Friday Frock O’Clock

We’re going full on glamour this week, with this stonkingly sexy dress from the geniuses over at Reiss.

I feel it’s a little out of keeping with the season… October and November, what with Halloween and Bonfire Night, are kind of snuggly jumper months with boots and the like, but I’m hoping to have a very fancy party to attend shortly and as such will need a fancy dress. This has got fancy written all over it, don’t you think?

Reiss Cecille Halter Dress
*Reiss Cecille Grey Halter – £225

Thigh splits seem to be all the rage at the moment and there’s not much call for them day to day but if you’ve got it flaunt it I say – this would look fabulous with a toned pair of pins. 🙂

I’m also in awe of the 70’s vibe and the print – it’s described as a ‘smudged moth print’ but I think it’s got more than a hint of the snakeskin look to it and (now that we’ve done leopard love) that’s my new favourite print crush. Very Bond-tastic.

Ok, so now it’s your turn. As will be customary, the point of Friday Frock O’Clock is that you all post a frock that you’re seriously coveting. As it’s the first week, I might widen the net a little to any lust-after fashion item. Or maybe you’d like to share something you’re actually wearing this weekend, then we all get to while away the last couple of hours of the working week doing a little dress perving instead.

You know you want to…


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23 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’Clock

  1. I love maxi dresses but always worry they’re too sophisticated for me! I’m really into the whole snakeskin thing, quite fancy some snakey footwear but wondering how to diffuse the potential trailer-trashness of snakey boots… anybody got any wisdom on this?

    Just bought THIS for my birthday night out next Fri, simple but effective and I love that this colour is back in the shops…


  2. WOW. That dress is amazing. Now, if only I could justify spending that amount of money on a dress….(and had an occasion to wear it…)

    I recently had a bit of a splurge on new season clothes, which involved buying a few dresses – looking forward to wearing this one tomorrow:

    Though it looks much better on than in that picture (and is actually more low cut – so perfect teamed with a black lacy vest)!

  3. That dress is AMAZING! I’m now coveting that one. Have been avoiding the shops recently as trying to save the pennies so don’t have any current lusts.

  4. If I wasnt such a short arse, I would be coveting and buying this:

    I think I like it because it has shiny sparkly bits and I think every dress should have shiny sparkly bits. I’m like a magpie, a hint of a sequin in a shop and I’m on it (to quote the lovely Naomi) like a pigeon on a chip! I think I have a shiny clothes problem.

    And I LOVE the Reiss dress but would sadly need a few more inches to carry that beauty off.

  5. Sadly the only thing I’m lusting after is new works clothes… BORING. Pennies are being counted unfortunately. I did, however, learn yesterday that I am allowed to wear ‘whatever I want as long as it’s green’ as maid of honour for my best friend! So I’m sure some dress lusting will be happening soon. Any suggestions my lovelies? x

      • Thanks hun! Anything goes apparently. 2 minibridesmaids in empire line and one grown-up in a short, 50s skirt high knecked number… So I’m thinking short, plain with a little twist and I MUST HAVE POCKETS!! Who doesn’t love pockets in a dress?!

  6. Oooh…this has reminded me I *need* a new outfit for husband’s 30th birthday drinks next weekend. Casual drinks in town from late afternoon – demands something sexy and special but not too OTT and that I can walk and sit down in!! Something that looks good with black ankle boots! Any help from Friday frocks greatly appreciated! x

  7. It’s not just payday, it’s not just Friday – it’s Friday, payday and I have to visit the apple store in Westfield Stratford for smashed iPhone reasons. That means I’m now likely to shop… damn you Friday Frock o’clock!

    I want these but will refrain:

    and these, but it’s not going to happen

    and that blue beaded mini dress that Kelly Brook is wearing in the new New Look adverts!

  8. My lust list is sadly lacking in dresses at the moment, and is instead completely taken up with party shoes, lush leather bags and (somewhat incongruously) snow boots. Oh and dog stuff. Glamorous. However you have inspired me, ladies – think I will spend the last half hour of this highly unproductive Friday secretly perusing the internets for pretty frocks…

  9. I have totally missed that Kelly Brook party dress collection – the blue dress is stunning and so is the sparkly one! Love the reiss one rebecca – its such a party frock that you definitely need an occasion to wear it though!

    We all seem to be Joy lovers and i’m no exception (cant resist going to the one at Clapham Junction on the way home) – My latest purchase was this one which is a good allrounder!

    I have quite a posh do to go to in Feb for the H2B’s work and i’m thinking of hiring from here

    Like this one

    Also like this one but not sure its really appropriate for a black tie do

    Fab post!
    Rachie xo

    • I think the Stella McCartney is totally black-tie appropriate! I mean, it’s hardly normal-night-out appropriate – can you imagine the mank that train would pick up on the floor of the pub?? I say go for it (I also say I’m very jealous of you having a black tie event to go to!). The Marchesa is lovely too.

  10. Just bought this yesterday for a sports dinner I’m going to at my school. Still a bit stuck on shoes but I’m think either a bright colour to make it pop or a nude heel-sandal.


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