Friday Frock O’Clock

I know the weather has gone rubbish again and I know summer feels like it may have already become a distant memory, but right now, all I’m thinking about are summer days and holidays. I do love a maxi dress but find them all a bit samey with too much jersey shapelessness and unforgiving ‘cling’ so when I spotted this one it felt just right. I love the colours and print (unusually for me as I’m not much of a ditsy florals girl,) but the boho draped style and unusual cut make it a winner for me. And of course it could be dressed up or down…

For now I’ll be dreaming of distant summer evenings when I can wear this to drift out for candle-lit twilight drinks.

Have you guys spotted any dresses that you’re hankering after but feel it’s too soon to buy? Happy weekend readers.


PS, I may be even more in love with the model’s haircut than the dress…

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22 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’Clock

  1. When I looked at the picture of that dress all I thought was how it doesn’t suit the model at all. The poor girl looks painfully thin, if Zara want people to buy their products maybe they should put them on models who look good in them. That means looking healthy and generally like a normal person. No disrespect the model, she has a pretty face but this picture really puts me off buying that dress!

  2. Love this dress, but echoing previous comments that model is FAR too thin. Would love to see this dress on an actual person, but the same goes for all if the stuff on the zara website a lot if it just doesn’t look right.

    • Whilst I do agree that she is thin, I honestly am dissapointed that you said ‘on an actual person’.. I may have interpretted this wrong, but it sounds like you’re saying that thin people aren’t human, whearas some people are just naturally that way. I’m sure you love your curves, quite rightly, but what if she loves herself too? 😀 body shaming full stop should be enihilated! :3

  3. Ooh I love a maxi and this one looks beautiful. I’m not usually a big fan of strapless dresses but I might be looking for this one to try. Summer holidays are coming!!

  4. I love the patterns Zara use in their dresses, but unfortunately I am too short and curvy to wear many of their designs. Living to Dubai, I have grown to love maxi dresses, even if it means a trip to the tailors! I agree with Gemma, this model is too thin.

    I’m with you on the haircut, it frames her face wonderfully. Sigh, Hair envy.

  5. Ladies, I totally get that this model is too thin, but I can’t really do anything about it! Trying to find a beautiful dress can be hard and often I can’t use images because they’re just plain rubbish. I’m not condoning the use of overly thin models but that said, a lot of models are naturally thin – that’s why they’re models!

    I put Friday Frocks out to inspire people to go and find the dress and try it, if they like it, not to judge it based on the model, but the dress itself.

    I can’t wait to try this dress – might buy it for a *certain* wedding ahem!

  6. I love this dress, and here’s a link to another one I’m eyeing off because of unusual cut and drape. Also, I agree totally Rebecca – I HATE jersey – I’ve never to this day tried one on that made me feel good/body confident. TBH I don’t look at the models really – my eye is drawn to the clothes. Yes, this girl is skinny, but at the end of the day, especially on a website, she’s not meant to be the focus, she’s got to display the dress.

  7. I love this dress and will be definitely going and trying it on, I love maxi dresses but do sometimes struggled to get the right length ones being only a tiny 5″2. I am really dreaming of lazy sunny days and dresses etc for drinks in the gardens, there is a baby shower for a friend in July and this dress would be lovely. Zara prices are often really reasonable as well.

    I like a bob, if I had more confidence and was a bit thinner I would definitely consider a bob. I got close last year and had my long hair chopped into a just above shoulder length bob. It took me a while to adjust and I am growing it again now, it really is a confidence thing for me, long air makes me feel safer somehow.
    Anyways what I was going to say, is I love Julianne Hough’s hair, she has a blonde bob and it looks low key but funky. I have spent a good hour on google images of her bob lol!

    And I also loved the colour of it when it was a silvery blonde colour. I am showing the hairdresser for colour guidance tomorrow! One day I will have the chop to match too!

  8. Well, having taken the plunge and booked our South Africa trip after your post the other day, I’m now in need of pretty floaty dresses for wafting along various beaches/on safari – this beauty may just make the cut!! X

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