Friday Frock O’clock

It’s white hot out there folks and as a result I’m going a little left field. Not a frock today but my favourite alternative, the playsuit…

Jacquard Playsuit – Warehouse, £40 (from £60)that Mango dress I posted? Well, I had my heart set on that floral number but it had sold out everywhere. I even resorted to looking online for a larger size to have altered and had my sister scouring Birmingham and Mum in Liverpool. Once I resigned myself to the fact it was gone, I had about a week to find something else and no time to do it in. I spotted this on the Warehouse website, walked into store and found it had been reduced that very day. Even better, it fit like a glove. Apologies for the indoor rubbish photo but I was having too much fun to get a proper one while we were out! 😉 (Jessica’s dress, entirely hen appropriate I thought, was from French Connection in case you’re wondering.)

Fate, no?

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend readers – I’m off to Glasgow!


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15 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. It is perfect! What a great choice. I’ve loved all your hen posts this week (sadly not been able to comment on all of them) but it seems like you really di all you could to make it a special weekend for her – and it looks like you had a great time too into the bargain – and that playsuit was clearly meant to be yours! x

  2. Lovely Rebecca! What a fab friend you are and I’m sure Jessica feels very loved indeed! If I were to do it all again, I think I’d be asking you to be my bridesmaid too! 🙂

    Oooh have fun in Glasgow! If you’re looking for any info on what to do, let me know!


  3. Make sure you bring your suncream! It’s gorgeous weather in Glasgow today – the count down to 5 o’clock has already started in my office 🙂 x

  4. Thanks Sarah L and Lynsey!

    We’re going up with friends to meet some other friends! Plan is to try FiFi & Lulu’s for afternoon tea on Saturday then dinner at The Restaurant Bar and Grill. Any great bars would be a welcome recommendation though – particularly for drinks in the sun before dinner… 🙂

  5. The Restaurant Bar & Grill in Princes Square is lovely! Princes Square is one of my favourite places in Glasgow and great for a good instagram opportunity! 🙂

    Good Bars close-by that you can sit outside…I’d recommend Royal Exchange Square, there’s a lovely French cafe called Cafe Rouge with seating outside looking onto the fab Gallery or modern art. Or you could actually sit out on Buchanan street itself at D’arcy’s or the Rogano for a glass of Champagne. Great for people watching!

    Hope you have a lovely time!


    • There is also the Social on Royal Exchange Sq. which is a cocktail bar with a small outdoor area, you’ll need to be quick to get a spot though! On George Sq. There is a Browns restaurant with some outdoor space.

      Still in town but a bit further away from Princess Sq. there is the Merchant City and Merchant Sq – lots of the bars there have some outside space at the moment. I agree with Gemma C-S though that it’s also worth exploring the west end – Bywrs Road & Ashton Lane. My personal favourite is the Hillhead Bookclub but it’s not got any outside seats sadly.

      • Or November in Princess Sq. Just out for drinks there tonight & realised how close it is to The Restaurant! x

  6. You look fantastic Rebecca! I may have to dig out my one playsuit for an outing this weekend now. Reading this has highlighted I will be needing an outfit for my own hen in September (not that I have any idea what or indeed where that is!) and I love Jess’ dress!

  7. there are lots of lovely places along Byres road and down Ashton lane which runs off Byres road… I’d recommend a stroll around and see what takes your fancy! xx

  8. Looooovvveeee it! You look fab in it. I may take a look in town tomorrow but I have a feeling it may not fit/sit right my long body.

  9. I went play suit shopping yesterday. Honestly, if it wasn’t so completely mortifying, I’d have tweeted some pictures. I wanted to look trendy yet chic like this and I ended up looking like a giant baby. They were from oasis and COLOURED.

    I wore sparkles for my hen but then we needed to change because it was too itchy.

    As an aside, Oasis have some GREAT stuff in at the moment.

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