Friday Frock O’clock

I  was pretty much blinded into featuring this dress by the beautiful flat embellishment across the front and sheer back detail, looking like some kind of ceremonial breast plate ready for war, fit for a modern day Boadicia. Preparing for a party isn’t quite going to war, but you do want to stand out and this dress will certainly do that for you.

I always think of French Connection as the go-to store for embellished items, however, if you can’t afford the expense of their clothes but love the look, Miss Selfridge is the place to go. I once saw a lady wearing a fabulous embellished jacket that I was sure must be vintage and asked her where it was from – it turned out to be Miss Selfridge and they have several incredible embellished jackets in at the moment at bargain prices considering the amount of beading. See them all here, under ‘cover-ups’.

I’d love a challenge if any of you are struggling with a party dress for the coming season – just drop me a comment in the box below with the specifics and I’ll see what I can do!


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5 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Ooh great dress. But maybe you could help find a xmas party dress for me? I’m pregnant and in that awkward stage where my bump could be mistaken for a pot belly! All the dresses i’ve tried either swamp me or are too short (i’m fairly tall!) would love it if you could help? Xx

  2. Ooooo, I love this! I always get a bit scared about sequins right under the arms – sequin chafe is painful isn’t it? But then sometimes you just have to suck it up becuase the pure twinkliness of the dress just cannot be matched!

    Loving a bit of beading and sequins at the moment! Just bought this (the black version of the “Birthday Dress”) for my Christmas?NYE parties: pretty excited to wear it… but the button fell off during my trying-on session. Boooooo!

  3. LOVE this dress! I have seen so many gorgeous party dresses this season just a shame I’m breastfeeding and can’t wear any of them :(. FF if you could find me a gorgeous outfit for Christmas day I would be your number one fan!!

  4. Can u help me? I need a fabulous dress for a Christmas wedding!! (28th dec) My partner is the best man! Looking for something blue or black. Nothing floral! I’m a size 12! Thank you Christmas fairy!

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