Friday Frock O’clock

Hurrah! Friday Frock O’clock is back. I was debating whether to revisit friday frock after the brief hiatus that was January Joy, but then I flicked through a magazine and spotted this fabulous striped number and fell in love. I think it’s an appropriate return to one of my favourite features 🙂

Back Detail Stripe Dress, £60 –

Somehow, this Warehouse dress captures my fashion mood perfectly. It’s fresh and clean, perfect for spring and suits my current love for clean lines and striking design.

Look out for lots more fashion returning to Florence Finds for February! 🙂

Have a great weekend readers!


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15 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. My jaw just literally dropped. I LOVE this!! I’m a monochrome fiend. I also just bought a pair of red stilettos – it’s like it was meant to be. Must. Find. Excuse. To. Buy.

    This is definitely a pixie crop dress – something to ponder…

  2. Hurrah! It’s back and with such a stunning dress too – just draw droppingly sexy at the back with stripes (STRIPES!) and in black and white. Great find!

  3. OH!!!!

    I’m having a current obsession with black and white stripes (as you’ve probably seen!) I’ve recently noticed how many things I have in my house and wardrobe in this pattern and, rather than being put off by the voloume I already own, have been debating about the black and white stripe shift dress in Oasis for the past two weeks… but Warehouse is a bit further from the office and I haven’t yet ventured that far, which was silly because this one is WAY better!

    I think i need it! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Florence Finds, always at our service!

    Although, with the number of sarky “beetlejuice” and “have you come straight off the pitch” comments I got from lots of people on Saturday night, maybe I need to give it a rest for a week or two….

  4. Oh that’s a really cool dress. I have known to be obsessed with stripes… Why oh why did they take the Warehouse shop from the one department store that sold their items in NL… I better find if they still sell somewhere.

  5. I LOVE stripes, far too much of my wardrobe consists of varied striped garments! Love the back detail of this one. The design reminds of a similar long sleeved version I bought my mother for Xmas from h&m.
    The different direction diagonal stripes on each side are sooo flattering and makes her waist look amazing (bearing in mind she is a size 8/10) but would imagine this design would look fantastic on all shapes!

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