Friday Frock O’clock

Chiffon And Leather Dress, Warehouse – £140

I spotted todays frock a week or two back and was instantly drawn to the soft pink leather top. I’m a sucker for a pale dress and this one is so romantic with the frills yet the cut at the back, leather and tough zip all give it a little bit of edge to prevent it looking saccharine. I particularly like the way it is styled here with black courts too as a contrast – nude would stray into WAG territory, but I’d go for an oversized studded clutch and chunky heels to balance it out even more.

As the image shows, Warehouse are having a flash 20% off ALL fullprice dresses, online only (until midnight) so if you have had your eye on anything or fancy this little number, be sure to check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend readers!


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3 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I think this dress is a lovely shape, but I’m getting so fed up with dresses having such high waistbands. When you see the dress on its own, it looks like it would sit right at the waist and flare out to mid thigh, but the model looks as though her natural waist is a good two inches below that waistband and the skirt is practically crotch-skimming. Obviously most people are shorter than the models they use, but still, it puts me off so much when I can’t get an idea of how it’s actually meant to fit. Does anyone else think it looks worse on the model?

    Wow. What an old lady rant. But still.

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