hotel and share it.

    • I agree with the Miller gin recommendation – but I like my gin aromatic. I’m quite keen to try the new extra aromatic Bombay Sapphire – has anyone had it?

  7. Didn’t know Bottle Green had launched these, but I’m a big fan of elderflower in gin (and elderflower in general!), so will check these out. I love Hendricks (Yep, with cucumber). First tried Sipsmith earlier this year, and like it too. They do distillery tours of their distillery in Hammersmith on a Wednesday, which we’ve been meaning to try and get to at some point over the summer – this has reminded me to try and book! x

  8. Mmm gin. Definitely my favourite drink. I’ll look out for these, the elderflower one sounds delicious. I’m another one who loves Sipsmiths but I’ve just finished my bottle and I’ve got some Sloane’s to try which I’ve never hand before. I’m hoping its delicious!

  9. Definitely going to be trying some of these tonic suggestions. I’ve been using Tesco tonic and now I feel bad for my gin!!

    Also to all those that love gin with elderflower should try a gin, elderflower cordial and champagne cocktail with a slice of cucumber – no idea what it’s called but it is VERY tasty!

  10. I also like my gin with lime but I seriously fancy that elderflower tonic for the summer and had NO IDEA it existed so thanks! I tried a Chase gin with elderflower which was lovely but this is a better idea as elderflower is really a summer thing, isn’t it?

    I am not a fan of Hendricks – I expected to love it and was quite disappointed and I’m never thrilled to see cucumber in my drink unless it’s part of a whole fruit thing a la Pimms. It’s made me wary of trying other gins but maybe I’ll try the Sipsmiths – the Martin Miller is hard to get. Or that Bombay Sapphire new one…..

    I also make ice cubes with left over tonic – stops nasty water diluting your gin. Top tip.

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