Friday Frock O’clock

Cape sleeve dress, Zara

After a few monochrome and rather serious weeks of frocks, there seemed nothing more appropriate to round off a week of glorious sunshine heralding the spring than a dress as bright as the sun has been.

Yellow is a huge trend for this season and I love this super modern, sleek and chic take on it from Zara. The clean silhouette teamed with superhero-esque cape sleeves would make a stand out style statement at any function you have to attend in the coming months. I’m imagining it with mirror metallic silver stilettos and a slick of a fuchsia lip for a futuristic look you can barely tear your eyes away from.

Have a fantastic weekend readers,


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8 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I see this dress and I think Kirsty. A safe mooring Kirsty.

    I love this colour. And I love this shape. But would it make women with boobs look boxy? Part of me wants to say “sod it, I want to walk around like a lemon coloured box”. Because it’s beautiful and yellow isn’t worn enough.

  2. Dont know what shape this would suit!?? Definitely not for me! Although I like the yellow but not ready to give up black tights yet!

  3. I love this! And I’ve got some neon pink stilettos that would look amazing with it – now just need a tan and an occasion…

  4. Oh my word. I LOVE this. I think this is one of my fave Friday Frocks yet.

    Shame I need a waist on my dresses to make me look less like a Mr Man, or like i need a seat on the tube (let’s not start that rant again!) and also a shame that when i wear yellow, people ask me if i need a doctor.

    But then, like Anna K says, sod it. Does Lady Gaga say “oh, no, i couldn’t wear that, it’ll make me look, podgy/ill/like I escaped from the Arkham asylum”?

    No, she doesn’t. And so, sometimes (only sometimes) neither should I! 🙂 It was payday yesterday, so I shall buy it.

    Thank you Florence Finds for brightening what has been the most hideous of weeks! 🙂

    Happy weekend 🙂

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