Friday Frock O’clock

There’s just one more week left of August, one week of summer, until September rolls round and the new season begins in ernest.

Leopard Jacquard Skater Dress

As such I’ve chosen a transitional dress…

I couldn’t go with colour this week, the brights of summer seem gone even though the weather is warm, but I’m ready for new fashion all the same and this fits the bill. While the seasons and styles may be changing, monochrome and animal print are eternal 😉

So, what’s everyone doing this weekend? I’m planning a social marathon ahead of the most exciting wedding of the year next week… Jessica’s!

Happy weekend folks,


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3 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Nooooooo!!!!! I refuse to accept the end of summer!!!! I was in South America in July and it was pretty cold (their winter) so I missed most of the heatwave here and still maintain I haven’t had a proper summer! As such I am lusting after this dress:

    It’s EXACTLY my colours (and I think it would still work into the autumn with black tights and black boots/hells no?!) Looking forward to this weekend, have meetups planned with various friends, trips to the theatre and wanders by the river 😉 Have a lovely BH weekend Rebecca and everyone else!

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