[Friday Frock] What to Wear: When you’re 30…

This morning, I’m cheating a bit and putting myself inside this week’s Friday Frock. I was beyond grateful when you all helped me out with suggestions for a birthday frock and was initially going to buy Ted Baker‘s Banilo. I mentioned that I was also looking for a dress for a wedding and although I loved Banilo, it just didn’t seem quite right. Then I tried this baby on…

Raul – Ted Baker

It was pricey (although I got 20% off with a voucher I had) but come on, look at her! Just to illustrate the twirling, I couldn’t resist making this:

Beautiful no?

As you read this I’m already wearing it again. I’m at a wedding today and pairing it with nude heels, a cream pashmina and my metallic Lily. Plus, the colour means it’s as easy to wear in winter (I’m thinking New Year?) with black accessories as I did here, rocking it up a bit.

Hope you like it readers, and have a FAB-ulous weekend 🙂


PS There’s 30% off selected Ted Baker formal wear (and 20% off mens) until April 28th!

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17 thoughts on “[Friday Frock] What to Wear: When you’re 30…

  1. Its absolutely bloody gorgeous!!! Can you post the pics of you at the wedding too!
    Rachie xo
    PS: love that you have posted yourself twirling 🙂 xx

  2. Oh I have long admired that dress, I think I’ve pinned it at various times in about three different colours. LOVE. It’s such a special dress, so it’s perfect for a special birthday. Hope you enjoy wearing it again today – it’s obvious from your smile in these pics that you’re loving the twirling!

  3. I think what I love most of all is that you are clearly enjoying wearing the dress… you’re not intimidated by it, or worrying about how it looks etc – you just look like you’re rocking it!

    Katie x

  4. Its twirly-tastic!
    Given that I spent most of my wedding day twirling around in my outfit, and that I test all potential dresses I try on by twirling around in the changing room, I am obviously truly, madly and deeply in love with this and shall be keping my eyes peeled for something as equally as beautiful for my big 3-0!


  5. Oh how can you not love a swirly skirt like that?!! I LOVE Ted Baker dresses, one of my failsafe wedding/party dresses is from there and makes me feel so speshul 😉

  6. LOVE this!! The colour is amazing and I am SO excited that black and navy is acceptable now (scourge of my teens). Frothy dresses with leather jackets is my absolute favourite. I’m wondering whether now I FINALLY hae a biker jacket (woohoo) I can get my wedding dress back out for a special occasion….


  7. Just got back from the wedding and so glad you guys like it 🙂

    It felt very ‘Carrie’ (from SATC) and I loved wearing it – you were all right when you said it shows!

    Was as much fun today, great for dancing, and I wore it with some awesome new heels and my blue banana republic necklace. Will def be sharing the shoes!


  8. I was wondering if you are interested in selling your ted baker navy raul ball dress? I have it in a color color and i want it in another color to wear to my engagement party and i have looked and called everywhere!! Thanks

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