Friday Frock O’clock

Before we get on with the important business of Friday Frock this week, I need to announce the winner of our Emma Bridgewater mug giveaway.

Congratulations to Vivienne who was the 26th commenter! Randomly selected by

Vivienne, I’ll drop you an email and put you in touch with the lovely Emma Bridgewater team over the weekend so you can get your hands on your mug – send us a picture when you have it!

Now, on with Friday Frock…

I had actually chosen a different frock for today as it’s almost firework night and I was taken with a sparkly dress that reminded me of the colours you see in fireworks. However, it didn’t look great online and I found this Warehouse lattice back dress instead which I love. I don’t have anything with this high-low hem as yet, despite it having been a big trend for many a month now, but I particularly liked the lattice effect top and back, which is strikingly graphic, yet subtly sexy. For those of you worrying about bra’s for backless or low-back items like this, this one is my go-to for sticky situations. 😉

And, wait for it, you could always layer with a jumper in the day time or cooler weather. Well, it wouldn’t be a friday frock if I wasn’t thinking about all the things you could do with it would it?!

Happy weekend folks,


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5 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. Congratulations Vivienne!

    I LOVE this dress. I have two work Christmas parties, one formal and one less so – this would be GREAT for the latter! Off to warehouse for a changing room session this lunchtime methinks…

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