Friday Frock O’clock: Readers Choice

Last week, I chose a dress for Friday Frock that I LOVED, but there weren’t many comments. I know I have said this in the past and a few of you have responded that you don’t have time or perhaps even inclination to comment, but it’s the only way I get any feedback on what I’m doing. Recently I have wondered if Friday Frock has run it’s course and floated the idea on Twitter. The general concensus was that 1. people were watching what they spent and I often choose higher end dresses, and 2. perhaps my choices had become predictable. I must admit, I find it very hard to choose and promote a dress I wouldn’t personally wear, so there must be a contingent of you that my choices don’t resonate with. As a result, this week and every few weeks from now on I’ll be putting together a readers choice selection of dresses, including why you chose them. I actually had more than three this week so will share them in the coming weeks and I hope you’ll send them in as and when I put the call out. Let me know what you think of the new feature!

Charlotte Prom dress – Monsoon

Zip detail ruche dress – Jigsaw

Mexi Floral Dress – Topshop

Time to cast your votes ladies 🙂


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33 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock: Readers Choice

  1. This is a great idea. Personally, at times of belt tightening, for out of work clothes, I’d rather spend more on high end and make it work for me over and over and over and over again. I also love seeing an evening frock, like the one shown last week, but I would only wear it to the work Christmas black tie do and sod off If I’ll spend that much on an outfit for that.

    Love the Jigsaw number.

    As a shout out, I need new winter boots. I want knee high (not over the knee…what IS THAT ABOUT R & B?) with fluffy warm insides to keep my legs walk. Think flat commuting cold 5.30am train platform than funky club.

    • Becca have you tried Aldo?? I got some amazing leather boots from them last year (in the sale 😉 ), tan leather which is smart enough for work but with furry lining which is super warm. I LOVE them!

  2. I love the Monsoon dress. I can imagine serving up Christmas dinner in that (who am I kidding – it’ll just be me and hubby on Christmas Day, I’ll probably be in my PJs all day!). Sadly, living in Germany there isn’t a Monsoon shop around to try it on.

    Great idea, something for everyone x

  3. Oooh the Topshop number gets my vote! I wonder if they do it in their Tall range though as the front of the dress looks a bit short, I suppose there’s always leggings to wear underneath x

  4. I completely love the last one!

    Actually, I also loved last week’s dress, though sadly would rarely have anywhere to wear it to. I never really comment on Friday Frock cause I see it more as the type of post that you just check in to look at – it’s not really a conversation piece. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it though! 🙂

  5. Ooooh I will definitely be sending one in next time you put a call-out. I am a dress buying fiend!

    From this selection I am definitely coveting the last one – I think it is the most versatile and could be dressed up or down. The first one is a close second for me though, love a quirky Christmas party dress 🙂 xx

  6. Ooh I love the topshop dress because the colours would be flattering on me – plus the cut could work on a preggers lady, right?!

    The jigsaw number is also a great choice – the type of dress that I can imagine wearing loads over years and years.

    Great idea for a feature – it’s always going to be hard to choose dresses that appeal to a lot of people as you can’t help but be influenced by your own taste. And a good excuse for readers to window shop too 🙂

    • Fran – I have this dress in a different print from TopShop, bought pre-pregnancy but it’s fast becoming one of my staple pregnancy wears as my bump shows more and more. I’d say it’s definitely a suitable pregnancy dress, go for it!!

  7. Before, I hadn’t commented because I didn’t know what more to add than “that’s nice!” but now I’m breastfeeding, I need boob access at all times and your choices are quite demure! When I stop being a 24 hour canteen, I will definitely start thinking about dresses again 🙂

  8. I must admit I’m always less interested in Friday Frock than any if your other posts and as I know it’s coming I often don’t bother to check in. Every other day is like a surprise and that’s what I love about FF. the complete versatility.

    Dresses are also one tiny part of my wardrobe, I tend to buy them more in summer and its hard to feel drawn to a dress every week and think I want that. I also prefer it when you give more fashiony advice, like what’s hot right now and also how you would style a particular piece. One item can be quite bland on its own, it’s how you envisage it as part of a complete outfit that I’d like to see more of to give me some inspiration.

    Maybe a Friday Fashion piece would be wider reaching, still bringing in reader finds of the things they’re searching for / coveting right now. My list is endless:

    A pair of soft grey leather boots for winter, topshop did some but they’ve now sold out. Damn it.

    Jumpers for winter, I want a range of styles and colours to bring some interest to my outfits.

    A soft leather jacket in a colour other than black

    A furry gilet or jacket, I have one from a few years back and have worn it to death. Want a new one.

    Some funky belts. The one thing I never throw away and think can really make an outfit, I have belts that my mum bought when she was my age and they’re fantastic still.

    Statement jewellery to jazz up outfits that already exist in my wardrobe to give them a new lease of life.

    • Seconding this – I’d love to have more fashion advice, and a more varied Friday post. Maybe a ‘what to wear on the weekend’ type thing with a different outfit each week for different occasions (a long walk in the countryside, Sunday lunch with friends, cocktails in town, chasing kids round the park etc) – get readers to nominate themes (maybe even outfit options) and then tweet or instagram pictures of themselves wearing the outfit/theme of the weekend… probably a lot more work than a simple Friday frock, mind (and I do really like the new version of today’s post), and I’m already in awe at how hard you must work to get five posts out a week (I can barely manage one!). Thanks for everything you do, Florence Finds is a must-read for me 🙂

  9. I love this section 🙂 Please don’t take it away, and it is great that now readers can sometimes be involved !

    I love the ochre/yellow dress (Monsoon) and the Topshop Tunic (though like Roz said I would probably wear it with skinny jeans).

  10. Oh and one thing I forgot to mention. It would be good to be introduced to more interesting labels as well as the standard high street offerings as these are pretty much on everyone’s radar anyway. There are do many creative independents out there it’s just a chore finding them. And a range of price points….I always buy in the sale as I hate spending too much on clothes, for me £100 is the very max I’d spend on a dress unless it was for a very special occasion. Separates wise I’d say £60-£70 is again my very top end per item!!!

  11. I love Friday frock but agree with Michelle that it could be more Friday Fashion in general and not just dresses. Also a one off post on TRENDY maternity pieces (if such things exist!) would be amazing. I’m struggling big time; TopShop/H&M/New Look/ASOS maternity sections are all pretty uninspiring and I’d never wear anything from Isabella Oliver (besides, it’s way to £££ for me!) There has to be something I’m missing….!

      • I’m starting to think the best option is picking out ‘normal’ range items that will work in pregnancy and after. Trying to find non-mumsy things that I like; will wear both in pregnancy and during breastfeeding for at least six months – now that’s a fashion challenge!

  12. I love Friday Frock! Agree that it is more likely that I’ll just pop by to have a peak rather than it generate any particular comment from me.

    My fave is definitely the Topshop dress. I am very, very tempted.

    I agree with Michelle that a ‘currently coveting’ type feature would be fab, possibly including tips on how to wear/style whatever is being featured. If that is a go-er, like a lot of the ladies above, I too need new winter boots!!

    K x

  13. Regarding the popularity of Friday Frock O’Clock posts: I don’t normally comment on your any of your posts, but do really enjoy reading them. S x

  14. I like the Jigsaw one. I am currently wearing a similar number that I picked up in New York a fair few years back….except I think this one is meant to be a top… 😉

    Totally agree Monsoon is screaming for a Christmas party!

  15. I may not always comment, but I always check in on Friday Frock. Great idea to involve your readers though, and 3 frocks on a Friday can only be a good thing! My vote goes for the Jigsaw dress, a subtle twist on a classic shape x

  16. My fave is the topshop one! Agree that Friday fashion may be a good idea I often really like your choices but have no where to wear them! You northerners are dressier than us in the south 😉 and I only ever wear day dresses to work (not at the mo!) /in the summer and more formal ones to weddings etc.

    On my wish list is some flat or small heel knee high boots at the mo.

    R xx

  17. LOVE this new idea! And defo up for the last dress.

    For me the problem with the Friday frocks has always been the price!! Far too expensive for statement items and although lovely does one need a £235 dress when I rarely leave Beech Road!!

    LOVE the new style!

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