Friday Frock O’clock

Despite the fact I have more than enough house stuff on my to-do list, my wardrobe is also something I’m having to pay some attention to. In spring I had a massive wardrobe clear out, thinking that I would update all the autumn/winter pieces I gave to charity in the coming season. Little did I know I would move house and be flat broke! Both my casual and work wardrobe have suffered and I’d usually turn to Whistles for a few reliable work dresses but can’t find much I like, particularly at a good price point. I did however stumble across this one from French Connection.

French Connection Fast City Block dress

I like my work clothes to be fairly covered up so there’s nothing to distract from the matter in hand, so the speak! My room is perpetually cold and something comfortable is a bonus, so this jersey number fits the bill whilst remaining flattering. I often spend 10 hours at my desk and this will look as good as it feels.

Where do you get your work clothes from readers, and does anyone know when the next French Connection discount event is?

Happy weekend readers,


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11 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Oooh I like this one a lot and the price isn’t too bank breaking either! I haven’t been in FC for a while as it went a little bit samey but I may pop in this weekend. I buy clothes from a huge mix of places but mainly:
    – Zara for work basics and affordable ‘of the moment stuff’
    – Oliver Bonas/Joy for quirky one offs if I’m in london with work – I still shock myself at the amount I can spend in Waterloo station in under 10 minutes
    – Whistles for anything special. Always.

    I have abandoned Topshop as they upset me so much by selling dresses with cut out holes in all my fattest places!!!

  2. Oooh I like this. Most of my workwear is from Zara, Oasis, Asos or Warehouse with a few gorgeous bits from Hobbs (some wide trousers and a very hard working and well wearing shift dress). I used to also get some bits from Banana Republic but I actually found that for the price those items did not last well enough to be worn as much as I need my workwear to be worn. I need to be smart at least four days a week, for about 30 weeks of the year – though thankfully there is some flexibilty which this week allowed for me to be fairly casual when feeling poorly!

  3. I love this! It’s more than I would spend on something to wear for work though (I have a £30 work wear limit) but I’d totally wear it for a smart winter occassion.

  4. Although usually previous season stuff there is a French connection and their other brand ‘Tegan’ outlet on ebay with quite a good range of stock .

  5. I brought the grey version of this dress with the discount last weekend and am wearing it to work today. It’s comfy and flattering and I’m really pleased with it.

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